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  1. Thank you Michael, coming from you it is a most encouraging comment. I've had the occasion to admire your varied and high quality projects. What I am lacking most in this endeavour at present is... TIME !!! Surprise surprise... Following the summer sales season I shall have more of that precious commodity. Please be assured I have neither forgotten the project nor abandonned it. I hope everyone is having a good summer, I will give signs of activity in the Autumn. Cheers to all, Walter
  2. Thanks for the photos Keith, and thanks for the encouraging words and likes from other members. The details seen will definitely help, and beg the question, what level of detail am I able to reach ? A feeling of "there's no going back now...". I'm setting up the bulwarks assembly, currently sizing up the stern futtocks (...the parts on photo are still rough cut), I wish I had a thickness to go by, possibly 15 cm ? To scale 2.2 mm. I wondered if the stern was restored at one point, and if the thicknesses of that kind of part wrer near standard in those kinds of construction, depend
  3. Hello everyone, I'm happy to be able to share the next steps I took with this build. It was pleasant and encouraging to read other posts and build logs and it made me think about how to go about this project, which I sarted in a bit of a spontaneous an un-planned way. The website is a delight to browse through, well done to its creators and admin, and one learns many interesting things reading other's experiences and achievements. Although this is my first build of a wooden model boat I've been reflecting on the subject, and preparing in a way, for some time
  4. ...sorry, enabling an accurate build. I agree with you Dave B, I'll leave the hull unpainted. Wishing you all a very good week, Walter
  5. Many thanks Gentlemen for your encouraging words and advice. I shall diligently gather the documentary elements enabling an accur
  6. Hello everyone, I'm happy to have come across the modelshipworld website and feel less lonely in my interest for model boatbuilding, in which I'm a complete novice, albeit with some basic manual skills. A few photos of my first model boatbuilding project, a bit unorthodox but for some reason I wanted to carve a hull from a solid piece of wood, I had oak on hand. Length 25 cm, scale 1/68 (?). Progress has sufficiently encouraged me to go forward with a complete build from scratch, I'm now pausing for research and finishing the hull so it truly fits the plan, using c
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