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  1. So this is where she sits as of now. Slow but steady. Have not started any on the top yet.
  2. Update for all following. Began cutting gun ports. After getting tired of cutting I did start to frame some in and as I did actually double plank the whole ship and it only calls for one I am backfilling each port with balsa that will bring it back to 1 plank depth. I have not started cutting on the other side. Each port is framed and back filled and then sanded flush with the hull.
  3. Hey....lol...mine were sanded off lol. I DID have them marked. I did find an effective tool though....almost the perfect size...with a little tapping from a small hammer.
  4. So as this is a learning process as well...in all my glory and pride of working soooooo hard on my planking....I forgot one....small...tiny....detail..............😤🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ So I have spent the last hour or two measuring..planning...drawing..and this is where I am. I did get this half lined up correctly which I am proud of considering. On to the front...and of course the other side. Then to clean up above the deck and make some sanding corrections and do some detail work with the wood file. Onward we go!
  5. mtaylor...I actualy really like that idea better! I think that would complete the ship and still show the beauty of the rigging!
  6. Lol you did clearway....you did...but I have found this enjoyable. If I get frustrated...I take a break. I have built models since I was 10 or so. Ive always wanted to build a ship. At 47....it was time!!!
  7. If you look at the last picture I posted you can not see the mistakes...but oh they are many and luckily mine will be covered in copper...but I learned from each one as well.
  8. I had the same issue on my Billings Victory but mine was due to running 8 on one side and pulling it to that side. I pulled 6 and would only do 2 on a side then do 2 on the other and so forth.
  9. mtaylor thank you for that. Not sure if I'm willing to go that far with the sails. I'm interested in doing it. I've survived my first build so far but that is a huge undertaking with zero experience. But a thought as time goes.
  10. Okay question to any and all. Sails. Can they be ordered? Made? I know I know....HUGE bite to chew...but I have been taking my time and as this is my FIRST ever build...I want to do it right...and complete. So....thoughts on sails.....anyone????
  11. I have saved it. I have about 7 hours of sanding in today. I docked her for the day. Victory will test patience for sure!

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