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  1. Well, if worst comes to worst, she’ll be yellow ochre, black and white above the copper. Live and learn, I suppose
  2. Thanks, and yes, I'll certainly begin generating some sawdust filler. And beveling the top edges as well.
  3. Good Lord! Check out the visible projects! 1/32 Sea Fury racer airframe 1/32 AEG bomber fuselage 1/32 FW.190 A-3 engine 1/32 Ki-45 engine 1/48 B-36 Peacemaker interior yikes!
  4. Hey folks. It’s been awhile, we had a death in our family and the estate took awhile. Ive been piddling away at the second planking, but haven’t had time to really sit down for a genuine bench session. Had a couple hours this evening and here’s where we stand today. Obviously not my best work, but for a first attempt, I’m not totally uptight. I might have waited a prank or two too late to start fairing them together, but I think it’ll work out. Im seriously concerned about the gaps, but we’ll fill as needed with sawdust.
  5. Chris, you’re trying to drain us dry, aren’t you? I’ll certainly be there, even though I’m still knocking about at Speedy’s hull. And thoroughly enjoying it as well. My father in law passed last month, and some woodworking on the bench is just what the Doctor ordered to relieve the stress from in laws and gold diggers. Without the ship kit, I’d be swearing at a plastic model of some type.
  6. Speaking of “in” and “on” Why do we say, “I’m on the plane” when you’re sitting quite comfortably IN your cramped seat? It seems to me that it would get quite windy if you were on the plane.
  7. When I was 17, like many red blooded teenagers, I fell in love with an automobile. I kept catching glimpses of a 1956 Meteor rolling around town, looking good in its original issue three tone factory paint and still sporting the original style wide white sidewall tires. Now for those in the know, from 1949-1960something, Meteor was a Canadian stand alone Ford brand marketed by Mercury dealers who wanted to be able to sell something less expensive than Mercury, but more upscale than Ford. SO Meteor was built with a Ford body, but busier, upscale Mercury styled brightwork and wild grille t
  8. I got mine today! Plus, from Dave, I received this: So, I now own all five of Chris’s releases, plus the 1/72 Bellerophon. Without purchasing another kit, at my building pace I now have enough Vanguard Models kits to give me 574 years of quality bench time, give or take a decade or two.
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