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  1. I'm looking forward to starting the Colin Archer...only 1 speed controller and 1 motor👆 There's a lot of wire in this Fisher 34!  I hope the R/C signals get through!




  2. Decided that the R/C gear should be installed before the standing rigging. All that string would make it difficult to access the interior. Hope all this wire (inside and outside) won't20210119_224359.thumb.jpg.30df13541e7ff7939318b4d07ed8c4e9.jpg interfere with the R/C signals!

    I think I have worked out how to make a roller furling gear for the genoa. Ordered in some bits for that yesterday. 


  3. Rigging start has been delayed until sunday/monday. Took much longer to cut out coach roof treadmaster than expected. Needed a few extra  scissor-breaks to ease the brain cells  brain cell so it didn't go on strike.

    I think the dark-ish grey contrast colour makes the coach roof look a bit too busy, The full-size Fishers usually have a lighter shade. I could try to paint it with thinned acrylic but I think I'll wait to see if it fades a bit in the summer! 




  4. Been 'wielding' the scissors for two days now and cutting out all the 'treadmaster' patches for the coach roof sections. Stepped the masts this afternoon just to give myself some inspiration to keep cutting. Should be ready as planned to start the standing rigging for the masts by saturday. Friday afternoon is when we 'close shop' for a while and make something 'exotic' in the kitchen (to eat!)   So one hour more with the scissors and ...I wish all a pleasant20210115_140022.thumb.jpg.d8015e24c882120f11874c943b0e336b.jpg, safe weekend! 

  5. Hello Arjan, very nice photos..and very helpfull for people like me who have started a CA RS1 from Billing. Seems that many people have given up building when they have just done a few first steps. I have now have TWO 414 kits. Both are abandoned projects by guys living in Stavanger. Billing instructions are not for the inexperienced and when guys like you and Andreas Sundt post many build sequences it helps to inspire others (like me) to get going! I have started the RS1 but will not be building at full speed until my Fisher 34 is finished. I have also bough the books about CA RS1 by Knut Vo
  6. Just for my amusement I added navigation and cabin lights during  the weekend. Working lights were not part of the original plan and because of this, I could not find a decent way to route the wires for a white stern light.  Of course I could probably have found a way, but as this yacht will certainly only be used in daylight there was not much point in overdoing it! The upper lights -inside the wheelhouse- need to be subdued by painting the bulbs red although some of them (at deck level) have been routed through red plastic milk-skake straws!  There is also some light 'leaking' through the epoxy joins so that will also need attention.




    1. Sundt


      Nice, light will always make the final touch. well done. 

    2. Geam


      Thanks Andreas, I was impressed too when I switched them on!

      I have now (last night) painted bright red acrylic paint on the white bulbs in the wheelhouse to reduce the brightness and make a sort of 'night-light' effect. 

      I think I will plan for working navigation lights on the Colin Archer. It will be easier to fit if I plan for it early in the build. I will at least put in wiring for a stern light this time!  Also under deck to the shrouds for P&S lights.  Maybe I will be allowed to have the boat on show in the sitting room with lights 'on' during the winter evenings! I seem to remember you wrote about installing lights in your Colin??  Any tips for choice of lighting Andreas / Carsten ?   


      On the Fisher I did not originally plan for having working lights. so I have used lights for Christmas decoration! Small 'grain of wheat' LED bulbs -about 10 small bulbs- on 1 meter of wire!! I just just threaded them through to the nav-lights in the wheelhouse roof and then down to the floor level. Not very professional 🥴 but very cheap!  Works on 3 AA batteries in a battery box. I am not sure if these will affect the operation of the R/C equipment but they will not be switched 'on' when sailing the Fisher. I will buy dedicated model boat lights for the Colin Archer I think -but don¨t know what to buy yet. I think Krick Ro-Marine make good light sets.


    3. Sundt


      I will install lights, Will visit RS.no1 hopefully in January. take som pictures, Due to Covid19 i have been at work a lot. and preparing my hobby space for aircraft and boat building at same time. Glue some Balsa wood, and boat 🙂 

  7. 20210108_175744.thumb.jpg.3296d125a3d27da22140c417f36a9cb3.jpgForward window frame now in place. Used silicon, thinking it would give best waterproof seal but wood glue would have been just as good. Photos show other parts just loose fitted in approx positions.  Will try to install working nav-lights in due course.





