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  1. We’ve been spending winters (Januaryish to aprilish) in Florida for the past 14 years or so. In a travel trailer until this year. Since were both in our mid seventies we now prefer hotels and nice cabins. Florida is wonderful until May. Then it is just to darn hot! We could never live here year round. I will say that Florida has just about the best state parks we’ve seen and we’ve stayed in more than 1/2 of the states in the US. Our favorite is Grayton Beach State Park. This year we will stay in one of their cottages. We love the white sandy beaches all along the panhandle.
  2. I think I used the wrong paint on the second coat and the plastic crazed up. Sanding would have remove detail. It was no longer a fun job
  3. The wife and I are heading off to Florida for a bit of sun and shrimp. I've packed up the hull, the copper strips, some sharp knives and the plans and hope to have her coppered by the time we return.
  4. latest on the A-6 Intruder is that I totally messed up the painting and sent it to the circular file. No more aircraft for me for a while.
  5. Definitely need to do that. The finished deck was a bit uneven but sanding corrected that.
  6. Deck is finished and oiled. I think I will sand it lightly and do a second coat. Also got the first coat of black on the hull.
  7. I have a friend whose twin sons named their cat “F-16 Strike Eagle”. This was some 40 years ago.
  8. I put some planking down as reference and then begin assembling coamings for the various hatches etc. In the photo I am test fitting the coaming around the main hatch opening. I still need to trim back the decking at tiny bit. I am finding it very difficult to work with wood to tolerances of 1/64” or less. 😬 My eyes certainly aren’t what they used to be. The photo also demonstrates the versatility of the Hobby Zone building slip
  9. i occasionally get visitors of the 4 legged variety outside my shipyard window. Occasionally a fox. More commonly deer.
  10. A lesson on reading ahead and studying the plans. I was about to start the planking when I read the second paragraph in the instruction’s section on planking. It said there is part call a “thick pad” around the main mast and should be put in before planking, so as to plank around it. This is not shown in the simplified deck plan on sheet (#tbd). On the other hand this plan sheet recommends adding some scrap wood around the hatch positions to help support the hatch coamings and deck planks, which is also in the instructions but I overlooked it at first. So be careful. Plans and instructions complement each other. Additionally, there is no laser cut “thick pad” in my kit. It is not mentioned on the list of laser cut parts and I couldn’t find such a piece. So I scratch built it. The mast in the photo is just there to keep everything aligned.

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