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  1. This is truly one gorgeous build. I LOVE the woodwork and finish. Flawless!
  2. Beautiful build here. I come from the North Shore and haven't seen one of these in years, but from memory, you're doing the whaler justice. The flat bottom dory was king in Gloucester. I've seen young lads almost pick those things up by the oars and jump across the water they rowed so powerfully. Your craftsmanship is truly second to none, and I'll be following this right till the end.
  3. Thanks guys. I’m back at it, making glorious sawdust. A drawback though. The War Department noticed my new woodworking skills and dropped a note on my bench. It only said, “new wood patio furniture”. and a gift card to the local lumber yard.
  4. Good deal. After the cautions given here a week or two ago I gave some extra love and attention to the sternpost. I worry about going too far. It's so much easier to remove material than it is to add it.
  5. If I sound anal, it’s the plastic modeler in me. I’m quite aware of surface imperfections on a completed surface.
  6. I have a few strafing runs to do with another type of plane. Then fill the low spots, of which there are a couple. I feel I may have gotten a touch overexuberant with the sanding block at the stern here. A couple swipes of my block slightly cut into the stern edge of the gun pattern plywood, rounding the bottom edge slightly, and I sanded the curve under of the port side stern maybe a bit much. Thoughts? Should I build it up slightly with filler or sand the starboard side to match? i think it looks decent, but it’s a touch deep of a run under than the plans show. Also, on both sides, I have a slight low spot on the hull just aft of the first gunport. I’ll plane it as smooth as I can, but I expect the low spots aft of the first gunport will need a skim of filler.
  7. First planking complete. Now sanding to form with the big 120 grit. Yaaaaaay!
  8. I’m paying VERY close attention to this. Being a plastic modeler, I’m very detail oriented, and fully rigging the guns is a set goal of mine. Lead on, kind Sir!
  9. This is MY kind of build! As a long time plastic aircraft modeler, I absolutely understand the need to weather for realism or artistic effect. Most wooden ship models I’ve seen have been built to reflect a ship in tip top condition, which may not always have been reality. I, for one, am absolutely loving what I’m seeing here. It’s definitely seen hard use and is due for some dry dock time, but that’s what I absolutely LOVE! Keep it up, sir, this is incredible! Ernie
  10. Note to self: for the second planking, lay the plank next to the keel before you reach bottom and work upwards a few planks to meet the descending planks. Meet the two under the copper, not at the keel. What a sh!tshow trying to shape the bottom one perfectly. Much easier if only keel edge needs shaping. As it is, I had to add slivers here and there. Oops. Now we breaketh out large block loaded with 120 grit. there’s a whole lotta shaping going on.
  11. I’m following this closely. This will be my next build, followed by the Zulu.
  12. I’m pretty much a newbie as well, although I’ve been building plastic kits for decades. If you’re looking for an easy, traditional wood model of a traditional ship and don’t mind a Lugger, try Vanguard Models Scottish Fifie Lady Eleanor. Or, if you want a rakish stern, the Scottish Zulu Lady Isabella. They are both traditional plank on bulkhead, have two masts with big lugsails, and are expressly designed for the beginning ship modeler. The instructions are second to none, the plans are awesome, everything is beautifully precut, everything slots together precisely, and can be built with or without sails. The sails look pink in the pics, but that’s just color shift, they come as white cloth and you dye them your favorite shade of brown or burgundy. When it comes to amazing instruction manuals, there are none better than Vanguard. And Vanguard is known for only supplying the very best wood available, and plenty of it as well. I have BOTH of these kits, and they’re positively amazing models. Absolutely nothing else other than paint, varnish, glue, and tools are needed. I HIGHLY recommend either of these for a relatively quick build using the traditional methods.

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