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  1. Another shot as I am plugging away, dry fitting, staining, etc. The capping rails up to the quarter deck add a nice clean look, and I blew some of the dust off of it, but not enough 😃. I am getting ready to put the rudder on, and then I will be done with most of the remaining work below the wale.
  2. Here the quarterdeck planking on the bulwarks has been sanded flush, with the port-side filed down to a relatively even finish with the hull. The starboard bulwark planking has been roughed down, but not given a good finish with a file. I promise I will eventually clean up the horrid looking bulkhead panels and the banged up walnut dividers and get the edge of the quarterdeck planking tidied up more...but it still roughly resembles the HMS Granado I think. 😃
  3. Hah! I love it! Ours are pretty salty as well, being that the water in the Albermarle Sound is pretty brackish.
  4. A wise man once said to me...."my suggestion would be go with what works". So, I believe I have appropriately followed that advice and arrived where the instructions intended. I took two long 1x4 walnut strips and placed them side-by-side and gave them a couple of coats of Red Orchre. They fortuitously stuck together securely enough to allow me to run a bead of medium CA down the seam to weld the two planks together more securely. Cut roughly to the appropriate length, I loaded up the CA on the bullwark sides, and slapped the twin plank segments on and held them there until they set firmly
  5. Timmo, your handiwork is amazing. I also noticed that you had a beautiful schnauzer pup in one of your pics. Always glad to see a happy fuzzy face.....we have two schnauzer first mates, and they do love boats!
  6. Slowly continuing with the quarterdeck. The instructions are a little unclear when it comes to the bullwarks, and I could use a little help here.... The manual says to use a piece of scrap 1.5 mm walnut ply and cut out the shape of the bullwarks above the quarterdeck and glue into position, which I have done on the port and starboard sides after I painted them red ochre (see the pictures below). I have also shaped another piece of scrap to fit on the stern bullwark, and am planning on painting that red and gluing that in position. However, the manual then says the bullwark should be plank
  7. Progress continues with the quarterdeck bulkhead and planking, with fine tuning and cleaning up badly needed.....here the bulkhead panels have been roughed in and need to be cleaned/painted and poly'd. Looks very rough with all the dust and debris, but I think it can be cleaned up quite a bit and won't look that bad when I give it a little attention.... The planking on the quarterdeck went quickly, and I think it looks pretty good so far. You can see the bulkhead panels still need to be cleaned and painted/finished. Now I think
  8. Great work there Mick! Your deck planking, make that all of your planking work looks super nice, and the deck details, gratings look nice too. I'd be showing that work to others, that is for sure! We are pretty much at the same spot for sure, so I am glad to see familiar images and progress being made. Keep up the posts and you can post a build later as needed, but keeping sharing your work if you can!!!
  9. Thanks Mick, I hope you start a build log (did I miss it?) and/or share some pics of your Granado! I was pretty hesitant to start documenting, but so far it has definitely been worth it for getting some helpful commentary and moral support. Here is a picture of the nearly finished bullwark dry-fitted in place.... We managed to join the Noble Maritime Museum and got a discount on 2 more lithographs to join our one hanging in the hallway. The one below is "Schooners running for cover behind Cape Henry" The one below is "Wild Calm"
  10. Hey Philly, Glad to hear that another Granado is in the making. I have found the quality of the kit to be good, the vendor I purchased it from to be extremely helpful when needed, and from what I have seen on the forum, it builds into a beautiful ship when done with talent. I gave a lot of thought to how to do the sweep ports, factoring in multiple approaches and ease and complexity, whether to cover them or leave them without covers, etc. That and treenails have made me pause and debate the options. With the sweep ports I had considered not cutting them in and faking it using just th
  11. Progress slow and steady, or just slow. But some progress is being made during non-work hours. I have added the stern transom and counter, but haven't added the vents and accoutrements yet (but still plan too, just don't want them getting banged around (yet). The cast metal transom is just dry-fitted here with bluetak. I have also dry-fitted the quarterdeck bulkhead, which is going along well I am surprised to say.... I also happened to catch some dry dock work being done on the Elizabeth II, a 69-foot, square
  12. Someone needs to tell me how to put page breaks in a log..... I have been very busy at work things, and not ship build things, but I haven't been completely idle in the background. I made a quick jig and rigged a cannon to see how that works out prior to building the foredeck over the two cannons up front. I tried a couple of coiling techniques that failed miserably, and I also made one big simple coil that seemed to look acceptable. I believe I will scale down the rope coils in size a little more, but keep it as a couple of simple loops in length. I also have now glued, and re
  13. Pulling up a chair. Fascinating model, beautiful craftsmanship, and amazing build log Captain H. I'm building the Granado (Caldercraft) now, but looking at Tom's Granado over my shoulder..... Keep up the great work, I am eager to hear how this tapering issue resolves in the end. Cheers, Brian
  14. Hey Bob, Just wondering how/where you elected to stow the canopies you have removed to allow the mortar to be seen? I have been wondering what "solutions" have been used? Best regards, and smooth sailing with Speedy! Brian
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