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  1. Welcome to the group from down under in Canberra, Australia.
  2. And I should add....sometimes frustrating...but very satisfying in the end.
  3. Welcome Thomas from way down under in Canberra, Australia. Enjoy your ship building, it is a very mindful experience.
  4. Hi Daniel, welcome to the group. Mike from Aus.
  5. Welcome Andre, great place to start.....kinda did the same, but it was my model.....started...left it...started....forgot it......then got engaged and loved it. Welcome from down under (Canberra Aus). Visited your part of the world two years ago, great place.
  6. Bienvenido a este grupo, todos disfrutamos de este maravilloso hobby y el espíritu de compañerismo. Hope that went OK through Google Translate........in short.......Welcome from down under in Canberra, Australia.
  7. Welcome Daniel from way down under in Canberra, Australia.
  8. Welcome Patrick, lovely to see a new member. Like you, now recently retired and very much enjoying a new hobby. Good luck and great success. Mike from Canberra, Australia.
  9. Welcome Clark from down under in Canberra, Australia. Finally warming up down here after a cold winter...but that has left lots of time for building...good luck.
  10. Welcome to the group from down under in Canberra, Australia.
  11. Hello Per and welcome from a long way away in Australia. But, although I have never visited your country it is strong in my heritage with both grand parents being Danish. My grandfather came to Australia around 110 years ago and was a leading figure in the Danish Club. I am also 65 years old. But the similarities end there, your work is fantastic and I am on my third model. Love your work, well done. You wish welcome from ‘sunny Denmark’.... where I live in Canberra is usually sunny, and can be very hot, but this nearby hills last week...looks more like Europe?
  12. Hi Jackie Warm welcome to the forum from Canberra, Australia. Good luck with your new hobby. Australia is usually pretty hot but last week looked a bit like Canada so a good week to work on my scratch build cross section. Mike
  13. Welcome Guy, sorry that you are in poor health at the moment, ship modelling is a fantastic way to take your mind into happy and relaxing...sometimes frustrating...places. Good luck and enjoy. Mike from Aus.
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