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  1. Folks, its been some time I checked few progresses on yours , happy to see some updates...... I have few small updates though. First, finally my batch of PEAR wood for decking is about to arrive this week so I am pretty excited. after i recovered from captains cabin overkill, I moved to the rudder and bow and stained gratings which I like. I think planking deck will take a long while i dont want to rush it, so I wont post anytime soon, and finally I have to order those carved stuff, i should have a long ago as pointing figurehead now will be surprise but thats me...obvious. one thing. I
  2. exactly what i was afterward thinking of. it might visual deception of turning curvature downward but . i see it on cutty sark model looking at her only from very very very bottom - then it is evident. hovewer looking straight at level angle it raises steadily. sooo.....
  3. beautiful lines. looking somehow familiar... but what i find interesting is somewhat slight drop of topgallant rail after constant rise towards bow watching from aft forward. very very sharp stem angle of McKay.what I find most interesting in these ships is accomodation of bowsprit. after closer look bowsprit is almost square at the insert and square going thru knighthead i think. not sure though.
  4. youre welcome Richard. i counld decipher that as well. didnt find more here. if i find something ill post. https://www.rmg.co.uk/national-maritime-museum From what I understand glorys stern was originally highly decorated with carvings ( impossible to see ) but later it was simplified with just name of the ship, is that right?
  5. lovely pics. Yes I rememver i saw Clintons original pics and story back when modeling cutty. I was even more taken by his stern design. Its part of history that conservative society as victorian London didnt get away with erotic-witch etc portrayal, its obvious that nowadays its different.
  6. Very ineteresting link thanks Richard. If you managed to sketch Athene for 3d print it would be godsend. if that smaller Nannie is 3d printed its fabulous. i intend to install on 1:72 glory nothing short of spectacular, and im not about to try even remembering how tough was nannie for cutty i carved. - which has been leaving me till now without thinking of figurehead. what i was thinking about was some sort of existing athenes figures of greek tourists souvenirs, ...but it would be rubbish.
  7. haha interesting, i feel lik todler among you and Rob as well , when it comes to knowledge so there must be balance in the world. meaning i will always have a easy questions to ask...
  8. Rob I will probably sand off the plywood keel to thin it. and will see if i can manage ˇ will be balck painted anyway i guess glorys hull was black. therefore i see no big issue here. there is already curvature underneath of athene feet laser cut and marking lines where ornamentals and navalhood exactly go with lines where stem thickens between navalhood and below ornamenta...i will stick with that personaly.
  9. Thanks guys. I started woodworking with violins, than tried to my first ship - without any knowledge about ship modeling. - croziers hms terror. i never showed i to anyone and i dont intend to than i made 1:24 enormous cutty sark with same strategy knowing even less about modeling but in the process of it i jumped here on msw and shifted my approach so i started to observe what other ps are doing to make it easier for me. believe or not i managed to sell her so I can finance these hobbies easily. / which i would never attempt to with glory. hms winchelsea here on group project is my 3rd
  10. I have recently planked 18 century frigate Guys, with all the hot bending and tapering. advantage of it is no sanding needed no mess but its tedious. all to measured and i have iron bender for violin making so it wa OK. but i think its not something that suits Robs quick approach so each to his own same thickness of planks i intend to use for glory. its 5 mm planks.
  11. Thank for inside Richard. I already stumbled to his website so i will be checking on it. I am finally after 2 years of longing getting book from Crothers american build clipper ship on my birthday so i am over the mood to be able study that one in winter for start.
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