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  1. I started this kit a while ago and have postponed starting a build log for no particular reason. I am a professional procrastinator. This is a very old kit with minimal parts. A machine carved hull; some blocks of wood for the deck cabins, some strip wood; and various white metal castings. There are 2 sheets of plans. One for the original tow barge and a second set showing the conversion to steam power. When I took the contents photo I had already started to lay out some reference lines on the deck. Some observations: 1. I discovered that the blocks for the deck houses were sized totally different from the plans. I planned to scratch build these anyway 2. The strip wood were of sizes that were way off scale for their required application. 3. The bow shape did not agree with the plans; hence all the plastic wood. As in all solid hull kits I've seen, the bulwarks are oversized by design and have to be shaved down to the proper thickness. The kit included scribed sheetwood for the decking but i decided to lay individual planks with 1/32x1/32 stripwood. Initially I varnished the deck and then later decided to paint it deck grey. After installing the decking one has to cut a bazillion little notches in the bulwarks. Most recently I test fit her on a walnut base. At this stage I installed the rudder. This was a bit of an issue. The casting included had no resemblance to the rudder in the plans. Also, the drawing was too small to really understand what the rudder actually looked like. Thanks to Google, I found an archeology study of some sunken barges of the same period as the CoP that had a good drawing of a typical rudder. I scratch built a reasonable copy for my CoP. I also had to scratch build 2 props as these were not provided in the kit. The result is passable, but they are not very visible anyway. Next step is to start making the deck houses. Final note: I am building the CoP at the same time as I am planking my Charles W. Morgan. I need to do something as the glue dries or the planks soak. LOL
  2. and myself also. I organize stuff and then I can never find anything.
  3. PS. It’s nice to see a work are as messy as mine😂
  4. Interesting aircraft. I have to admit I had never heard of it. Nice job on the shark nose painting. Was that freehand?
  5. Nice work. Both cases are very nice.
  6. Perhaps I should make the tow barge version showing it prior to the conversion to steam.
  7. In between laying planking on my C W Morgan, I have been building the old Model Shipways “Yellow Box” City of Pekin, steam canal barge. Today it seemed like a good idea to install the props, prior to setting it on a base. But, the bag of fittings did not include the props. I purchased the kit on eBay several years ago. I don’t know if the seller lost them or MS didn’t include them. They need to be rather small, about 1/8th inch in diameter. (Model scale is 1/8” to 1’). To get to my point I haven’t been able to find props that small at any of the model ship stores. The smallest seems to be 20mm. I can probably scratch build something passable but I am wondering if any of the shipwrights out there have any suggestions for a source. I was thinking that perhaps an old plastic warship kit might have something useable. Ron Gove
  8. I haven’t posted progress for a while since the admiral and I were touring Colorado. Beautiful country! Since we’ve returned I’ve finished planking the “A” band. Slow work.
  9. Hmmmmm. The ship with the broadside advantage seems to have missed the target. While the ship on the right, which I guess has maybe 2 bow chasers has managed to fire and miss 6 shots all at about the same time.😁 All kidding aside it is a very nice looking diorama.
  10. Dan, do you ever sleep? You are turning out beautiful paper models faster than I can read the postings! Ron Gove
  11. At last. I see a work area more messy than mine.😁
  12. I see a ham radio station in the background in one of your pictures. Are you also a licensed ham? Ron Gove W1GOV Leesburg, VA

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