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  1. What an incredible build, Kevin. I salute you for toiling through all that rigging. I would have gone cross-eyed before I got a tenth of the way in. I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Victory many years ago when I still lived in England. I have one question that is baffling me. If you look at the first photo of the real Victory, you will note that the aft section with all those windows (sorry, don't know the correct term) looks to be parallel to the deck, yet in the second photo of your model, it appears to be sloping down. is that an optical delusion lol? Thanks for sharing your incredible journey. Alan
  2. Great work, Bob. That rigging is insane. I bet you went cross-eyed trying to figure out what went where. Alan
  3. When I click on a thread that I've been following, it takes me to the first page. I don't remember what page I was at when I last visited that thread. Is there a way to find out what page I was on when I left that thread? Thanks Alan
  4. After much glueing of the plastic substrate, I finally got the bottom of the hull finished. Now on to the deck and the sitting compartments. Alan I had to run out to O'Reillys for some Bondo to fill in the bow and the small joints between the pieces of plastic. Need a tad more filler; I wish I had picked up a tube of body putty while I was there as it fills all the small 'pores' and sanding scratches. I think I'll head back and pick up a tube. More sanding with finer grit paper as the hull below the chine is painted. The area above gets mahogany planking. The transom
  5. Alex I just finished reading your build log and all I can say is - was für ein unglaubliches Modell. The amount of detail that you put into things that will never be seen is just amazing. I can't believe that you made mortise and tenon joints for a panel when most people would just glue the pieces together. Your stove is a work of art. Thanks for sharing this journey with us and I look forward to watching you complete it. Alan PS. I have a very good friend who owns a machine manufacturing company not too far south of you in Ettlingen. I have visited his company many times in the course of my business and the last time he lent me his BMW M3 Touring for my wife and I to tour the Black Forest area and Neuschwanstein Castle.
  6. I forgot to compliment you on all of the adornments that you made. I can't comprehend why they would add so many carvings on what is a man of war fighting ship. Alan Zapomněl jsem tě pochválit za všechna ta ozdoba, kterou jsi udělal. Nechápu, proč by přidali tolik řezbářství na to, co je válečným mužem. Alan
  7. Doris I happened to see your post to another thread and saw that you were building a ship out of card, so I had to follow your thread. Your are indeed a master craftswomen and your skill and attention to detail is, in my opinion, second to none. Congratulations on an epic build. I had the pleasure if visiting the beautiful city of Prague one time. I was living in England and working in Warsaw in the mid-ninties. I was flying Lot Airlines from London to Warsaw and on final approach the captain told us, without explanation, that we were going to Prague. I didn't care what the reason was as I thoroughly enjoyed my one day and one night there. I was sorry that it wasn't longer. Alan Hope the translation is okay. Doris Náhodou jsem viděl váš příspěvek do jiného vlákna a viděl jsem, že stavíte loď z karty, takže jsem musel sledovat vaše vlákno. Jste skutečně mistrovskými řemeslníky a vaše dovednost a pozornost k detailům jsou podle mého názoru na špičkové úrovni. Gratulujeme k epické stavbě. Měl jsem to potěšení, když jsem jednou navštívil krásné město Praha. Bydlel jsem v Anglii a pracoval jsem ve Varšavě v polovině devadesátých let. Letěl jsem Lot Airlines z Londýna do Varšavy a při posledním přístupu nám kapitán bez vysvětlení řekl, že jdeme do Prahy. Nezajímalo mě, proč to bylo, protože jsem si tu jeden den a jednu noc opravdu užil. Bylo mi líto, že to nebylo déle. Alan PS. Doufám, že vaši ptáci nepoužívají lodní stožáry na okouna. lol
  8. Just because yours is bigger than mine, don't mean that your better. Sorry - just had to. lol Alan
  9. Just got up to date and I'm very impressed, not only in your craftsmanship, but in your attention to detail. Making all those cannons was a massive undertaking but your efforts paid off. Thanks for sharing. Alan
  10. Wow, I haven't seen a vernier height gauge since my engineering apprenticeship back in England sixty odd years ago. I used it to mark a steel die-making template covered in engineers blue. I'm going to be following this interesting and quite large build. Alan
  11. I just read this build all the way through and as a retired mechanical engineer and user of AutCAD for many years I am very impressed by your ingenuity and skill in designing, sourcing components, making and aging the myriad of fittings on the boat that makes this boat look truly authentic. Great job. Alan
  12. My hats off to you sir, you are one master model builder. To tackle this from scratch is an epic adventure. Alan
  13. James I have this kit and when I've finished my Chris Craft Runabout, I'm going to start on it. I have the Amati nailer and I see that you used it to nail all the planks to the frames but didn't see any in the finished job. How did you remove those nails and what size did you use? Also, you said that you faired the frames in readiness for planking. Since you already tapered the bow frames with your Dremel, what other sanding did you need to do? Thanks Alan
  14. Ken I just read through this entire build and all I can say is STUNNING. Your attention to detail is amazing and that rigging is awesome. I love model ships with their sails furled and yours looks amazing. Well done sir. Alan
  15. Okay, got it. I think Chris was the one who built the first one so he could compile the instructions and provide a finished model for the photo on the box. If his instructions are anything like the ones for the Fifie, it will be an easy build. One of the reasons why I purchased it, is because of the review that was posted on this website. Alan

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