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  1. Louise is a Victorian Steam Launch, commonly seen on the river Thames at the end of the 19th century.
  2. Michael, Thanks for the link. I haven't been there, but I will check that out the site. The only stagecoach I've seen is when I was a kid and rode one at Knott's Berry Farm. We got to ride shotgun and were held up by a masked bandit on horseback.
  3. I recently completed Latina's 1848 Stagecoach which was the most challenging model I've built with lots of metal and leather work. Wells Fargo painted their coaches red, but I think the natural Sapele finish looks good.
  4. Jon, Sorry to hear that soldering didn't work for you. I know you can get brass solder. Like I stated in my build log, I don't like working with metal. It's very difficult to get coiled wire straight. I tried this method of clamping it together and pressing down, but it didn't work well. The best way I found is to just take my time and straighten with my fingers, but I never get it perfect. As far as gluing, I started out using CA, but it always leaves a white residue, so I've switched to clear epoxy. With small round files, I give the ends of the wire a concave
  5. Pilar was Ernest Hemingway’s faithful yacht, notorious for chasing big Marlin, Tuna and German u-boats.
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