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  1. My ship model experience helped here. The DF loop above the cockpit was made from a brass hoop left over from a ship kit. I did have to re-size it a bit.
  2. I was actually tempted to buy another copy of this kit (Special Hobby) to see if I could do it better now that I have some experience. But it seems to be unavailable. As for classic aircraft rides, I had an opportunity to get a ride in a B17 when it was at an air show in Leesburg, VA. But at close to $400 I had to pass it up.
  3. Thanks for the link. Would be fun to have a ride in one of those.
  4. Progress photo. Working on the pilot house. I am considering putting a wheel in there like I did on my Chaperon. I’ve also added some hinges. I drew them in SketchUp, made multiple copies and then shrunk the image until it looked about right. Then I cut them from the paper and attached with a dab of white glue.
  5. Ok, here’s couple more angles. Thanks for the nice comment. the photos really emphasize the flaws in the finishing!
  6. I started this kit with the intent of making the Amelia Earhart version of this iconic Lockheed aircraft. I forgot when I started it was so long ago. It is a very poorly made and poorly fitting kit. Attaching things like landing gear is pure guess work as there are no reference points or indents to show where the struts go. Ditto for many other parts. I kept putting the kit aside in frustration with filling and sanding and filling and sanding over and over. At one point I tossed it in the trash but later retrieved it. I think that’s when I lost the decals. 😣 Anyway I finally finished it with a philosophy of good enough, far from perfect. The only positive outcome was that I learned how to produce my own decals.
  7. I misread the drawing of the “fashion piece” in the instruction book. I was seeing it applied to the stern. I realized before getting very far that it is applied to the side of the hull along the edge where the side meets the stern. I have include a picture as I thought it shows the usefulness of the building slip more than the fashion piece.
  8. I think I have the hull smooth enough for the coppering. It may need a tad more in the painted areas. I will need to prime it to see how it looks. Started fashioning the “fashion piece” on the stern, hence the strip wood sticking up.
  9. In the process of smoothing the planking and filling in hollow spots. Just under 4 months since I started the planking and I was in Colorado for a month so nothing was done in the shipyard.
  10. I sanded the planks above the plank shear smooth as well as sanding the existing plank shear flush to the planks. In the photo a new ersatz plank shear is being glued on.
  11. I am making progress on the deck furnishings as I smooth the hull of the C W Morgan (which build log will be updated in a few days). The stairway on the engine room, which goes to the yet to be built pilot house, was quite a challenge.

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