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  1. The engines are in place. The landing gear and some small details (which I would surely break off if not done at the very end) and the decals are all that’s remaining. I am going to finish her before returning to the Morgan.
  2. The base coat, a light blue Tamiya color, was brushed on. 2 coats with a very light sanding between. The dots were done with a micron pen (picture). I drew a wiggly line of single dots and then redid the same line about 2 more times at a slight offset. The trick is not to get too repetitive or create obvious repeated patterns. It went remarkably fast. I have never been successful with an airbrush. They always clog up before any paint actually comes through. And it takes forever to clean them out. All of this is probably due to operator error and ignorance.
  3. Tried my and at the weird camo. I think it came out OK
  4. Beautiful ship and model. I always loved this story about the original race. Legend has it that while watching the race, Queen Victoria asked who was second, and received the famous reply: "There is no second, your Majesty."
  5. she’s a beauty. I saw her in person some 15 years ago during a trip to Nova Scotia to visit the place of my mother’s birth.
  6. It is a shame, but enough is visible that one has to do all the detail. A lot of plastic aircraft kits are like that. Detailed interiors that one never sees
  7. Finally got the hurricane house under roof. Wife and I were in the woods (roughing it in an AC cabin, with full kitchen, 2 bed rooms, and a bath, on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, but alas No Modleing😬) so not much got done on CWM for a bit. But I am am finally back at it. we did manage to finish several bottles of wine 😇
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