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  1. Hi Matti, nice to see you back at the slipway mate, ship is looking good Tony
  2. Hi Pavel , yes it probably would but I would still need the old parts to copy. I would like to reuse as much of the original model as I can so I will clean up and repair what I can and completely replace what I can't. There are several carvings that will need to be replaced because they have been lost over the years and that will be my first foray into carving. Just a quick update: I have now removed the poop deck and the decorative transom parts. Pictures with my next post. Tony
  3. Hi Matti, congratulations on a masterful build. I can't wait to see what your next subject will be. With your permission I will use this log as a source of information to help me with my build log. Thank you for sharing this with all of us Tony
  4. Just a quick update. I have removed the remaining bulwark and the planking. I felt it was morally wrong to do this but there were so many bulwark supports broken off that I had to remove the planking so that I can remove the bulkheads to replace the broken bulwark supports. Tony#
  5. Hi Mark, thanks for your comments. There's a lot of rectification work to be done such as repairing the prow, removing the horrible gold paint on the fittings and remaking from scratch the plywood bulwarks port and starboard that have been varnished with what looks like toffee apple syrup Tony
  6. Hi Michael, some of the plastic parts are missing and the transom has been badly distorted by the use of too much plastic cement that the previous owner had used to glue the transom on with. The planking was not done well and in parts has used filler to smooth out the planks. This is a single planked model so the planking will be coming off. I was fortunate to obtain a wooden kit motor launch (Billings)with the planks still unused from a charity shop. Using these, and the remainder of the planks from the original kit I hope to have enough to complete the hull. Thanks for your comments Ton
  7. Its a new year and its time I cracked this build log thingy, so before I start typing the history of this model I want to make sure I can get the pictures uploaded. Well thanks to my son I've been able to get some pictures on the log. The model had been kicking around an outhouse for about 25 years. Some of the fittings were lost but the overall condition leaves a lot of work to be done to restore / replace it to a suitable condition from where I can progress. I think it will be a total strip down because I have no idea what inhabitants have moved in and the last thing I want is to see is a fi
  8. Hi Spyglass, what a brill idea. My lads don't know it yet but they have just lost a few pieces of their Lego. Tony
  9. Hi Matti, nice work mate, it looks fantastic. I hope you stay with us when the ship is finished because as soon as I can work out how to get the pictures from my camera to the build log I shall begin my first build log. Having said that I still have to find out how to work my camera. I can remember when you just used to point the thing and press a button, nowadays you have to pick modes, filters and God knows what before you get a picture . I am such a technophobe my daughter has said she will help me. When I get up and running I hope that I can call on you and the other Vasa builders to gi
  10. Hi Matti, nice progress on the rigging mate. Are you going to put a lantern at the stern? I have seen other manufacturers have included one with their kits but is there any evidence to support this Tony
  11. Hi Alexandru, Ive just watched you change a wooden block into a metal stove. Nice one mate Tony
  12. Danny, I have heard and seen cheeks before but I never realised that there were such things as bibs. I am still learning. Tony
  13. Hi Remco, having owned a Brown Bess I can congratulate you on your scale reproduction. The Bess had a kick like a mule and was a delight to handle. Don't forget to put it where it can be seen on your Kingfisher, it is a model in its own right Tony
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