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  1. Hi all it's time for a update! Before placing the Fife rail at the main mast, I looked at the instructions and saw that I had placed the wrong Fife rail at the foremast. With a little prying, the Fife rail came loose and I was able to glue the correct fife rail in place Had to glue the 2 missing railings on the banister. Finally I started with the rigging of the cannons on the aft deck And it was time to glue them in place This one is finished, 15 m
  2. Thank you for the nice words James. I'm also happy with the result so far. 😀 I follow your build and think your Hermione will be at least as beautiful. 😀 Regards Peter
  3. Hi All, After a few attempts, i succeeded to install the banisters. With textile glue I was able to glue the nets around the railing. For installing the railing I have drilled holes in the deck and cap rail. (which is a lot firmer than just a glue joint) Also placed the last hand railing and ship bell. Will be continued. Thanks for the views and thumbs up. Regards Peter
  4. Thanks Sjors, Then I'll leave the gun rigging as it is and go on with the deck furniture. Regards Peter
  5. Hi all, I'm back from a little break. The last weeks I spent a bit more time on my condition rather than building the Hermione. Last week i started to rig the guns, which is not finished. The guns are so small that the rigging blocks seem to be out of proportion. (The result looked a bit silly) So I have to think for another way to rig the guns. I have installed the fife rails, mounted the stairs, railing and fitted the belaying pins . I will work my way down to the aft. Stay safe and well Peter
  6. Hello Sjors, Yes, I know it was a joke but I like to play along with it. I have seen your ships and tools and know that with your experience you will finish these ship boats faster than me, and possibly a bit neater. But that is the advantage of experience and knowledge. You funny guy😁 My regards to Anja, Peter
  7. Sjors, Put everything in a box together with the instructions and let me know when you come my way. Peter
  8. Hi Sjors, Thanks for the compliment. Question: Are you patient enough to let me build your lifeboats. This lifeboat was the first one I made and took me about a week. 😁 Kind regards, Peter
  9. Hi all, Time for a little update! While waiting for a delivery of materials for the rigging of the guns i spend some time on the rudder and the first life boat. Although the lifeboat is not quite ready yet, I am reasonably satisfied with the result. Yesterday the material arrived by courier and I can continue to rig the guns. Up to the next update. Regards Peter
  10. Hi Sjors, It's seems like you are finished before Christmas. Great rigging so far. Regards Peter
  11. Hi all, The capstan is sawn through, shortened and glued together. After some puzzling, sawing and sanding this is what I was able to make of the gratings. RussR, you're right for what you can make of it with a different mindset.😏 Finally, all the pin rails are made, drilled, painted and trimmed with belaying pins. Regards Peter
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