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  1. I've been doing some work on the deck pieces and I've also made a start on the masts and the bowsprit. The next stage is the fitting of the chainplates, I don't like the out of the box option so I have bought some Billing Boats chainplate straps from Cornwall Model Boats for a more elegant solution. I have a question for those who have done or are doing this model, the instructions don't state the placement or measurements of the chainplates, as this is my first model I don't want to fit them in the incorrect place and then have problems with the shroud rigging later on. From studying the OCC
  2. Work has recommenced on the Terror as I have some free time again!... First step was to install the ice shocks, I had to use a little wood filler after sanding as the wood is quite brittle and broke away in parts, especially where it bends at the bow... also they did not quite line up at the bow (my own fault) but as I had used CA glue I was unable to adjust the planks, I managed to rectify this with a little more filler and careful sanding. Second was the addition of the aluminum sheets, they are difficult to bend to shape but I'm happy with the finish overall. It was
  3. Thank you Keith that's very helpful. I see you have the original plans so I will know who to ask in future!
  4. The second layer of planking almost finished, a few more finishing touches and sanding. I have learnt a lot from this planking experience for my next model! I am thinking of the Occre Golden Hind or Beagle next. The next stage is to install the rubbing strakes, but I have a question for those building this model. The instruction states they should be installed 15mm from the top of the bulwarks but that doesn't seem right, maybe a little bit more? Also should the rubbing strake be 15mm (or more) all along or turn upwards at the bow? Thanks
  5. Looks great! I wish I had thought of that! Something to bear in mind for my next model.
  6. Thanks, I decided to use white glue for the second planking, much easier to use than contact glue.
  7. It was suggested to me when I joined earlier this month that I should start a build log so here goes. This is my first wooden model but I have some prior experience with plastic models. So far I have completed the first layer of planking of the ship which after much sanding and application of wood filler seems to be shaping up nicely. The next stage is the second layer of planking. I have probably made many mistakes already but I am learning as I go.
  8. Looking very good, I'm at a similar stage with this although this is my first model . out of interest what glue will you use for second planking? the instructions say contact glue but it's not easy to adjust once applied
  9. I have just started on the HMS Terror myself. Your build log has been very helpful to me, thanks. Do you have any advice for someone starting out with this kit, or anything you wish you had done differently at earlier stages? Any advice you have is appreciated.
  10. Hello from England. I am new to wooden model making so I thought I would join so I can get some tips from the experts. I have just started the Occre HMS Terror kit which should keep me busy. Here is a photo of my progress so far:
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