  8. Finally managed to produce the FWD window unit complete with a Wynn linear windscreen wiper.  I see now (too late) that I should have used slightly wider strip to make the 'aluminium' window frames. This would have made it easier and tidier to glue in the window glazing.  Any way, this weekend will hopefully see the whole wheelhouse section looking more complete. 

    Next is the coach-roof sections.




  9. Happy New Year to all, many thanks for kind comments. I see that I have are two threads here on my Fisher project. Haven't quite worked out how that happened but definately my fault! I have also posted info and photos on the Model Boats mag. forum -which is where I started in late 2019. The Fisher is not 'super' true scale but reasonably close. There are a few places of 'artistic diversion'. To answer vaddoc's question ; the paint was a long chapter in itself! The hull has different layers of paint due to not being pleased with the first painting attempts. What is now visible on th
  10. I've been planning building sequences and doing some small jobs on the Fisher but I can't say there's been much noticeable progress. I've been 'hovering' around the fact that I have to get going with gloss paint on the coach roof and wheelhouse roof sections. Made the grab-rails and 22 small stand-offs/bases. The grab-rails will be glued onto the bases after the coach rooves are glossed white. The requirement for removeable top sections is causing some head-scratching as to where to cut for the joins to be least noticeable, but generally all joins/cuts will have to be abeam the main mast P&S.

    The photo shows the grab-rails just loosely placed on top of the bases. The wheelhouse FWD window frame is also just 'placed' -not glazed yet nor faired/glued in place



  11. Build progress:

    Started getting tired of painting white cabin-roof panels! Just one more undercoat to apply then sanding down for the gloss finish. Gone over to an attempt at wheelhouse interior furnishing and upholstery. Curtain material used on the cushions is a bit thick -which resulted in untidy corners. Will tidy it up a bit later. I wanted to try making the 'dolls-house' furniture and fittings for a while before going back to painting.  Wheelhouse interior now with upholstery and teak stain on the woodwork. Front window frame is not glued on yet -just sitting loose. 





    1. Geam


      Found time for a bit more progress on the wheelhouse interior today. Soon be back to boring work of20201217_142923.thumb.jpg.aada944716de33c6b27b014e040753eb.jpg painting white cabin tops though. Should be done before Xmas.

    2. Geam
  12. Roof-top sections have now been shaped to the cabin sides and have received curved beams below to form the slight convex shape required. Masts are keel-stepped and have been loose-fitted as a test and to help locate roof tops. Some detail features still need to be added to the roof-tops...dorade vents, support posts for the teak handrails etc. All 3 prepared 'tops' will soon receive sanding sealer, undercoat and gloss. The method of holding the removeable cabin-tops in place will probably be small hatch-latches and/or strategically placed deck fittings. Wish all a Merry -and safe- Christ
  13. I see that there are two different places where I have written info about my 'activity'. Did not realise this until this morning! The build of the Fisher is coming along slowly. A lot more detailwork than I first envisaged -which is usually the case! Posting a few more photos here just to prove that I have not given up. Present phase of construction is preparing and painting the wheelhouse front windows, removeable wheelhouse roof and cabin top sections. This process will take until the end of the year I expect.
  14. Received info' from the Maritime Museum about the Colin Archer RS14 'Stavanger'. Also a reference to the book by Bjørn Foss about the rescue ships -'redningsskøyter'- .


    RS14 was the 2nd of the 'Svolvær' type vessels. RS 12 "Svolvær" was the 1st of these. The Svolvær types were 35 cm longer than the Colin Archer type (RS1, RS 6, RS8 and others) and were 5cm narrower and 5cm less draft. The masts and sailplan were not changed from the original RS1. There was also a lager (heavier ?) keel.  The bow shape  above the waterline seems to have a bit more rake -looking slightly more 'streamlined'. Ref; a drawing in the Bjørn Foss book.

    In my mind there should be no real problem to use the Billing Boats RS1 kit to produce a model of the newer (from 1897!)  Svolvær types vessels.  

    It will be interesting (for me anyway) to hear from Andreas Sundt later when he has visited the RS14 at the museum in east Norway.  




    1. Sundt


      Nice info. will post som photos on your page here 🙂 then possible (  then photo taken 😉  )


  15. I have been advised by a Colin Archer rescue boat expert that the RS14 version was not the same hull shape as the RS1. So to be authentic, the second Colin Archer kit will have to be built as  one of several other versions: RS6, RS10 or about 3 other build numbers. Not very important actually. So long as the correct number is on the sail hardly anyone would notice the difference...Oooops I should not be saying such things on this site!

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