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  1. Hey Bud, North Carolina newbie calling in return to say welcome to the group...You will fit right in, and if you stay a while, I hope you too will find it a rewarding and encouraging environment. Lot's of talent out there willing to share information, opinions and advice. Share your work and experience if you can by doing a build log and we can follow along from afar. Cheers (and get out your vote), Brian
  2. I'm going to keep posting even the slightest progress, because it is at least progress. I have to say I have been getting tremendous advice from Tomasz and others, and the work of everyone is documented so well in some cases it is clearly a work of art. I can't wait to hit the boxwood and Maple plank/decking with oil, but I have been filling gaps and straightening ports and lights. I keep sanding the frames on the inner side of the bulwarks, and removing some of the previously applied stain to prepare for the red orchre paint onslaught as soon as the Tamiya tape gets here. While going out
  3. Hang in there CC! Just wondering (not wanting to continue the painful memory) if the stitches with the provided kit, or your purchased material, broke more or less. I have no idea why that seems so important when the more important point is that you are doing a great job, and have done well considering having only two hands (and two feet, just saying....). 😃 Good luck soon to be paddler.....
  4. I'm in all the way too! I just happen to be in the process of building Caldercraft's Granado kit with Boxwood, and would just love to have this be my next build if not outside of my capability. Totally stoked!!! Great work, and please keep up the fascinating updates!!!! Where do we send money 😉 Cheers!
  5. I finally received our first John Noble for our place on Roanoke Island, NC. I should note that the picture below isn't it, because I took it to the framers before I took a picture of it. Doh. I got it as an anniversary gift for the Admiral, it is a lithograph of a man in the rigging entitled "Dying in the English Kill", with a unique perspective: My Granado is going slowly but surely, in ebbs and flows, as I attempt to try to understand all the options and approaches available and navigate appropriately. I completed lining (and even un-lining, and relining) the gu
  6. Hi Bob, Thanks again for sharing your knowledge as time permits!! Take care and stay safe. Brian
  7. I'm stunned at what I am looking at. Building the Granado right now, and this just is an awesome visualization to be able to refer to. THANK YOU!!!
  8. Hey Bob, I believe you substituted rigging ropes and fittings extensively in your Granado. It looks soooooooo good, but I also know it led to some issues and rework. I am a long way from starting the rigging on my Granado, but I was wondering if you have reached a final opinion of the value and benefit, and whether you were willing to recommend those substitutions specifically to a newbie like me? Best regards, Brian
  9. So, those sweep ports were intimidating for me to start, but I think they are looking pretty good so far. They are all pretty close to the desired dimensions from the outside; but the inside dimensions still need work due to limited access. I purchased some Tung Oil and some boiled linseed oil to test, is boiled Linseed considered "Danish Oil"?
  10. Joe, your build is one of the gold standards. The quality of your work and of the others is just beautiful, and the Granado is a nice kit in my humble opinion. I found a high resolution image of Clevely's Launch of a 4th Class, that show's the Granado being pulled to Harwich for final rigging. It put's a lot of perspective on the size, as it shows people on deck. The image is captured in high resolution. And, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I am hoping to keep a good pace to ensure completion without sacrificing quality. As I recall, you painted your beautiful boxwood hull.
  11. I have mentioned this before in the log, but I need to emphasize that I have no real experience with acrylic paints. For that reason, I am considering not painting the hull to show the boxwood planking (and perhaps really faint treenails). Still soliciting opinions on this decision, and have gotten some good advice on treenailing from several (thank you D.). However, I think I should use the Red Ochre Admiralty paint on the spirketting and inner bullwark as suggested. I put two coats of grey primer on the walnut spirketting strips, lightly, with a spray can. Whether I needed
  12. So today is the quintessential day for shipbuilding, and I had sweep ports to hack out of the boxwood that I have just CA'd in place. Stern view: View from the bow across marsh grass and bay and here are the sweep ports in the process of being cleared out. Drilled around the perimeter of the sweep port with a 0.5 mm bit until it broke. Due to torque not bend (sigh). These micro drills bits are so dang fragile. Then cleared out the non-drilled with various files and rasp. I am going to buy some auriou or valorbe rasps if I can find them, unless so
  13. This is some beautiful work you are doing. Nice role-modeling (yuck-yuck). I'm here all night.
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