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  1. Progressing slowly with the different components of the interior. Now rounding the last 'corner'. Not too happy with the home-made hinges on the stbd locker door. Only one or two of the locker doors actually need working hinges.  I have found some miniature brass doll's-house hinges in the UK -which are now in the post to Norway. 

    The workshop area, aft to port, and the adjacent 'heads' are also in progress.  The opening for the compass-viewing porthole in the steering well has been drilled.





  2. Aft bulkhead in production now. A locker on each side and a space to house the steering compass which can be seen by the helmsman through a porthole in the forward bulkhead of the steering well! The porthole and compass are not in place yet but they will appear eventually.


  3. Bulkhead between saloon and what is termed as 'the hallway' has been installed. Don't know what else to call this area where the companionway steps will be. The 'hall' will enclose an aft sea berth to stbd, heads to port, engine, workbench to port, and a chart table on top of the engine cover. There is also a navigation area with a radar screen and GPS built into a locker and a rather large compass which can be viewed through a pothole from the steering well.


  4. A friend in Eastern Norway has his Fisher 37 for sale. He moored it alongside the original refurbished Colin Archer for some 'mugshots'. Not often you see these two yachts in the same photo. 




  5. Wood-burning stove and saloon table produced in last few days, also aft sea berth which is to on the starboard side.





  6. Very impressed by your longship and realistic, fearsome crew members Arjan. George.
  7. Your Colin Archer looks very good indeed Arjan. Nice to see that you did not stain the masts in colour nr36 mahogany -as on the plans. I think that the spars look best in 'natural' spruce wood. Progress on my CA is slow just now due to trying to make a scale-ish interior. George
  8. Slow progress recently due to unusually good weather here in S-W Norway. Have constructed some interior detail which will eventually be painted in the green colour used in the present Colin Archer RS1 afloat in Norway as shown in the lower photo. Saloon deck will be planked later  in oak-stained pinewood.





  9. Rudder servo in place to STDB of the steering well/cockpit.

    Spring tensioning pulleys/winch drum compensators fitted P&S abeam the jib winch. Hope they work as intended!

    Will start on some interior fittings/furninshing soon.




  10. Not exactly ground breaking tech, but there's now a winch (6-turns Graupner Regatta Eco Speed) installed abeam the main mast position. 



  11. Apropriate beams/stringers have been cut away and a mainsail control winch has been fitted abeam the cockpit/steering well. The winch is a 4-turn Krick  unit  nr. 1004MG. The mainsheet will run via a brass guide tube, through the side of the well, up to a ring on the mizzen mast and  to the end of the main boom.  The winch drum will be fitted later in the build!




  12. The cross beams and stringers are in place now. Some need to be cut away to give access to the hull internals.  Deck shown, loosely placed on hull. R/C gear locations to be planned next. Then I'll have a good think about whether or not to try to build an interior around the R/C installtions. It will take some time to achieve I fear.  



  13. Not sure if you can buy 'real' lead any more. The shot I have used comes from Krick in Germany. They sell it for their yacht models. It consists of 1mm dia. iron shot. Not as dense as lead but heavy enough. The iron shot is so small that it actually 'flows' into place. Diving gear shops also sell weights, but I don't know what shape or size. Car accessories shops sell wheel-balancing weights which I think are made of ZInc. These will nedd more volume than iron or lead shot. Fishing gear shops too! George
  14. Hi Andreas, just want to let you know that I asked Tor Erling Gransæther (yesterday evening) for colour codes for the interior of th RS1. He has posted new interior photos on the CA gallery. I might try to add some interior detail if I can hide the R/C gear under the benches and in the lockers etc. I think the Rx and Rx battery may go into the 'heads' compartment OK. The ESC will probably go into one of the STBD lockers. and maybe I can hide the drive battery under a false floor - or below the galley table! The green is NCS 1050-G10Y. the trim colour is black. The cabin deck (dørk) is oak plank. Have a good summer! George
  15. Hi Popeye, yes, there are a few stringers which will help to hold the beams straight. I don't want any 'bending forces' built in to the deck frame though, so will try to get the beams straight-ish before epoxying in place. They have been soaked for a second time and are now clamped together until needed. The instructions indicate that the deck can go on quite early in the build but I prefer to prepare the R/C installation and some interior detail first - while everything is easily accessed.😀 George
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