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  1. Well I like the coils, and it is similar to the video of a guy using two metal disks with holes in the middle around a pin in a vice grip with a spring shoving the disks together, and I can get some hard clear plastic as you suggested. Good advice, and again those are great pics you have here of an awesome build. I would love to have that in my home. It is beautiful. The long oars under the launch, are those oars stowed there, and then used out of the sweep ports?
  2. BTW - Your rope coils look good. Do you have a trick for the flat coils for the cannon tackle lines coiled up on deck? They need to be short and sweet (and tight!!).
  3. I was wondering if it wasn't a protective barrier. I never would have guessed hammocks, I was thinking wadding?1? Hammock makes sense, but that canvas better be really strong.... Thanks for schooling me 😃
  4. I'm curious what those white cotton swabish like things are for and what they are called....
  5. You know you have an illness when you freak out with joy when you receive the Granado Part 1 box from China CAFMODEL safe and sound....and....you still have a long way to go to finish the Granado by Caldercraft you are currently working on. I am thinking I should also get the CAFMODEL cross section view to round it all off. I told you it was an illness.
  6. I found these references that my air-conditioning and heating repair person had recommended for nice arm chair book editions for the ship modeler. You have to try and find them at reasonable prices and grab em then if you can. I hope its not impolite to be dropping pictures in peoples build logs like this, but if it is, you or someone should tell me.
  7. Yo Kev, It is looking very nice my good man. Looking at your work makes me remember that I didn't accommodate the oars on my launch so I didn't make the cut outs in the hull. I put the oars on display on the stand as I mentioned before. Your notes about the mast being fabricated from two parts brought that memory back out of no where! I definitely remember all too well that feeling of WTF you get when you see *that* in the instructions. I did follow right along like a lemming over a cliff and attempted to follow along as best I could. So, I stuck a piece of one of the brass nails provided in the kit (that I had cut the head off of) into a hole I drilled into the end of the big section of the mast and glued it in place. Then drilled a hole in the other (abutting) part of the mast and stuck the two together via the common "head-less" nail. Buahahaha. 😃 I need to make some progress on my own build one day! Good luck and calm seas, tight lines BT
  8. So I have to add some encouragement to the build. I think you are doing a good job and have accomplished a lot of detail and craftsmanship. I am excited to see how it turns out in the end, and if you have any specific questions I can try to help (but I am just learning my self). Having recently completed the Bounty's Launch myself, I found myself doing a lot more thinking and reading than I had ever expected. I stained my build some what "uniquely", and the stain bled through just like you said, but I liked the "used" look it gave the interior. I also had to make my own thwarts, and did a few things to break pieces along the way, but persevered to a point where the final result was simply satisfaction enough. I'll never forget staring at the rigging in the instructions, and the mess of fabric, string, and metal hoops in front of me...and wondering how do you start, and when do you pull things tight, and do you glue it and figure it out later....for a week or two. It finally made sense one day and I could picture how to complete the running rigging and then pull everything up at once and into place. It sounds strange to talk about it now, but it just made sense and I could picture it happening in my head. When I finished it and it looked pretty good, I was HOOKED. After all that time and effort, and figuring it out with the help of the forum, it still looked pretty good when I was done with it, and that was a huge success above my original goal to just not total it. I made a Bounty voyage map-base like some one else had done on the forum, and I laced the oars together nicely and placed them decoratively on the base (two sets of 3 oars laced together, one for the front and one for the back of the base, that was my own touch). I'm working on the HMS Granado now, and it is really challenging my basic noobie skills, and I am again loving the steep learning curve....but very slowly....
  9. The young sea officers sheet anchor is absolutely a great book to have at hand when contemplating rigging a model ship.
  10. Well, small steps still count. I finished the stern vents, but they still need to be cleaned up and the lines adjusted a little. The transom relief is just tacked on with blutak, just begging me to mess it up with some paint.
  11. Welcome aboard MSW. That is an extremely nice first build and I I believe it would be nice to have your pictures showing the techniques and process you applied to arrive at the final whaleboat available for others to reference. Looking forward to seeing your next build log as well. It looks like you will be right at home here!
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