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  1. Hi mrmadalena I'm building the eagle right now. I'd create a log like you habe here but haven't figured out how yet. Anyway nice job! I want to use the red paint that you used but don't see it. Can you please tell me the brand and color. I see a lot of discussions about what people thought they used back then, orches,oxides, etc. But no one says what red paint they did use to pain there models.
  2. Hi all, I've been around ships all my life it seems but don't really know how to sail a sail boat!! I've been a crewman only. I was on a Baltimore Schooner, The Pilgrim of Newport for years with Dennis Holland. She was my girl. Also crewed on the Golden Hind out of England while she was on a world tour. Me and a fellow crew member were invitee to sail from San Pedro CA to San Francisco. Lots of fun sailing with a english crew.
  3. Hi my name is David. I'm a new member from Crestline California
  4. Hi rowboat captain, are you still working on this ship? I had the same problems but worked my way thru.
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