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  1. Well I've been getting some more done on the walls and doors for the boiler deck cabin. Ive all the doors done and most of the walls but a lot of painting and assembly yet to go.
  2. jmiba I just finished a quick look at your website and I must say what you have done is very impressive and I'm sure I'm going to be returning to it often as it has to be the best reference I have to date! I wish I could work with a computer as you have done.
  3. You bet I will! The above photo is great and I wish I had seen it earlier in the build. I started working on the boiler deck doors. I made a jig to build them of styrene in. One complete piece forms the door itself and narrower strips of the same thickness the rails and stiles. The third center stile I used piano wire as it looked best more narrow than the outside rails.
  4. Well, I'm taking a lot of liberties and not doing all that much research but you are making me think a different approach on another build (ie strive for historical accuracy) might be fun. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks a lot for posting the photo as I haven't come across it before. Well the possibilities are great and I'm sure these boats got remodeled with use just like the same racecar gets painted with different liveries. Anyway I'm just trying to build a boat that might have existed at the time and not anyone in particular. Thanks again!
  6. I've started building the main cabin and laying out the placement of the doors and windows. I glued the corners and center pylons to the boiler deck so that I could accurately make the walls. I think I'll work on the doors before gluing the walls.
  7. I got the coaming applied to the main and boiler decks so I think I'll start building the main cabin/berths next.
  8. I debated the head and galley but finally decided I liked them and since there is some support for their existence I installed them. The outboard stanchions were completed next.
  9. This is probably old news and or redundant to you but i came across it and found it informative to me. YOUTUBE: Dragon Harald Fairhair The Construction Of A Viking Dragon Ship.
  10. I too love a discussion and always welcome input especially since I know so little. Thanks again.
  11. I was basing my thoughts on adding a main deck galley and restroom on Alan Bates' comments on page 48 (figure64) of his book. Additionally I discovered a couple of photos in the book THE MISSISSIPPI STEAMBOAT ERA by Joan and Thomas Gandy on pages 17 and 18 of a structure just forward of the engine room which I'm lead to believe to be a galley (probably for crew) based on Bates' comments and its' appearance. So far I have found no port side photos showing what might have been a restroom I only have Bates' comments to rely on . He claims the maindeck head is male and the boiler deck female. I
  12. I built the galley and latrine which I think will add some additional interest. I built them around the stanchions which may or may not be correct but my guess is the stanchions were present for structural reasons although the buildings may have served the same purpose. I'll paint and secure them and then start on the other supports.
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