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  1. Hi. Not sure I understand your question. Not sure how you would get there. Most best practices I've seen are to install the false deck before the first planking, to give the hull more stability when you plank. Maybe you could supply more info or some photos. Photos are big here. And BTW, welcome to this site. It is a fabulous place to learn many techniques. There is a forum where you can introduce yourself and share your interests. You'll get some attention from the crew here. Also opening a build log here is a best practice. When you hit a roadblock and post to your log, it's a
  2. Yes, indeed, very neat work. Interested to know how you make out with that Ropewalk. Do you know if anyone else has used that model before? Is that the Model Shipways version? Looks relatively inexpensive. Good luck! John
  3. Derek, Yes, this helps. My first model is the Lady Nelson but I'm following you here because I already have in my possession as my second, the Speedy. John
  4. Thank you for the tutorial. One question: Do you use the same seizing technique as you showed for the deadeye as for seizing the shroud lines as they loop around the mast at the top? .John
  5. Lynn, Well, on that note, I will be following you as you have selected a section build, which I have thought about, but will be at a minimum, my 3rd build. I have already purchased and received Vanguard Models' Speedy for my 2nd build. Still learning on my first, the LN, including acquiring the appropriate tools for this hobby. I'm taking a deep breath on embarking on the 2nd hull planking. Hope I remember how I did the first; it turned out pretty good after the second try, but it was a couple of months ago. Hey, welcome to this site, start a build log, check the existing
  6. Gary, This ask was relative to shifting a hatch location. My thought was, in a single deck build, does it matter if you cut out the deck planks over the cutouts or just build the fittings over where they should go, with, if it's hatches going over the space, make sure to black paint the deck under them. This affected how I built out the deck planking. What I was concerned about was that deck planks would not be supported by the false deck because the false deck holes had expanded. As I built it, I marked, with pin holes, where the cutouts were centered. In fact, the only cutout I nee
  7. Just read your "Take the "2 build log challenge"!!!. Any Takers" Seems like I'm a poster child for that promotion. Keep it up!
  8. Michael and to everyone who's posted here: Yes, indeed. I have been so impressed with the responses to my ask; I don't know what to say. The compassion (especially by Chuck) shown to a new guy like me is a testament to your efforts to make this a world class source for this hobby, notwithstanding the aims of the NRG. And it was worth it: I have gained a new understanding of why and how this site works. And it may be required reading by all new guys (and girls)! Just a thought. Thank you again for your comments...John😂
  9. Michael, that's what I figured. I've posted in the tips forum with: I got good, quick answers to all but the "Are deck cutouts necessary?"; got none there but that may have been due to my short reply. Nobody advised that these should have been from my build log so I guess I have the feel for this. Thanks for your help...John
  10. Same here, Matt. I'm not far on the Lady Nelson and I have already bought and received Vanguard Model's Speedy, figuring it would be out-of-stock during the pandemic. Should not have bet against Chris Watton.😁 Thanks OC. Another good tip. Just liked your post. Very generous offer, Gary. Thank you. Thanks Mark. I've already posted into the tips & techniques area. Was curious about whether to post a question there or in my build log. Can you advise on what the protocol is? Or point me to where that is discussed? Did not know a
  11. Thanks Jack; did not know about the Follow button, will make use of that. John
  12. Matt, yes that was my concern. I've seen that caution several times here. I'll take a look at your logs. Thanks. Amazon has it: Figured that PVA would have better adhesion over this product. All, since this is my first build, I did not want to chance that I would screw up with installing anything but a full size deck plank. And there are numerous topics on MSW regarding simulating plank butt edges. But you're probably right, I should abandon that idea. Maybe next build I'll install accurate size planks. I'll probably just add one train
  13. All, I really appreciate the advice. I get it, although it is somewhat intimidating to insert my humble opinions into topics when I have so little experience. I guess I was somewhat spoiled since when I posted on some issues outside of my build log, e.g. Edge of Deck Plank Layout: Spirketting, Waterway, Margin Plank I got responses fairly quickly. And in fact, after I updated my build log, I saw another LN build log. The last post in there, by Shickluna Searcher was reaching out for help and I posted the following:
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