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  1. I'm still very new at this so I'm trying to understand why the kit doesn't show adding the cannon inhaul tackle on the main deck cannons. There is an eye added on the back of the cannon carriage where it would attach but it's left empty. Would it make things look too cluttered maybe? It would require adding an eye to the deck for each cannon and then two blocks similar to the outhaul tackle but as I imagine it, it seems like it would look good. The blocks to accomplish this aren't included but that's a minor issue, easily resolved so it boils down more to a matter to me of how it would look. I
  2. Gallery Arches: For some reason the supplied gallery arches just didn't look right to me, just clunky so I decided to see what I could do. After experimenting with some similar pieces cut from scrap I thought I could leave them square for a bit and then round everything out to make them look like a curved column. Wasn't as time consuming as I thought it might be, I just trimmed the edges with the knife and then worked them with rough and then fine sandpaper till they were fairly round. I was also convinced that staining them wouldn't look that good due to the way the grain is one w
  3. Just working on adding all the exterior and deck details after getting the 1x2mm wood I ordered. Interestingly enough the 1x2 Walnut I received was a slightly different size than the 1x2 that came with the ship. It seemed more like 1.1x2.1 but that was easy to sand down if I needed to match existing work and I'd much rather have it slightly big than slightly small. Everything has gone pretty much as expected and per the instructions, I've made some very minor changes in the interest of making things look better to me. I think I'm going to finish the deck details, maybe not gluing t
  4. Jeff, that is great advice. Thank you very much. FYI, your build looks great and has been an inspiration to me.
  5. I have a bit of confusion and a question I'm hoping someone can give me direction or an answer. On the diagram showing the top down view of the ship and where components should be located it shows at least 56 locations for the larger eyebolt, part 228, but there are only 36 in the kit. There are lots of smaller eyebolts, piece 227, so I'm guessing that some of the ones marked 228 will have to be 227's but which ones? Looking at it from a rigging standpoint none of them stand out at needing the bigger eyebolt, probably to someone with more experience it's obvious but I have no clue.
  6. Just plugging along working on the details of the sides plus I've started on the bow and stern pieces. Everything is pretty much going according to plans, I just have lots of clean up on the gunports, railings etc. I decided not to paint the scroll work on the bow pieces just like I didn't on the stern badge, it just seemed like I'd lose too much detail. One place where I had to really fix things up was the main deck gunports. Since I had a gap in the side pieces to make everything fit at the bow and stern the windows didn't line up with the side paneling that goes on the deck sid
  7. Side Details and Decoration: I've been working on one side, I haven't touched the other side yet and everything is going pretty much as planned. The paper patterns add an incredible touch of detail to the kit and look amazing. I am running low on 1x2mm walnut but that's my fault. I've added some in places where the instructions don't call for it and if I have two pieces that don't fit together as well as I'd like then I just slap some 1x2 in there to cover the fault. I still have some more work to do on the first side but thought I'd post progress. I've ordered some more 1x2 and ho
  8. Deck Sides, Lower Wales and breaking things: I've almost finished the interior sides of the decks and pieces that go inside. Everything has been straightforward except I don't have a way to bend the 1x2mm strips to the curves on the final stern bulkhead yet. I've experimented with some things like soaking in hot water and just gluing and forcing and nothing has worked yet, I may try the soldering iron method next. The curves on this piece are significantly greater than the others and I'll just have to keep experimenting till I find something that works for me. Painted
  9. Sides Installation and planking: After getting the 4 bulkheads in place I started working on the sides. There was a lot of small adjustments to be made to get the best fit I could and there's about a 1.5-2mm gap horizontally between the two side pieces in what seems like the correct positions for them to me but I've decided to go with that. I suspect that this is at least part of the reason why the provided 5mm strips weren't long enough to cover bow to stern without splicing, in several places it's just the tiniest bit short so the extra length and possibly a bit of extra width wh
  10. Attaching Bulkheads: I've glued on the 4 bulkheads, started working on the pieces that attach to the sides of the bulkheads and started test fitting the sides and making the adjustments that I'll have to do for them to fit properly. Everything is going pretty much to plan and I'm really enjoying this part of the build as things start to come together. As I've been test fitting the sides I have wanted to see how the last stern bulkhead will fit together with the sides so I've started working on it and as I do more test fittings I'll decide if I want to glue it in place b
  11. Second bulkhead and paper touch up: Finished the second bulkhead just like the first but one thing I did discover that might be useful to others is a way to touch up the paper patterns if you get a slight flaw, which was always a white or lighter spot than the rest. I have had a couple of very small white spots show up in the patterns where I tried to remove some glue that had dried too much. The only colors I've had to do that in were the red and the green but I had the advantage of a full set of color Prismacolor pens so I thought I'd see if I could touch them up, they were very
  12. Bow Bulkhead decoration and door: The bulkhead was a challenge, mostly gluing the wood strips across the face. The curve required, especially in the top two, made getting them in place and holding them while the glue dried tough. I tried wood and CA glue but the CA glue attempt popped off with just a touch after I had it on so I went with wood glue, it gives more time to get things in the proper place but have to balance getting enough glue to hold it in place without getting so much that it oozes out everywhere on the sides causing cosmetic issues. I did find that any small blobs
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the metal, if I decide I want something there I'll probably do a plastic sheet which I've done before. The holes are tiny enough on this window that I don't thing having something there is a big deal although maybe I'll think differently as more of it comes together.
  14. Thanks for the idea on the windows, no idea something like that existed. The frames are metal but I think it would work the same way. I'm not sure I could even get to those windows without tearing some things apart but I'll give it some consideration.
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