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  1. Bonjour à vous amis modélistes, voilà déjà quelques temps passé depuis mon dernier contact. Ma Belle Poule avance doucement, mais j’y prends toujours le même plaisir à faire avancer ce chantier. La poupe sans encore ses sculptures est aujourd’hui terminée et l’aménagement de la batterie est la priorité qui s’impose avant la fermeture du pont supérieur. Pour imager l’avancement des travaux je poste les quelques images ci-dessous.amitiés à tous les passionné de navires aciens. Hello to you model-maker friends, it's already been some time since my last contact. Ma Belle P
  2. Hello to you, modelmaker friends, the construction of the Belle-Poule continues quietly. Today work is carried out on the hardware of the battery bridge. This subject is not very followed, I post some photos which brings us quickly to the current state of the site. For a more detailed follow-up it is possible for who wishes, to follow this construction on the following forum: https://5500.forumactif.org/t3216-la-belle-poule-de-1765-au-1-48-par-guydal Bonjour à vous amis modélistes, la construction de la Belle-Poule se poursuit tranquillement. Aujourd
  3. Hello to you, continuation of the Belle Poule site. Preparation of the structure and positioning of the masts. Bonjour à vous, suite du chantier Belle Poule. Préparation de la structure et positionnement des mâts.
  4. Hello to you model maker friends, I come by this subject to share here the adventure of building the model of the French frigate Belle-Poule of 1765, whose start of construction already dates from 2018. This ship is of undeniable interest for these harmonious forms but also for its historic journey. The plans used come from the monograph of Jean Boudriot, a great French specialist in the old navy, author of many fabulous works on this subject, published by "ANCRE". https://ancre.fr/fr/monographies/17-la-belle-poule-fregate-1765.html This monograph does not give the entire frame
  5. Hello to you, thank you for the welcome you give me on this forum. I gradually discover a world of enthusiasts with a broader horizon than I imagined. I note the link to the very interesting dictionary which deals with marine terms. This forum brings to my passion for model making more desire to communicate. Bonjour à vous, je vous remercie de l'accueil que vous me faites sur ce forum. Je découvre peu à peu un monde de passionnés à l'horizon plus large que je ne me l'imaginais. je note le lien vers le dictionnaire très intéressant qui trait
  6. Hello, I am surprised but also very happy to know that my "post" on the French forum concerning the Belle-Poule could have been useful. Like what, the passion for model making has no borders. Do a "buildog?" that I translate by: site monitoring and that the Google translator speaks of: "newspaper". Why not, of course if a few can learn from it. I do not yet know very well the rules of this forum largely because of the language. I still haven't figured out how to put photos on it. Thank you for your interest in my work, I will study this possibility of "Buildog? »But before that, I must lea
  7. Hello, Mr. Taylor, I am very happy to discover this post on the construction of the Belle-Poule. I am myself on this same subject and it is very interesting for me to discover other methods and tips for the construction of this beautiful frigate. I will now follow the progress of this subject with the greatest interest, thank you for this sharing.J.Guydal.
  8. Hello to you, model-making friends from across the Atlantic. I am French, Breton and visit this very interesting forum from time to time. A difficulty all the same, remains the language barrier, my English being very approximate. Fortunately, I am using a translator here to avoid gross errors. Lovers of old navy from the golden age: 1750-1850, this forum brings more to this passion. My particular attention at the moment leads me to follow the construction of the frigate Belle-Poule by Mr. Taylor. And for good reason, I too have this work in progress and I take pleasure in seeing another meth
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