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  1. Welcome aboard. I am relatively new to this site as well. I did some model ships a couple of decades ago but got distracted with life. I came back at the start of Covid as I was spending more time at home and have come back to the hobby with a passion. I forgot how much I love this hobby.
  2. I love Humboldt country. I regularly drive up to the Avenue of the Giants and on to Prairie Creek State park. I love it up there.
  3. The Long Boat is getting better. I did some re-work. I am still compromising some standards but it is still nice. One thing that I think caught me off guard is the scale is 1:24 and that is pretty small and perhaps in some ways hence harder to work with. Things that I regret and will do better on the next ship Have more patience Use less Cyano Acrylic and more wood glue. The Cyano Acrylic stains the wood and it looks awful. Take deep long breaths and relax more Read the directions cover to cover before starting. Relax more. Have patience Alignment of the Hull is essential to good planking and subsequent work. Take the time to make sure things are properly aligned. You patience will be rewarded. It isn't a sprint. It is a marathon. Have patience. Read more about the definitions. Learn what a rabbit line is, things like this all of which will come in time. I will say this. I am having so much fun. -D
  4. Looking wonderful. And I actually like the look of the nails but the tones and craftsmanship look wonderful. I have completed a couple of ships (really begginer kits and 1 intermediate) about 20 years ago but have started anew. Looks like you are doing wonderful work.
  5. I certainly don't think of San Francisco as Southern California but maybe that is because I was raised in the Bay Area and now live in the Greater Los Angeles area. I think most (or at least me) consider San Francisco as really the southern part of Northern California.
  6. I so want to visit down under. Hope you are all safe and sound. But visiting your continent is a life dream I want to make a higher priority.
  7. Greetings everyone. I hope everyone and your family's are healthy and safe during these crazy times. I used to do model ship kits about 2 decades ago. I have only ever done up to intermediate work of marginal skill and quality. Mostly smaller kits like Viking Ships but I did complete the Blue Nose II with full rigging. With spending more time at home (although still fully explored thankfully) I am starting to spend time doing some model work again. Model Slipways opened up for business and I decided to take rather severe advantage of their back in business sale and so now have enough kits to keep me occupied for the next 2 years easy. So for my first project I am working on the 18th Century Long Boat MS1457 at 1/24 scale. I am doing some good things but making many poor choices as well where wish I had read and taken more time to read the directions more thoroughly before making some choices. That being said it is so much fun and rewarding to see the long boat start to take shape. The point of starting with a beginner kit is to work out some of the kinks and remind myself of the lost skills, etc. It is looking like this hobby has come a long way in the last couple of decades and I am really excited to improve my skills and see what others are working on. Enclosed is a picture (to be honest I am somewhat embarrassed with the quality) but I am having so much fun I just have to post it. The painting and such is to my liking at this time rather then a true re-creation. I will post more pictures in the proper forum section as things progress but I think this constitutes a fair greeting. You will note that I am using some customer Oak wood for planing and choose to go with brass as I didn't want to paint the items and I don't have the chemicals (yet!) to properly blacken the items. Cheers and take care. -Devin

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