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  1. So, dead calm seas have allowed little forward progress in NC (actually just really busy at work). I have discovered my kit is missing one of the brass etched sheets (0.9mm), so I have written to the manufacturer to see what my options are (wish me luck there). I have finished all of the cannons now, to the point where I am getting ready to tie in the two in front before I cover them up with the forecastle deck. Luckily I have some good references for rigging the gun tackle, and will do as much as possible off the boat with a rig.
  2. Hey Bob, thanks again for the help. Glad to hear you waited all that time to put the spanshackle down, as I was thinking it would just get destroyed if I put it in place where suggested in the instructions. Look at me growing wiser with experience! Glad to hear you poly'd over, you just do it so well it looks great. And yep, I understand the mortar comment, just wanted to hear whether you actually GLUED them down. Sounds like you just let them sit within the housing, which is tight space for the larger mortar, for sure! I may see if I can use some of that bluestick adhesive putty to hold
  3. I just noticed you didn't bend your fish davit span shackle down to lie flush with the deck. I am amazed they haven't taken a beating, as I have been hesitant to put them in place after bending them as instructed.... Also, did you use any polyurethane or oil on the deck, the mortar housing, etc? Did you use poly or oil or anything on top of the red ochre bullwark, or is that not recommended in your experience/opinion? Finally, and I have said it more than once, your build is beautiful and inspirational. I have much to learn, as I have just finished the main hatch and the deck reinforcemen
  4. Nicely done, and welcome on-board. I think you did great work in a remarkably short time period! I move at glacial speeds comparatively speaking it appears.....=(. Keep up the good work, and I'll be eager to see your builds in the future!
  5. You made that look too easy, and the result is b e a u t i f u l! Thanks for the inspiration. I will be following your lead soon I hope, and likely will build two at one time, to see if I can actually research and figure out how to make one a decanter for holding a good port wine......
  6. Honest comments RMC, your work is great, and thanks for your blog work too. I am seriously thinking of making a port decanter out of the secret vessel Morel by Master Korabel as something "different", 😃 it seems doable. However, post Granado thoughts are a long way off for me (just placed the spirketting on the inner bullwarks).
  7. Such a great way to do it. You are awesome! I really appreciate the depth of information you are able to convey in your build log. Also, the more time I spend in the forum, the more I hear Chris Watton's name being used in positive ways. I'd love to do the special edition of The Speedy too.....after I finish the Granado (ahhhhh, one day) and make a port wine decanter out of the Morel by Master Korabel 😉
  8. So, I managed to finish the hull with some Danish Oil without creating too much of a mess of things. The Castello Boxwood makes it look so clean. The picture is over-exposed and I haven't polished the finish at all, but it still looks much better than it did without the oil.I also attached the keel piece at the stern, masked off all the gun/sweep ports with tamiya tape, and painted the inner bulwark red ochre (without inadvertently painting the maple decking). I am now getting ready to add the spirketing and the sheer rail, finish the hatches, etc. and figure out how to tie the cannon's dow
  9. Great documentation...and good questions. I’m glad I’m not there yet I think!! 😉
  10. Hey Bud, North Carolina newbie calling in return to say welcome to the group...You will fit right in, and if you stay a while, I hope you too will find it a rewarding and encouraging environment. Lot's of talent out there willing to share information, opinions and advice. Share your work and experience if you can by doing a build log and we can follow along from afar. Cheers (and get out your vote), Brian
  11. I'm going to keep posting even the slightest progress, because it is at least progress. I have to say I have been getting tremendous advice from Tomasz and others, and the work of everyone is documented so well in some cases it is clearly a work of art. I can't wait to hit the boxwood and Maple plank/decking with oil, but I have been filling gaps and straightening ports and lights. I keep sanding the frames on the inner side of the bulwarks, and removing some of the previously applied stain to prepare for the red orchre paint onslaught as soon as the Tamiya tape gets here. While going out
  12. Hang in there CC! Just wondering (not wanting to continue the painful memory) if the stitches with the provided kit, or your purchased material, broke more or less. I have no idea why that seems so important when the more important point is that you are doing a great job, and have done well considering having only two hands (and two feet, just saying....). 😃 Good luck soon to be paddler.....
  13. I'm in all the way too! I just happen to be in the process of building Caldercraft's Granado kit with Boxwood, and would just love to have this be my next build if not outside of my capability. Totally stoked!!! Great work, and please keep up the fascinating updates!!!! Where do we send money 😉 Cheers!
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