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  1. Hi Sjors, I'm Fine, thanks for asking. I started this week and made some progression. I will post an update tonight when I'm finished with painting the parts. Regards Peter
  2. Despite the smaller size of this boat, the satisfaction will be just as great. Doing a great job Sjors Regards Peter
  3. Hi Udo, Nice start so far, i will follow your progress with interest. Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Sjors, Yes I'm also glad happy that I'm back at home just before the second Corona wave. Getting slowly fitter every day, who know I'm running the marathon next year­čĄ¬ Just kidding, starting back at the work will be fine enough for me. About the Proxxon standard, Can you tell me what the inner diameter is? The Dremel is approx 20 mm. Regards Peter
  5. HI All, @RussR; Thank you for the compliment on the hull. Choosing for the belaying pins created already a challenge on it's own. The plywood of the pin-rails is breaking during boring out the holes from 0.8 up to 1 mm. I decided the replace the fragile plywood for real wood and make the pin-rails for scrap. The drill and drill press i used wasn't what i expected from it so i had to find a solution for it, which i did and it's working perfectly for the moment. @Sjors, Yes I'm back from the hospital. The operation was successful so that I can no
  6. I remembered that I had a drill stand in the basement including a Bosch drill that goes with it. Without any problems, the 0.3 mm fitted into the drill head. It's not perfect but it will do for the moment. I placed the drill standard on the table, placed it wrong and before i knew what happened the standard fell on the Hermione. Me stupido! Fortunately the damage was not too bad afterwards and easy to restore. Tomorrow I will start drilling the holes in the pin rails again. Peter
  7. Thank you Sjors for the nice words. I appreciate that! SFG, not too serious I hope. Can you imagine the looks on the faces when they see us waving in front of the window. They probably send us straight to the Delta hospital in Rhoon where we can talk about shipbuilding and models while enjoying a cup of coffee. Kind regards, Peter
  8. HI Sjors, I want to buy one in the future as well, but at the moment I have been home sick for a year now, which has cost me quite some money. But, What's in the barrel doesn't acidify. ­čśü Next Thursday I will be admitted to the Erasmus Hospital for a recovery operation on my heart valve. The operation and recovery is my first priority, after that I'll see. Peter
  9. Hi all, A tiny update: I started to install the pin rials onto the bulwark's. From the start of the build i decided to replace the by AL kit included belaying pins, (brass or coper wire) which is looking cheap and crappy. During the assembly of the pin rails and fitting the belaying pins it appeared that the pin holes were too narrow. Because of this I had to drill the pin holes as well as adjusting the thickness of belaying pins. Drilling the first pin rail wasn't a problem but from the second pin rail it wend wrong, Again it happened that the fragile plywo
  10. Hi all, and welcome, Today it was time to assemble the guns when the Admiral asked me if the guns could be coated with a layer of varnish for a soft sheen. Instead I used the Dremel (felt disc and a brush) to remove the dull layer. Although I liked the dull layer I have to admit that the result was great. There are many more details visible making the guns seem more authentic. During the assembly of the first group of guns i had allot of problems glueing on the plates that locking the guns onto the gun carriage. The locking plates released again and again wit
  11. Hi Matt, This liquid is often used in shooting sports, where one applies the liquid with a cotton ball to the barrel of (for example) an air rifle. The liquid colours the metal deep black again. You can also use it for messing and silver. For blackening coper i use Ballistol Nerofor. Same principle and result. Regards Peter
  12. Hi Drazen, Clous van Mechechelen is a Dutch caberetier, composer, musician and songwriter.He studied clarinet at the conservatory with piano as a minor, and toured Europe with jazz and Latin groups. From 1965 Van Mechelen worked with Paul Huf on commercials for Peter Stuyvesant- , Pall Mall sigarettes and Grolsch beer, among others. Van Mechelen wrote the music for these, and especially the Grolsch music has become very well known. Paul Huf: "Everyone thought that was Vivaldi, but it was Van Mechelen. And I will certainly enjoy my beer, take one from me.
  13. Sjors, I understand your worries, your budget will be considerably less if you go against the admiral. I'm experiencing the same problems Regards Peter
  14. Hi Drazen, While going through your build log I immediately thought of an old beer advertisement and the sweet sounds of Clous van Mechechelen (composer) "Craftsmanship is mastery". What a beautiful build! Regards Peter
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