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  1. Hi Jaeon. When faring the frames on my Mayflower I used a sanding block I purchased from Lowes. Its a small yellow rubber piece that has different grit sandpaper that velcro to it. And I sanded the frames diagonally and along the length of the hull checking each frame as I went. Just easier for me that way. I do have a dremel tool with sanding bits but have not used it much. Probably because I'm old fashioned and like using my hands. Just remember to take it slowly and check a lot and you should find that you're have with the results.
  2. Okay! I found what I need at Michaels. Will just have to trace the pattern on is and I'll be set. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I never knew that HD, Lowes or Ace hardware sold wood block. I'll give them a try today before going on line. The wood block is for fabricating the brass keel piece on the bottom of Billing Boats Dragen. It is item F443 in their fitting kit. billing boats.com experienced level, page 3, Dragen, click on plans in top right corner and scroll to last page for the F443 brass keel illustration.
  4. Hi Tom. That's great. Glad you could find one. I know how difficult ordering all the bits and pieces can be. Going through that now with the Billing Boats "Dragen" kit no. 582. I need the brass piece for the keel and I can't locate a kit anywhere. Billing hasen't answered my email from two weeks ago. So now I'm trying to locate a block of basswood to make the keel piece. The block is small and you'd think I could find one but nope! So far anyway. When you start your Golden Hind make a build log and I'll do the same and we'll compare notes.
  5. I have a Billing Boats "Dragen" (kit number 582) that I purchased on eBay knowing all the pieces of the fitting kit were not there. I ordered the few pieces and have them however, I cannot locate the brass keel piece. But I can make one out of wood. I have the dimensions and I'd like to make it out of a basswood block. The dimensions are 1-1/2" H x 9" long x 1/2" W. Does anyone know where I can purchase a basswood block that size? Our only hobby place is HobbyLobby and they have balsa but not Basswood. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. Tom, I have the Billing Boats Golden Hind (Ship Kit No. 480) and fitting kit in the hopper awaiting build. Get me your email and Wednesday (latest) I'll scan the fitting kit and email it to you. Allen
  7. I'm having a similar problem with Billing's Dragen. I have some of the fittings but others I do not. The biggest thing I need is the brass piece that fits on the bottom of the boat. I emailed BOTH @billingboats.com and billingboatsusa.com. All my ship models have been billing boats and in the assembly instruction manual at the end of the parts list is the Fitting list. Also if you go on line and select the model you want and click on the top right corner where they have manuals listed, the kit list is there as well. I'm waiting to hear from both billing sites now. I'll try Cornwall m
  8. I've checked the Billing Boats USA site ands they don't have any for the Dragen. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give the actual Billing Boats site an email.
  9. I purchased a Billing Boats Dragen that I knew didn't have the fitting kit included. I usually see fitting kits on eBay for billing boats but can't find any. So I'm wanting to buy just the fitting kit for Billing Boats "Dragen." If anyone has one laying about they would like to rid themselves of, please let PM me and we'll see about working and agreeable sale. OR...if anyone knows of a place that sells them also please let me know. Thanks all.
  10. Thanks for all the excellent responses. I ended up ordering 1x5x500mm walnut strips (pack of 25) from Model Expo.
  11. Looks GREAT! Even better than my 1st; the "Marie Jeanne" by Billing Boats. Both boats are pretty similar.
  12. Larry. I did some searching and found the web site for my building slip. Here you go: www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=2074&controller=product
  13. Larry. Back in the mid 70's while stationed in England, I lived in Felixstowe. A friend of mine was building the "Norske Love" by Billing Boats and I told him I was interested in trying that and he took me to the store where he purchased his kit and I stuck with Billing Boats. As for the building jig, I got it from Hobby Zone of England while doing a search for ship building jigs. I believe their web sit is hobbyzone.com.
  14. Greg Any idea of what Tanganica wood is and the color of it. How easy is it to work? Any one else? I've never heard of it.
  15. Finally got the garboard strake to fit. The kit planks are 1.8mm x 6 m x 550 mm. I used one 1.8mm x 10 m x 550 mm strip for the garboard strake starting on the port side. Need to sand the bottom of the strake just a tad in the middle and she'll fit in nicely. I used the method described in Donald Dressel's book "Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders". It seemed, to me at least, to be the most straight forward method. After trimming, I soaked the strake in warm water for two hours before the test fit. Glenn. I typically bevel the bottom edge of any plank up to the wale.
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