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  1. Ron, thanks for comment, yea machine for worse or good :)) i just cant imagine doing repeated stereotype thing longer than i dont get fed up. to be honest more i ddi it better it went so after pause it will take me again a lottle while to become robot :). lines ensures where your plans are heading . i cant imagine doing it without markings , as planks are being shortened towards bow end and stern end and ater on widened towards stern end just adding little bit of thickness and keeping it for two planks up can head towards missalignment on extreme sides of boat. wood it is just 1 mm th
  2. Good day. I celebrate a bit today with relief and satisfaction as half is planked. 12 + on each side. Looks like modeling on steroids but it took me a while while i mastered that smoothing straight lines and bending.. I made it over 4 days in total , it took approx 1 hour to make 1 line. I made some helpers and used violin iron bender i use when making violins. I focused on 5 things, to make sure cut line are straight for minimal seams , that bent is curvy and complete so i wont press and damage plank and that contact place is firmly glued to every bulkhead so each next line follows we
  3. Good productive weekend to Evewryone. So winnie is marked like an old journal ...I didnt use last two strips that mark transom. Used advantage of red lines and simple math dividing by 6 and mark ending over transom - same on the other side so they met parallel. And now lets party :D. Fingers crossed. Have good weekend all.
  4. Dear fellow builders. Gone are times of mass work updates. Done only one plank per day so 2 per 2 days. !! Important ones. Made drop planks and installed. Making them was tough as they must be straight after bent and tapered. First was hardsip second turned out better as i found some clue. Already started outlining hull but i will not post for some time as it is slow i wish probably 2 strakes a day.. Big thanks to Chuck for that outline ! Im goijt to watch bow video first! And ..not goint after black strake atm , i wish to finish hull first. Hope there is not some peculiar
  5. Gentlemen, I slowed down a bit , made some dust. I corrected stern and removed 2 planks that go later on. I feel i must clarify my approach before it causes some misunderstanding... I said i dont have or intend to build Winnie to Chucks highest expectations with all fancy bells and whistles along the way as I am limitated by material I have or I will try to make myself...its all learning and part of fun isnt it? that It suppsed to be. I mean of course i will follow plan as close as possible and best i can. But i reserve for myself to make here and there shortcuts where it is covere
  6. Oh I see what you mean. Silly of me. Thank you for notice Chuck. I need to slow definitely.
  7. Thank you Ron @Chuck. Happy new year to you as well. Well having everybody around its probably part of that confidence. Frankly, i hate slow working , but i try not to work when having bad day ...i tend to get past least likable work as quick as possible. Learning heck of a lot as i observe works of every Others and Chucks. But speed and my inpatiency has its drawbacks. Every small shortcut that is not thought out pays dearly, and makes it even longer to fix or worse - unfixable. So... i finished both 4 plabks lines..and reached the point i can decide where next. i think will continue pe
  8. Beautiful stern planking preparation Ron. Something i didnt manage to achieve as i wanted. Vlad.
  9. Good day all. Am I doing alright ? I cant stress more how much i love this project. Im bending strips on violin bending iron and its adding up so fast! Made first wale strips in 1 hour. No need to clamp as much as strips are bended properly. I intend to follow Chucks guidance and line up down each strip with pencik down the hull. I havevto recount it as my steips are umiform 6 mm and I dont have tools to cut them stright . Its my first real ship to make and second at all. As i said at the beginning, i am building Winnie with batch of leftovers lime strips. Thry are approx 6 mm
  10. Dear fellow builders ...in progress. Few mistakes here and there. Shortcut! As i didnt purchase part 2 i made stern planking already - as there will be sticker i didnt bother making it piece by piece. Apology. I also sealed bulkheads fully towards end as i always struggle that part. Stern plank shoud end up in sharp angle rhis looks like bluenose intend to correct it when planking and with sticker. Hopefully. 😕 now keel to be attached and ready for fun to start :))
  11. Enough for today. Very slow important work done. Bollards ( without bowsprit angle ) & windows seals secured. As bf1 missing Found other way -not to cut from ply but from bollards. ://
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