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  1. Cheers MTaylor; Yeah, the blueprint is still the Bellona, British I believe. Are the beams behind the pin rack support structure? From what I can make out it seems that it is, but there's a lot of parts there and the information sheet is very vague , I asked specifiically about the pin rack cos it looked detached from the walls and roof. As for the ship itself, a couple of new renders: I've switched out the color from the bright yellows to a more overall mute white (similar to Victory here). Seems to look a bit better in this case but I'm
  2. I know interest has dwained a little on this forum, but I have a question. Can someone explain to me what the part below circled is? I can't work out if it's supposed to be part of the ships rigging, or if it's just a support for the roof (as a model)? I'm fairly certain all the other beams are just support cos you're not supposed to see them (being part "107" is supposed to sit on top)
  3. I've spent a bit more time on the quarter galleries; arched out the end windows as they seemed quite common, tweaked out the shape a bit, and started added some decorative elements to it.
  4. I've done a lot more work in the last couple of weeks or so and have implemented a design. I'm pretty sure it'll be met with mixed reactions on here but if you have any (strong) opinions, let me know. Modelling is not completed yet, I still have to do the channels and other small bits and pieces on the side, and obviously all the masts and sails need adding as well. Add the stairways and final fencelines and I think that should probably be it for modelling (unless I've overlooked something.) Here's the latest render: I'm aware that the Ship of the Line
  5. It's been a little while since I've posted on here; I'm still working on this ship but my time is being split between a handful of other projects at the same time so progress is a bit slow. My computer is also struggling to keep up with what I'm throwing at it so I dunno how much further I'll be able to push this model. I want to complete it but I may not be able to animate it until I can get a newer computer. Here's a few renders of the ship from where she is now: All the guns are rigged now so that they can be deployed and retracted and the ports open and
  6. I've modelled a '32 pounder' that'll sit on the bottom deck! I've nicknamed this 'the beast!' The wall in the second photograph is temporary (the grass is just a photograph overlayed the model which is why it looks like it's floating as well). I'm aiming now to shrink the carriage and gun down to meet the size requirements for the middle deck. I'm trying to decide whether to shrink them down a third size for the top gun, or model a dedicated carronade for the top deck. Looking at the ship plans, I'm not dreading them masts and sales as much as I was because
  7. Thanks for your comments. I've spent more time than I would've liked on the quarter galleries and just want to move on with the rest of the ship, but the Bellona was a base-mesh. It was used as a general guide but I'm certainly not constricting myself to it. That said, I wanted to build a balcony similar to what's found here:
  8. I know it's only been a few days since my last post, but there's been some significant progress. Retopologised the gun-ports and squared them out correctly Guns ports have been installed (portside only for now, working on the other side as I speak) They're rigged so that they can be opened at will Rear quarter galleries have had further tweaking and development I've readjusted the 'rear tansom' part of the ship, I'm hoping it now meets closer expectations (also hoping I've got the correct part of the vessel!) I've reshaped the center wal
  9. I'm hoping to start building the top-side stuff shortly, but I'm looking for blueprints. Does anyone know where I can find them for the following items?: The steering wheel The cannons themselves (I'm also looking for information about how they were used; how the ropes were used, mounted, etc) The lanterns The bell I have reference images for all of the above, but specifically I'd like to have the measurements if they're available.
  10. Some new updates: I have binned the old quarter galleries and completely rebuilt them! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the backplate, I'm deliberating with either just deleting it completely and trying again with it. Alternatively, just leave it there and decorate it. Right now it just feels sort of 'attached' I want to work a ltitle more of the shape where it starts at the hull. I'm trying to decide whether to try to tweak the shape, or hide the transition with a bit of decoration or something (or both even) I've squared out the gun-ports
  11. I've updated the title of the thread to reflect the ship in use. I have one enquiry about the Quarter Galleries. On Wikipedia, it says that they were sometimes torn from the vessel. Surely that's a dangerous idea for a warship? Battling the enemy in rough weather, then all of a sudden a quarter of the ship is suddenly in the sea. How often (if it really did) did that actually happen?
  12. hi Mark; Like I say, the Wale is set there deliberately. I could make it look historically accurate but it's more work than it's worth for what I'm intending to use it for. I'm not ingoring you deliberately with this one, there's a reason it's like that. You're certainly right though, I've come back to models like this down the line and downright winced. I'm sure this one won't be any different! The stern (well the Quarter Galleries) I'm gonna have another go at. Your word plus another member or two has convinced me it needs doing so I'm gonna have another pass at it, s
  13. Bear in mind that my ship has up to 9 modifiers on 95% of the objects (arrays, curves, edgesharps, subsurfs, etc). I've disabled subsurf on most most of them and turned on wireframe for most visible objects (that way the model isn't littered with lines). Some of the objects will look a little disjointed though. Creating wireframes for my models is never easy, but I hope you like this one. I do try to keep my poly-count low, my workflow essentially prioritises creating the general shape, and then letting modifiers (and lattices in places in this example) to create the rest of th
  14. Haha, it seems I'm a little outvoted with the Quarter Galleries! I'll try to have another go at them (it's the sides that seem to have the most issues so I might work with what I have, I'll have to see). Like I say, I'm not that unhappy with how they are now, but I'll see if I can make something better with a second pass on them. I'm intending to turn this into an animation, I'm not sure if I've already said this. I'm just hoping my shabby computer can handle it! I'll post more specific details if anyone is interested in such down the line. I know, but like I say th
  15. Okay, some updates. Mark; I have tried to take your pointers onboard and make adjustments where I could. The majority of your complaints seem to be the general shape of the vessel so I've spent time trying to rejig it. I do have responses to your notes though first. [ Remedied ] Rudder has been reshaped. [ Remedied ] I have completely reshaped the rear of the hull (though I don't think you will see it that well in this particular image cos of the soft-lighting the software uses, but I'll post a wireframe and a render for closer inspection if necessary.) [ Rem
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