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  1. I acquired two Atesania Latina kits. The Hellen RC which I have finished. This was my first Build and I really enjoyed it. The second AL kit I have is the Amsterdam modern tugboat. The Amsterdam unlike the Hellen was started by the previous owner. This was from an estate sale so the previous owner can’t help me. I have two important parts missing. I need 1 stuffer tube (AL calls it a horn?) the critical dimension is 6mm I.d. ( 0.236” for us Stubborn Americans) For the bronze bearings. And 240mm (9 3/8”) long. Also the rudder shat housing tu
  2. Well, with the lockdown here and my susceptibility (long story) I have been working hard on my Hellen (now Jenny). I only need to do some varnish. Everything on the deck is removable so that won’t be a problem. I just need some warmer weather.
  3. Obviously, I'm new here. I didn't really need another hobby but my sister-in-law gave me two boats to build a Artesania Latina Hellen and the tug boat Amsterdam. Since the Covid-10 thing I'm staying at home I have a lot of time to build.. I have been working and am almost finished with the Hellen. I'm just waiting for some warmer weather here in Michigan so I can finish painting the hull. So far all I have learned about building model boats is from Youtube but I expect to learn more here. These are not my first boats, I have built a sailboa
  4. Translation differences are really what I thought. This is my first boat kit. I’m not sure what electronics I’ll use. It’s up to my sister-in-law. So far just a 35 year old 05 motor. I hooked it up and it works fine.
  5. Hi all, I’m new here and I also acquired a Hellen from my sister-in-law who got it at an estate sale. Embarrassingly cheap. I have a bit of advice. Question darn near everything in the instructions and verify everything. They can be rather vague and some things are contradicted by the drawings but what the hey, it’s a work boat, a floating truck really. Mine is 95% complete. I just finished the mast, booms and the gaff. I need to varnish and do the rigging next. Oh, and I changed the name to JENNY I’m a big fan of Forest Gump.
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