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  1. I've used Chucks recommended site, Drill Bits Unlimited https://drillbitsunlimited.com/Default.aspx. Great prices and service. Every drill bit size is delivered on a 1/8' shank, packaged in a 10-count plastic case. John
  2. These look beautiful. Welcome to MSW. Looks like there are some blocks just hanging out in the last pix. Still working on it? John
  3. Congrats Glenn. Beautiful looking model. Although I caught up late, it's been a pleasure following along with the finish. Great job on the build log; a lot of detail for others to follow. John
  4. Enjoying the journey is all that matters. And I also pushed myself to try different things, especially the deck. And I feel sorry that you feel like you were being scolded. That wasn't my intentions and I'm sure it wasn't Glenn's either. I was giving you my experience as a first time builder, like you and progressing through the same kit as you. Take the advice or don't. It's that easy! It's your journey! John
  5. If you want to get the same timber that's in the kit, I have found two places that supply Amati-brand timber: Wooden Model Ship Kit (in California) and Cornwall Model Boats (in the UK). I have bought other accessories from both of these. They both have pretty good turnaround, obviously higher shipping from the UK but do shop at both sites to compare. If you stay with the Beechwood for the deck note that the parts list has it at 0.6 x 3mm. Check yours but mine was 1x3.25mm. (I didn't measure mine so if you need some at 0.6mm thick, do have a deal for you.) Model Expo has a good selection
  6. The eyes are the second thing to go, after short term memory. John
  7. Michael, I want to setup this link in my signature. This works if you are replying to a post. But in the signature setting page, the "chain" icon does not appear. Follow you instructions to see where I'm screwing up. I'm disappointed that I keep failing to get this figured out. I spent 45 years it IT and know how to work around operating systems and mainstream apps. Help me out here, buddy. John
  8. Still trying to do this but still confused on Mark's post. This is from post #2: What does "proceed as normal to link the specific page" mean? One member posted this and all I see is that James posted this? Is there something that James flipped in his profile? I use Chrome. I see MS has shown that there is a "Link" option for Edge, Is that related to the solution? Thanks...John
  9. What I found very useful was a couple of chapters (in reality, I read the entire set) of Chuck's build instructions for his cutter Cheerful, here: https://syrenshipmodelcompany.com/revenue-cutter-cheerful-1806.php , particularly Chapter 7. Give it a look. .j
  10. Been following since the beginning, Glenn. Really outstanding work and the detail in your posts is at the highest level. Well done! John
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