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  1. Is there any movement in the separated joint? If you put slight pressure on one of the planks near the crack does it move inward, even slightly? In this case you will need to glue them back, either from the inside, or by injecting glue behind the crack with a needle. have done this in the past with very good results. You can drill a tiny hole on the crack if you need to. Make sure you apply pressure after injecting the glue and carefully clean any surplus that leaks. If there is no movement around the crack this is probably wood shrinkage. What conditions do you keep the model in?
  2. The impressive bowsprit is now in place. Too impressive in fact if you ask me. Lateen rigs do not usually have need for a long bowsprit unless they rig a fore staysail, which this one doesn't. Could it have occasionally been used for ramming? Ramming attacks by pirate vessels have definitely been reported in the Aegean at the time. A bit of rigging also visible in the photos, more on that soon...
  3. Welcome to the forum Jose! Looking forward to reading your build logs.
  4. Normally I think the same way Thanasis. Now with the lock down though, spending much more time at home, I find ways to kill time. 😄
  5. One of the golden rules: when building any type of galley it's never too late to start working on some oars, otherwise you will end up with a complete ship and then have to build all the oars at once. I happened to have several 3mm beech dowels hanging around, so I started with those.
  6. Beautiful work Maurino, looking forward to watching your progress. One question, are you using the plans from the Velle Italiane della Costa Occidentale? Thanks, George
  7. Not much excitement today, just made a couple of belaying pin racks made of walnut:
  8. The rake of the masts in Amati's plans seems to be correct, so I copied it for my build. Then I started shaping the masts out of Ramin wood:
  9. Aaah, now that is a good one! I guess I did a version of that, blamed the Amati plans I was supposedly correcting...
  10. Trying to get used to that Mark, for some reason a mistake in the plans can sometimes "mesmerize" me and I end up following the plans, even against common sense. 😄 Good thing with our hobby is that everything is fixable if you have the time and patience. Meanwhile in the build I spent a fun day cutting and soldering brass rings:
  11. Hello Mike and welcome to the forum. Never too late to start a build log, just start from where you are in the build. It's a great way to get help when you get stuck. regards, George
  12. Hello Jose and welcome to the forum! As Mark says it would be great to see a discussion on the relevant section about the new historical info. Looking forward to seeing your build logs. regards, George
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