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  1. Sily of me ! Its All All restored i didnt lose her. I BET Rob Has it right but i had to remeasure it. I was making port opening vaguely freely from eye scan from pictures and look how wrong i was. As welcomed addition. my laziness got me now. Sily of me. Everything plays Safe. Waterways 12 inches = 4 milimenters. Now planks are 6and a half inches in my scale IT IS 2.29ilimenter! I forgot than i planked with 3 mm planks and it makes Bug difference... and counted those... Look ať the photo where opening should be founting 7 strakes multiple 2.2 mm = 1.5 centimeter.and how small IT should be which makes ship even bigger. ..sorry really.. I have to remake IT. For sure. All of a sudden copper line distance IS perfect.
  2. than dear Rich, i have some deary suspicion then you would not like to hear 😕 maybe overal height or measurement of boat and my bulkheads construction are that much off ( how could hell be?) and she should be taller ! because i measured 22' as my line exactly :/:/ 😕 my goodness....last resort of rescue - im going to measure it thotoughly tomorrow !
  3. Rich.. I have it exactly 7 planks below and 4 planks in opening but it should ha e been originalyl a tad (1.5 mm aprox) higher as my planks are 3 mm wide and in scale should be 2.6 mm... well from sheer up making rails i will intend to be as precise as possible. Im leaning to leave copper line as it is 22' atm. i will settle boat to later era than probably...still ill focus on finishing planking hull and than to decide we can debate it in plenty. V.
  4. well well. Thanks for this note Rob. You are right on the money i guess. What can I do ? 😕 well , i am out of thin strikes so i would be stuck again for couple or weeks if lowering copper line. i followed 22' measurement possibly of latest era. hmmm... you gave me important thinking for what to do with it now.... i like it being lower too....not like cutty sark up to rudder up I also have few questions Rob. you wrote aou are going to paint aour coppers yellow. would you mind engplighten me what paint are you going to use for it? i myself hate leaving it copper i prefer yellow color so i would like to do the same if you dont mind of course. i have great experience and outcome with revell enamel paints - very smooth thin layers. but i have to check for color and i dont even know how to make copper paltes from tapes i never done it before so i have to try it on somehow. having zero experience. but i am not there yet. another point i am really curious is - lets see last photo - it is intereating than ! copper plates are laid out following planking pattern? this is really beautiful and i would say unusual aproach it almost look like planks u der copper are visibl but its decieving as coppering is done exactly following planking strakes. . for example on cutty sark plates are laid horizontally ! I have crothers book so copper plates are explained in plenty and way the were mounted. so i would like to dollow this pattern as on last photograph. earlier coppering like photo in the midel or original one after built seem to me been done horizontally exactly as cutty sark was...from the photo this is only assumption aybe you know better. when planks are black it doesnt matter if last two lines are thicker but i dont want to spoil overall effect of "proper planking.". i have to think it out morě Thanks much for observation Rob. v.
  5. After i lined Up and reached Copper line, there wont be painstaking planking downwards, no tapering just very plain messy approach to fill hull and speed Up as much as i Can. IT Will be covered by copper so i dont see the point... Using 5 mm planks now - no length paying attention etc.... Its goes quick. Im afraid photos dont justify magnitude she IS in that scale. Huuge. All of a sudden She Will be planked ! Yay
  6. Its been busy here I aplaud to your drawing ability Rich detailing wise. measures aside bow is perfect i woudl say from the point i have it in head every day when working with it stern as well maybe one bit id have to look to books is sternpost curvature when meeting rudder hole. i thought its littel smaller but as planks foloow it makes perfect sense like this. i like rudder sketch going inside and the shape. and keel measures waterway and sheer is measured as well. just wow. pretty amazing stuff i can tell.
  7. I will paint black once sanded George. No second coat. i was playing with idea to aply thin veneer ebony dyed but to some point it seems fake to me. so no other coat hopefully wont be needed V.
  8. Its not bothering at All Rich. Its helpful in many respects and i am Thankful for that! What do You think of stern look atm?
  9. Oh well, Rich, understood. im afraid nothing of this sort really. In reality the opening is so small there is no point making effort to recreating these structrural parts for me at least. if i had wanted id have prepared bigger opening in planking to alow ribs etc...I will focus on continuing planking. also if you can see there are just big chunks of wood under planks suporting bulkheads so there is no space really. i would say one cannot have everything. This time of building i decided i will focus on utmost detailing of outer boat. speaking of laser cut decorations moldings, stanchions and houses with decoratinos as close as possible. hope that makes sense V.
  10. Thanks Rich as always. Im glad you like it so far. Many thanks for coppering calculation i will run pencil line tomorrow. What do You mean by interior ? Deck profile or that opening interior? V.
  11. Continuation.... Now i would like to determine Cooper line...as i Will go Down with wider planks but i need to draw the plan first as if hlave to taper at the bow a bit. I hope Cooper line would cover what IS done because im out of thin planks but plenty glue at disposal hope you enjoy. Did some prelinary sanding on stern but i Will have to take a bit more as shloud be rounder i guess Thanks for any comment thought....V.
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