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    Chess, map collection (Iceland), hiking, photography and hopefully wood ship model building.

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  1. Hi Henrik - I'm still watching your progress. The restart of my build has not started "full blast" yet, but I will. There are some dilemma that I'm dealing with regarding painting and other similar issues. I bought all paint required when buying the model, 15 years ago, and it is all enamel paint tins. I think I will stick to those, even though I know about the disadvantages (drying time (24 hours for over-paint), smell, cleaning etc.) - what I like about the paint is the finish, and from various pictures I have seen some paint finishes are not to my liking. Let's talk about what I was go
  2. Looks great! I have been watching from the side line - I will hopefully start the second planking soon (it's been so many years since I finished the first planking (about 13 years!). I have been working on putting up some dedicated work space for the build. And putting up "the" ship yard. Will hopefully become active, and provide photos of the current status and the future progress. It's nice to have someone right in front ... leading the way. P.s. I notice that you have planked completely one side before planking the other (now I have never done any ship model building) bu
  3. Great work! I finished the first planking 13 years ago (my first ship build) - and other things have had my focus since then. Working abroad, building me a house and other things. Now I will get back to working on the ship - Your blog has been an inspiration to start reworking on the model. Looking at your model I notice that you have that "end-top" piece orientated (the left side piece vs. the right side one) so that the cutting/recess is outward (see enclosed photo)- I made this so that it is inward. I have questioned for years how I made this, but trusted the instructions. Coming
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