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  1. Believe it or not, work progresses. Finally finished the second planking! This was one of the steps I was dreading, and it turned out better than I hoped. Of course I can see all the mistakes and errors, but hopefully when all complete those will begin to fade in my memory. Also have been working on some of the smaller pieces, building frames around the remaining etched brass doors and windows and the rudder. Feels good to be making progress, especially after the unrelenting stress of this week!
  2. Looking ahead a few steps, I have some questions for those who have done other OcCre models. In the Buccaneer, there is a sheet of paper with the triangles and diamonds that appear just below the aft rails and near the bow. My initial feeling is that doing these cosmetic details using the paper isn't quite what I want to do. Has anyone else gone so far as to either paint those details or even add them as very thin wood veneers?
  3. Been a busy summer, but still making slow progress. One thing I decided, because making my first ship of this type wasn't enough, was that I wanted to 'improve' the photoetched brass pieces. Specifically the doors, since just gluing those onto the planks looked too two-dimensional to me. So a little work with snips and blade, plus scrap wood, and I built up the doors into more of a 3d look with frames. Frames too for the windows. Also finally started the planking, which is off to a faster start than anticipated!
  4. You are making fast progress! Congrats! I've gotten about halfway through my first planking and hopefully will have a chance to do some more soon!
  5. Saw another has jumped onto the Buccaneer build wagon and thought I should update the very slow progress on my build. The treenails are complete, and with the light staining on the deck stand out in just the way I'd hoped.
  6. Definitely going to be following along here as well! I started the same model a couple months ago, going as far as to start a log, but life has gotten in the way and I've made almost no progress as yet! Hopefully seeing another tackling this model will help prompt me to get back at it!
  7. Slowly moving forward with the main decking. As seems to be often the case in these forums, I'm going a little beyond what the strict reading of the instructions suggest. In this case, instead of running the planks the full length of each deck and then marking the smaller individual planks and treenails with a pencil I'm cutting each plank to 60mm and doing the treenails through the toothpick method I learned from so many other build logs on here! Now, I recognize that at the 1/100 scale these treenails are probably too big for scale, but since this is going to be more of a generi
  8. Put together a basic slip as I begin the first steps in the Buccaneer. Pretty impressed with the quality of the wood in this kit. No issues with warping in the plywood and the dry fit, while tight, was accurate and I didn't see any obvious misalignments. Will pull this all again to glue it up with the assistance of a simple homemade alignment guide I've also made out of basswood. apart
  9. Relative new-comer to the hobby posting my first build log. Have long had an interest in building a wooden ship model (after a misspent youth spent on plastic models and scratch-building HO scale railway structures) and the corona slowdown seemed just the right opportunity. I started with the Dusek Knarr model (1:72 scale) and learned a lot from that (ie. made lots of mistakes that I hopefully learned from.) For my second model I was able to track down one of Occre's Buccaneer models. For whatever reason, I didn't find any build logs of this one in the forum despite the apparent po
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