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  1. Hi Yves- Yes! Fortunately my wife has a Cricut which can be used to cut just about any shape from a thin acetate sheet! Just need to find a propeller shape and scale it (wwaayyyy) down to fit inside the tube!
  2. Day 6 Progress Photo! I'm glad I used a copper tube to depict the bow thruster as it is very easy to file down to match the contour of the underwater observation chamber! Literally took 10 minutes using a set of micro rasp files to get the shape I wanted! BTW - The bow thruster is a bit forward of where the photos show as I used the bow of the hull as my reference point. The copper tube actually touches but does not go through the bow. That took drilling a small pilot hole to find where the bow actually is inside of the observation chamber and adjusting accordingly.
  3. Day 5 Progress Photo! Got back to the build today! I installed the observation port on the bow AND I figured out a way to add the infamous bow thruster! Found some 3/16" diameter copper tubing and viola! it was the perfect size! Drilled through the underwater observation chamber as close to where I believe the thrusters are based on the photos found on the internet and cut the tubing to length. Next I'm going to file/shape the tubing to match the profile of the underwater observation chamber. Once that's done I'll ask the wife to cut a propeller shape out of thin aceta
  4. Thank you Don! This build is certainly one that has been a lot of fun so far! Fuji
  5. Day 4 Progress Photo! Spent the day drilling the holes for the Underwater Observation Chamber portholes! Measured the hole locations twice then drilled a 1/16" pilot hole. Was expecting the holes drilled on the seam for the upper, lower, and center porthole to split the glued seam so I wasn't surprised when that happened! Once I was happy with the pilot hole placements I drilled a 3/16" hole using the REVERSE direction of my drill to minimize the grab of the drill bit. Once those holes were drilled I used a micro round file to file off the excess
  6. Day 3 Progress Photo! After cutting, sanding, filing, sanding some more (and yes a little cussing!) I finally attached the underwater observation chamber to the bow! The gluing of the two halves of the chamber was a little difficult (or maybe I made it more difficult!) as I glued them together before attaching the chamber as a single unit to the hull. The fit wasn't as smooth or easy as I thought it should be. I ended up using a dowel wrapped in fine grit sandpaper to sand the opening where it attaches to the hull until getting a satisfactory fit.
  7. I did a bit of research and found specifications for what used to be the Hughes 300C helicopter. I'm thinking about scratch building new main and tail rotors using the excess ABS cut away from the hull to scale based on the attached specifications. Fuji Hughes 300C.pdf
  8. Hi Bob- This will be a static model. I've already decided this will be a new family heirloom! LOL! Fuji
  9. Hi Bob- Yes I agree! Since this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime model for me I want to make it as accurate as possible! Fuji
  10. So I've started looking ahead and noticed the diving saucer included in this kit is lacking some detail. Fortunately in my "past life" I used to build models while working at an worldwide engineering company. So when I noticed the model version of the diving saucers excludes the maneuvering nozzles I immediately thought of using insulated solid wire and tapering the end of the wire to mimic the jet nozzle. Sounds easy peasy but the truth will be in the modeling when I get there! Fuji
  11. Day 2 progress photo! I've completed trimming the ABS hull and am in the process of sanding down the imperfections. Since the instructions shows to leave 3mm from the outside of the hull to the edge of the trimmed ABS for the upper-fore portion of the hull I decided to just score along the "corner" of the excess trim and remove the ABS above the score line. As the saying goes... "Measure twice... cut once!" or in my case "Better to undercut and sand later than overcut and fill later!" Having fun so far! Thank you all who will be follo
  12. Hi Yves- Thank you for the photos! They are awesome and quite detailed! Based on the photo I believe the port for the bow thruster is just about the same diameter of the "frame" of the underwater observation chamber viewport. I'll have to eyeball it once the observation chamber is installed so I don't undermine the structural integrity of the chamber by making the bow thruster port too large. More to come! Fuji
  13. Hi Yves- Thought about making the Calypso a RC build but decided against it. Thank you for the suggestion though! Fuji
  14. Has anyone noticed the bow thruster on the Calypso and if so, also included the bow thruster on their build of the 1:45 Billing Boats Calypso? I'm researching ways to add it to my build and I have a few ideas, one of which is to drill through the underwater observation chamber and inserting a small diameter PVC tube with a small prop scavenged from another model kit. Would also add a small screen on both sides using aluminum window screen material painted the same tone of red as the hull.
  15. Wow! Beautiful build nunnehi! I'm getting ready to also build the Billing Boats 1:45 scale Calypso and I hope my model will come out half as beautiful as yours! If you don't mind me asking... how did you do the porthole and underwater observation port glass? Did you use thin clear acetate cut to shape and glue from behind or did you use something else? Thank you in advance!
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