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  1. Hi Dan, So sorry to hear your devastating news. Your builds are what brought me to this site, and your professional dedication to detail. Wish you nothing but the best in your journey. You and your ability to make such pieces of art will be legendary. Gutted......
  2. Thanks Chris, appreciated.
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to join this forum. My project is one that my father built over fifty years ago in Scotland. Sadly he is gone now and the ship has made its way over to Canada where I live now, I would like to get it back to some type of condition that it can be displayed at home. Started this project a while ago and never had the time to get completely in to the rebuild with working two jobs and owning a house. I have been putting off for years now and feel its time to get on with this rebuild. Starting to work on masts and rigging.
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