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  1. hi Keith, thanks a lot for your comment, i had some problems with the handrails, very difficult for me to take the curve and they are not very well placed, but with a lot of sandpaper it looks better hehehe. I'm thinking about to follow with the metal plating of the bow and painting all and finish all the hull before start with small pieces above the deck. Are you starting with the wiring? i think all the wire between the hull and the masts it's going to be a lot of fun 😅, i my first model only a few wires was not very difficult to fix it tight but in this model, uffff 😭 i think al
  2. hi all good afternoon, working a bit on the kit, all wood work is finished, some pictures of the stern. I'm not happy with the handrail, not well finished, i'll try to fill with something to avoid gaps before final painting... i've made the windows of the stern with a pattern bubbles finded in internet and printed with a laser printer; quickly and easy but sure it's better to use a more noble material hahaha. With the vernish i think it'll be better. thanks a lot for your comments and regards, take care!
  3. ok i'm seeing the size of the crew boats from Master Korabel, a bit smaller of supplied in the kit but no problem. A looot of work in very small size, i think your boats will be more tricky than the Terror. I need to think about it, very nice boats but i'm not sure about my capabilities... 🤨 best regards !! UPDATE: i'm seeing the photos of Keith S, with the master korabel boat above the Terror, i want it!!! i'll try to find it in Spain 🤣🤣
  4. hi Broden good afternoon, your deck boats are veeery nice, i love it! i'll search it, you're correct the supplied boats are very bad (well, not complicated, according to the kit level..), thanks for the addition. At this moment i'm varnishing the model, prior to apply the black/white final pattern. The wood looks so gooood! 😊 here in Barcelona the weather are nice all year, but my job is from 8:00AM to 18:00PM and later i must to make additional IT courses... so my model will not be finished to next summer, with luck! be careful with the covid i think we'll be stuck wit
  5. hi Broden, i'm seeing your pictures and i like it a lot! the planks are fine finished, no gaps and the "belly" is well finished too, very clean the wood, well done! i know the problem is in the bow as myself, it's tricky to fix the planks with the glue and avoid the raises, i have not enough fingers hahaha. I used with the last planks a mask tape (i'm not sure if it's the correct word i'll put a photo), i think we're making a good job for our first kits 😊 i'm making the ice protections, not very difficult. I've protected the thin second plank layer with tap
  6. Hi Paul, Welcome to our Terror fleet!! About the printed instructions not worry you can find a useful videos at occremania.com, you can see step by step the construction of complete model Regards and be Happy with your ship! 🤗
  7. hi broden, good planking well done! the sanding are leaving it as smooth as needed... The second plank for me was a big problem, you know the planks are too thiin, i'm not very satisfied with it, but the black paint will cover all... Also i'm seeing your paint choice, i really like the brown one but maybe you'll see the wood filler under it.. and two layers of brown and one layer of black?? I'm using chalk paint, first of all i need to varnish all the hull and the chalk paint above it will leave their characteristic pattern; maybe it'll be good choice or an impressive e
  8. Whooohh very very nice finish, well done!! You're running quickly with your model 😃
  9. for me, the best way to curve the planks is put it above boling water 15-20 min, for this purpose the grill of the oven is perfect (i'm retired the cover for the photo) and later curve it with the electric solder
  10. hi all and good morning! some photos of the ice protectors, i thought it would be difficult but this side has been easy. I'm understand the clearway comment about the large amount of wood need to be removed here 😅 thanks a lot for your comments and regards,
  11. hehehe i'm seeing the hand drawing of Keith S, with my first model my brain exploded trying to curve a simple straight piece of wood in a "three-dimensional figure" with three or four curves in all directions 🤣
  12. ahh ok it's true i don't remember it, i've seen your photos (i need to remember the two cms for the ice bumpers), take advantage of the summer! and your real vessel, nice model! sure in winter you'll have a lot of afternoons to retake the Terror. here in Barcelona we have good weather all time (the thermometer not fall under 0ºC), but the sunlight hours are fewer in winter, so i'm taking my ebike all time i can 😊 regards and take care,
  13. oooh i love the Keith model!! and the bow is awesome, you've make the pins marks in the metal plates!! 😭 do you think about black painting the bow, or you will leave it as the picture? i'm thinking to paint the metal tiles but later use the sandpaper in the border of the tiles, or imitating the marks of ice,...
  14. hi Broden, some tips about my own experience 😊 the first plank layer is a bit "heavy" when you are fixing and cutting the first planks, but with a few time you'll be confortable with it. Your objective is cover all the hull, try not leave gaps between the planks, and use the pins without care! the second layer will cover all pins marks, and the pins are the best way to fix in the correct place the plank. You can leave in water the planks but when dry, they will leave gaps; try instead an electric solder and move the dry planks with medium force above the solder. If the planks are "
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