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  1. wow it looks very nice and of course Rob R. style - out of the box her deep body starts popping up. clearly nothing like flying fish. cant wait to see it further.
  2. Happy to see the progress Rob. Nice idea with separate wood for deck curvature and subdeck for strength. You could also glue up some pieces of wood around centerline and bulkheads joint, to fix bulkhead firms apart of subdeck, but you will do it later probably. she starts to emerge.... happy continuation V.
  3. Hi Erik thanks for nice words. Well, if I was to start now, I would think differently in this direction. if going with full rig definitely go smaller at least 1:48 would do beautifuly. If going 1:24 - BOF without masts at all would be astohisnig but being frame not wooden - that would be a unimaginable challenge. also it woudl be long long work. my piece of advice now is if someone desires to build larger than rest - be prepared for long route i mean long route - even longer than long thats for sure another piece of lesson i learnt was - it does not matter how big is ship
  4. Thanks Mark for kind worlds and valuable support on this journey. Truth is I will not have granted such time as I had building cutty ever. Due to work it will take linger to post. hovewer I have paln in my head established , as usually winter is my workshop time. i have violin and cello half built but not touched over 1.5 year now but i dont want to leave ships abandoned so i have to figure it out. - im eyeing some small models 1 or 2 - whaleboat or historical lognboat cutter and scottish fishing vessel. but my main project will be McKays glory of the seas as I have merchant clippers in
  5. Thank you everyone. @rwiederrich I did intended but the moment I setup the length without jibboom I realized it was merely a sweet dream. maybe foolish one: D
  6. Wrap. Dear fellow Builders, there is no prettier object in the earth than boat lines....for us....i know ladies would be protesting but ...we know thee is no point in arguing im closing the cathedral of the oceans. first, Id sincerely like to thank you All, that watched, looked, commented, liked my build. I would most likely not finished it otherwise. I am amateur violinmaker, that once told myself i will try to model cutty. Having thought of myself, it cannot be more difficult than violinmaking. what is art of ship modeling? where that art lies? I had to try it
  7. I am adding some more pics I found... around spring of this year. as I wanted to mainain relative lightweight of the ship, and tried to stiffen whole construction I installed some wooden bits to the sfkeleton from the bottom, so they work together to both directions of the installment and add overall stiffness to the boat, leaving it relatively light. skeleton is made of pine which remain lightweight well, i did not weight it. mass of wood on deck added up and butt is heavier of course...being solid. as 2 adults lift the boat i would suffest of some 50 kilograms entire built boat.
  8. Hello, good question thanks. there is an 10 mm thick and maybe 15 cm long iron rod installed in mast bottom to fit the hole drilled into bulkhead . i will try to find photo. its different instalment of two other masts but pretty much solid to withstand entire rigging if ever continued So, unfortunately i did not photographed all process, but i found leftover from rod, and will try to explain. Mast itself is of beech wood which is stiff itself and there would not need to be any outer protections against potential cracking speaking of rigging. Its strength would withstand any po
  9. i now see your mastering in painting Bruma, i like very much what are you doing with revel model. Vlad
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