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  1. Hi all, It's been a while since the last update and there's not much movement at the boat slip at the moment. But I have my reasons for that. After recovering from surgery, it was time to get back to work. Now about 3 months ago I found a new challenge with a company that builds luxury yachts up to 140 meters. In addition to my new job, both of my sons have left the parental home so I have spent many hours doing odd jobs and moving. Now that we have more space, I have started to set up a hobby room and hope to start on the boat slip again soon to finish the Hermione. In the meantime, I do have an update on my progress that I had not yet posted due to all the changes over the past few months. I started to build up the masts I'm not fully satisfied with the bowsprit, the tip of the bowsprit is not in line with the rear of the bowsprit. I will redo this part. After bending, soldering and painting the chain-plates is installed mounted them into place at the channels. I also started with the last ships boat. That's all for now folks. Up to the next update😀 Peter
  2. Hi Sjors, Superb work Building with the speed of light. That must be something for the Guinness book of records. My regards to Anja and stay well
  3. Hi Sjors, That's a real big box full of goodies. 😁 Enjoy your build. Regards Peter
  4. Hi all, Nice that you are following this build and visit from time to time. I finally finished the bow section. it took some time and effort to get all the parts of the hull to fit, but now it's done I'm very satisfied with the result. Time to move on to the stern Peter
  5. Hi Sjors, That looks great. I can understand that you're tired of that tinkering. 🤪 Peter
  6. Apparently my eyes are failing me.😁Fooled by the angle of the picture. From this side it's looks great.
  7. Hi James, This looks great, but is the cap rail on starboard side not a little bit to short? When assembling the bowsprit, the cap rail should almost connect to it. Peter
  8. Hi James, The cap rails I made from scrap are following the curve of the bow much better then the cap rails that came with the kit. There a lot of flaws in the design of the Hermione that can be very frustrating. But, if you can solve them the result will be rewarding. Peter
  9. Hi Sjors, Thank you for the nice words and comment. Your right, I took of one channel to see if i could solve the problem by moving the channel a bit more to the bow, or to the stern. I also thought that I had made a mistake and mounted the channel upside down. But no matter what i do, there will always be a shroud blocking the firing line of a cannon. I also checked the instructions and found out that the curse of AL strikes again. This is not the case on the replica of the Hermione Moving the second gun port (and cannon) a bit more to the aft seems solve the problem. But moving the gun port affects the location of the pin rail and the railing on top of the cap rail, and so on. I think that i will glue back the channel and leave it as it is. Most people looking at it will not notice this flaw. Peter
  10. Hi all, a little bit of progress. Made the channels and sheer strake (don't know if this is the right name) and glued them to the hull. I have to touch up the paint work here and there because the glue I use dissolves the paint. Regards Peter
  11. Hi James, Great job. I can see you have a steady hand with painting cap rails. Tip, Check the set of stairs that came with the AL kit. When I wanted to assemble my stairs I found that the stringers had uneven saw cuts. This resulted in a spiral staircase that just didn't look right. I ordered a set of stairs from Amati, which were really a lot nicer than the ones from Artesania Latina. Regards Peter
  12. Hi all it's time for a update! Before placing the Fife rail at the main mast, I looked at the instructions and saw that I had placed the wrong Fife rail at the foremast. With a little prying, the Fife rail came loose and I was able to glue the correct fife rail in place Had to glue the 2 missing railings on the banister. Finally I started with the rigging of the cannons on the aft deck And it was time to glue them in place This one is finished, 15 more to go Ports side is ready, time to do starboard Done I'm also glued the rudder, companionway, boxes and the hen house in place. Now all the deck furniture is in place I started to blackening the false canons. After some brushing I drilled the holes and dry fitted the false canons Will be continued Regards Peter
  13. Thank you for the nice words James. I'm also happy with the result so far. 😀 I follow your build and think your Hermione will be at least as beautiful. 😀 Regards Peter
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