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  1. Hi all. Still waiting for the materials to be delivered but in the meanwhile i have a minor update. The bending of the eye bolts and eye-bolts with rings wasn't entirely for nothing! I've drilled the holes to attach the hooks and eye-bolts on the inner hull and the planking on the second deck. On the upcoming photo of the Hermione you can see that the number of deck planks is the same everywhere and follows the contours of the hull. (Sb/Ps) This means that the planks from mid-ships are tapered towards the stem and the stern. Again, I will deviate from Artesania's instructions. Correct my if I'm wrong, but, by dividing the deck into strips, I will use the planking fan to determine the degree of tapering. I'm now working on a 1:1 drawing of the deck. Until the ordered materials are delivered I can't rig the guns and have to wait before I can plank the deck. Luckily I can still go ahead with making guns, (main deck) longboats, capstan, cap rails etc. BTW, Thanks for the likes and views! Cheers from the sunny Netherlands, Peter
  2. Hi all, welcome back to my build log, It’s been more than a week since the last update, but I made some progression. I made a jig to drill holes for the eye bolts that will be used for rigging the guns at the cannon deck. Although from above there won't be much to see how the guns are rigged, I think the rigging according to Artesania's instructions is just a bit too simple. On the internet I found a picture of how the guns of the Hermione are rigged. For me the choice was quickly made, now I had to find the right materials to make the rigging from waste. To bend eyebolts and hooks I used the core of a signal cable (0.8 mm). After bending the eye bolts and the hooks, I checked whether the proportions corresponded to the size of the guns. to my horror, I saw that I could start bending again. with a smaller inner diameter the hooks and eye bolt's looked a little better but still not in proportion. Meanwhile I have been bending for about 1.5 days for nothing. So I ordered eye bolts of 0.5 mm thick and 3 mm rigging block via the internet. Which will be delivered next Thursday. I glued wooden strips to the inner side of the gun ports and prepared the hull for the final layer of paint. I glued the aft main deck in place. Near the bow and mid-ship I raised the railing Planked the bulwark and cut out the gun ports. The blue strake just needs to be coated with a final layer. The bulwark is painted red. On the second deck the deck hatches are glued in place. At main deck the inner sides of the gun ports are painted red. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi all, Made some progression with the second deck. I made a jig for gluing all the hanging knees at the same height and glued them to the inner hull. After this the hull could be painted red. Also the skirting boards are now in place. Tuesday I received the chemicals for the blackening the iron and brass parts by mail. I removed the casting seams from the guns with a file, degreased and blackened the cannons and brass parts and fitted them finally together on the gun carriage. Also the deck hatches are fitted with blackened brass rings and temporary dry-fit on the second deck. Despite some small mistakes, I am very satisfied with the result. Fortunately, the mistakes are easy to correct. Regards, Peter
  4. As I'm Dutch, if you need some translation from this build log, I can translate the important phrases. B.t.w. your build of the Batavia looks great so far. Regards, Peter
  5. Gorgeous deck planking, Ilhan! Peter
  6. Hi all, Time for an update on my progress, Spend a lot of time to paint the hull Painting remains tricky but fun to do Regards Peter
  7. Hi David, The paint in combination with the colour of the walnut gives the Batavia just that little bit extra. Regards, Peter
  8. Hi David, Because the Batavia is on my wish list, I've grabbed a chair to follow your progress, and from your speed of building, I understand that you have fun building the Batavia.😀 Excellent job for so far Regards, Peter
  9. Hi all, A small update At second deck, the inside of the hull is planked now. The hull is coated with one layer of white paint, another layer of white paint and then I can apply the other colours. While drying I had the time to make and paint the guns and hatches for the second deck. The liquid for blackening the guns and copper parts on the hatches has been ordered but not yet delivered. Though patience is not my strongest point, for the time being I can still manage. The 3 mm. plywood crumbles during the assembly of the wheels on the axels of the guns. After treatment of the plywood with a filling liquid the problem was solved. That’s all for now! Regards from a sunny Netherlands, Peter
  10. @ Tom E, thanks for your compliment. @Dutchman, also thanks for your compliment. But to be honest, I must confess that the planking of the hull wasn't without a struggle. (indeed single planking) If you follow Artesania Latina's instruction, which I did, you'll soon get into trouble. To be able to follow the strokes that already glued on the hull you have to bend the wood on a certain point into an unnatural shape. The amount of planking (134 pcs. 2x5x300 mm) for the hull is minimal and leaves no room for error. It is almost impossible to plank the entire hull with 2 planks in one stroke. (600 mm) To plank the hull in an acceptable way I threw away the Artesania instructions and continued according to the tutorials I found here on MSW. I would like to thank the authors of these tutorials for the work they have put into this. 😀 Through the use of drop planks, stealers and a lot of tapering I managed to finish the hull. The fillers, sanding and paint will cover the rest of the mistakes i made as beginner. Guess that i still have to learn a lot. 🙂 Peter
  11. Hi all, A small update on the construction of the Hermione. While measuring the gun ports I found out that I've been a bit too enthusiastic about cutting out the gun ports. I had to repair 2 gun ports on the port side. Fortunately, you won't see anything here once the hull is painted. After some sanding, the hull looks a lot better On pictures of Hermione I saw that the first deck is supported by hanging knees, which looks a lot more realistic. Decided to remove the bulk heads and replace them for hanging knee pieces. With a half-wood L joint I can cut out the hanging knees properly. Now that I've finished the template for the hanging knee I can do all the knee pieces at once. After applying a layer of black primer and the first layer of red paint. In the meantime, I applied a layer of filler to the hull and sanded it. More filler and sanding The sanding dust has yet to be removed but the hull is ready to be painted. That's all for now. Stay safe and well, Peter
  12. Thank you Chris, in general I have nothing to complain about the quality of the kit. unfortunately the planking wood is of less quality. During planking, some planks broke without any reason. BTW, Harderwijk isn't that far from here. Stay safe and well Peter
  13. Since I have been building for 4 weeks I will give a short impression until today, then I will try to keep the build log more up to date. Dry fitting of al the part, no problems appeared started to glue all the bulkheads in place. Didn't had a smaller clamp but it's working fine The parts at the stern. At the bow The stiffeners in place Dry fit of the gun deck after adjustments Gun deck is planked and main deck adjusted. Finally started to fit the first planking Forgot to make some pictures during planking. First eight strakes from the wale up to the bulwark on both sides, also the gun ports cut out. Rubber bands to keep the stern castle in place while the glue dries I just finished planking and found out that I forgot to take pictures again. The stem, false keel and stern post are fitted and glued in place. Made some adjustments on the hull for placement of the ornaments under the quarter gallery . Ornaments held in place with double-folded masking tape So far the update, Stay safe and well Peter
  14. Hi all, About a month ago I received the construction kit for my second ship by post. I finished my first ship, the President Scale 1:60 Sergal kit, for about two months now and couldn't wait to start a new ship. After some searching I finally chose the frigate "L 'Hermione La Fayette". Although I would normally not choose to fully paint the hull, in this case I think it has something. Due to my enthusiasm while building, I forget to open a ship build log, but, better late than never! What's in the box! Unfortunately no 1: 1 drawing for the exact measurements T Everything is neatly packed Sails After checking the parts, it appears that a strip of 6x6 mm is missing, luckily there was still one left from my previous ship. Music in the background, on your marks, let the build begin! 😄
  15. Hi All, Thank you for your warm welcome @ Erniel, Borden & James H, thank you for your comments @ Jasseji. 😁 Hello from the Netherlands Stay safe and well, PeterB010

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