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  1. Wheelhouse aft bulkhead is taking a long time to produce. Much more detail than I expected and the layers of varnish dry very slowly. Photos show loosely  placed components which will be assembled when the aluminium widow frames are -miraculously- produced.



  2. Hi Andreas, answered your question about brass tubes below your posted question. Should have written it up here so you could see it easier! Included 2 photos.  The plan is to control the large genoa with 2 servos, one for port tack and one for starboard tack. Hope it works!


    1. Sundt


      Nice, love pictures, they say a lot 🙂 

      Lovely boat you are building.



  3. I've been working on the Fisher 34 since the Colin Archer went into storage. The cockpit area on the Fisher has a lot of curves and has taken time to get right. It's now been brush-painted with one coat of gloss -on top of all the other coats of 'stuff'. Started yesterday on the wheelhouse aft bulkhead and sliding door arrangement and produced what I think is a 'sliding door kit' which will be stained 'teak' and added when the bulkhead is prepared and painted white.





    1. Sundt


      Beautiful 🙂 done. the robe out of brass tubes, is it for sail connection to servos?

    2. Geam


      Hi Andreas, did not see your post until this morning. The brass tubes are guides for the sheets to the clew of the genoa sail. They were planned and installed very early  during the build process and are a bit too long but I could not see that until the cockpit combing was shaped and glued on. The tubes bend and curve all the way down to the turnpulleys in the bilge so hope there is not too much friction. Posting photo of one tube. Also photo showing sheet exiting from guide tube to pulleys on genoa track. Don't know if this system will even work properly ! 🥴 20200824_160130.thumb.jpg.11028e0e2ab969b84424e86c360d1a27.jpg20200825_114329.thumb.jpg.4e0acfbfe748442e7703d01125f37d58.jpg

  4. My Colin Archer is now 'airbrushed' as much as I dare until the rest of the boat is completed. I expect that I will have to give it more coats later as there will certainly be some damage while handling during the build. I wanted to test the whole 'airbrush thing' and ended up using the CA as the extended testbed. The finish so far is silke-matt. It's now going down to the cellar storeroom until I get more progress on the Fisher 34. 




    1. Sundt


      Nice. looking great 🙂 

  5. Colin Archer hull on the balcony today for airbrushing.  Using standard Billing Boats "hull red" antifouling and white topsides.

    Wish all a safe weekend,



    1. Sundt


      lovely 🙂


  6. Regading the RUBY air gun (not RuDy as I wrote earlier!). The compressor I have now would not produce enough air pressure to blow through the wider nozzle 0.8 mm.  It's OK for my small airbrush 0.3mm nozzle but not the 0.8mm Ruby gun.  I do not want to buy even more gear for this (ie larger compressor) so I have returned the Ruby to the dealer. 

    Had another go at airbrushing the Fisher hull with my small airbrush -this time with added 'paint retarder' to the thinned clear gloss. Got a reasonable silky-gloss finish which I think is acceptable.


    Next job is to try to repeat the process with the next hull: the 1/15th scale Colin Archer. Don't need a glossy finish on that so should be able to manage a reasonable result with the smaller airbrush. I'm going for Bob's info regarding a varnished top-coat to give a bit of resilience to the surface. Without retarder it'll probably dry fast enough to give me a silk-matte finish.

    I find it a bit stressful trying to do things which I can't do 😬 but before too long it'll be one more thing I CAN do😁



  7. Very good, thank you for sharing the info' -very kind. Nice photos too! I'm sure that Andreas and Carsten will agree. And now I know what a 'cathead' is too ! Regards, George
  8. Can you explain what is wrong with the shape? Too long? too wide? etc. I won't be that far in the build until next year but the other guys probably will. Regards, George
  9. Hi again Carsten and Andreas, I hope I wasn't misunderstood. My comment about 'selling paint' was supposed to be humorous. Carsten was kindly showing the paint he used to get a good gloss finish. I was planning on asking him what he used. Bengalack gives a very hard, gloss finish and it flows out very well. Kind regards, George
  10. Further to the last info about the Rudy: as half the world will already know, the Rudy can be adjusted to spray in a fan shape as apposed to round spray. This gives a better chance of laying down enough paint on larger surfaces to achieve a glossy finish -I hope!  I'm very new at this, so I apologise if I'm stating what every body 

     else 20200911_073110.thumb.jpg.3446c730ab312a9dddaf686d3f9fb043.jpgknew years ago 🥴

    I'm working on the aft combings of the Fisher 34 motorsailer. Have been unsure as to how to construct the combings.  Started off with a plan to construct in 1mm aircraft plywood but that seemed to be very fiddly. As the photos show I'm going for carved balsa block. Won't get a perfect finish but we're talking 'stand-off-scale here' not 'microscope viewing'!



    1. Sundt


      Nice pictures 🙂 

  11. Picked up my Hobbynox Ruby airbrush and two jars of Tamiya clear gloss acrylic today. Instructions for Ruby were encouraging by confirming that it's good for larger hulls and aircraft projects. As I mentioned earlier, I think that may be why I could not get a glossier finish on my Fisher hull. But the present finish is not too bad and like some others suggest, it may be smart to leave it as it is. I'll need the new airbrush for the next hull -Colin Archer RS1- anyway.  Maybe I will test it out by trying gloss on the Fisher silk-matte finish. Maybe I will chicken out, we'll see.

    Regards, George

  12. Andreas, I think Carsten is selling gloss paint on your thread😬. But it's for a good cause so I suppose it's OK. Yes, a gloss finish will be easier to keep clean and nobody will say that it's not the right 'look'. Carstens hull looks good I think. Andreas' RS1 has 'gloss-look' right out of the box! I have started a scratch build log in this forum so I can show my present scratch build project. Also because I have exchanged info with BobG about airbrushing. I will also show some photos of my RS1 progress when I get it up from the cellar storage. I will not even try to compete with A
  13. I've been 'stealing' space on other threads a bit too often lately so it's time offer up info on my scratch build project. I used to own a full size Fisher 34 motorsailer 1986 model and decided last year that it was time to make a 1/12th size copy. I thought it would take about 6 months to build! I bought the plywood for the keel and frames in September last year. The new launch date is about April 2021. I have come to accept that this build is a sort of 'labour of love'. I have built a many different model aircraft and sailplanes through the years but only one or two motorboats in my
  14. Hi Andreas, on some 1:1 RS1 photos the hull finish looks very matte. I wondered if your hull was painted/sprayed gloss? or have you just shined it up with car polish?! A nice shine looks good on a model -even if it's not as the original. I look forward to seeing more of your building photos when you get back to "work". Regards, George
  15. Hi Bob, many thanks for the info'. I thought I answered you two nights ago (2330 here in Norway) but I see this morning that it was not sent. I have sent you a PM instead so I don't clogg up Sundt's own building thread with my painting problems. Regards George
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