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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your words of encouragement! I bet anyone who has done this model before can notice lots of mistakes! LOL! anyway.. thanks again!
  2. Its the constructo USS Enterprise (1799). It took 2 months (500+ hours of work) At least over 100 errors making it! LOL.. it was really hard.. Instructions weren't too helpful (e.g. like 1 page says plank the entire hull and shows only 2 pictures... It was really rough to build (for me anyway).. I felt it was like a torture at some(most) times.. but in the end.. very glad I had done it! (yay!) It was beginner try to build up experience to build the USS Constitution.. but for now going to take a break! Thanks all for all of your help! v.r Bill
  3. oh! for the Titanbond wood glue.. did u mean "TiteBond"? and should it be the original or ultimate?
  4. Hi! I just ordered this same model "Constructo HMS Victory" thanks for helpful insight.. While I am waiting to receive the kit in the mail, I was wondering if you knew of a URL link to the instructions..(i can't find anywhere) and/or what specific tools you used or would now suggest, so i can order them as well. Thanks!
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