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  1. hi clearway ok i'll see your pictures i think i remember the spider band, maybe i can find it easily! regards and have a good End of the Year celebration!! 🤩🤩
  2. ohhh the metal plating for the bow! in my model i used the supplied plates, but the result was "chunky", very difficult for me to adjust the metal to the wood, additionally the wood must to be perfect to avoid bumps in the metal... so the final result was not very good 🙄😇😇 if the metal plank is thin try to adjust all possible before glue it to the hull, because with the later sanding maybe you lost some part of it, and you'll need to replace some plank (and more sanding later). finally the paint in "weathering fashion" like my model, maybe it's not a good result, chec
  3. hi and Merry Christmas to all!! 🎄🎄🎄🎄 i'm very busy at job at this moment, but in a few spare times i'm following with the model, attached some photos. I stole clearway some additions to the model and this weekend i want to make a sledge for the main lifeboat (thanks a lot for your inspiration!) You can see the six pounds cannon in their final spot (last photo), i'll fix it when the hardware of the bow will be more advanced, it's not very big and in the Occre model this part is empty (more or less..) regards and take care with the covid, we're in the final stages!!
  4. wow, your model looks fiiine!! well done clearway, a lot of added (upgraded) details, i like to see your pictures! regards and take care, F.
  5. whoooow such beatiful hull, well done! your model appears awesome! 🤩 the second layer planking is simply perfect!! well done Obvious,
  6. sure, it's difficult to find people in person with this hobby hahaha! but don't worry, if you come to BCN again say me something and we can take some beers, 🍺🍻 regards,
  7. hi Michel, this sail is very very close to Albatros kit from Constructo, my first model; if you need info about rigging i can try to scan it and share a Google Drive Sure you're a lot more experienced builder, i only speak some simple comments about ropes, strengh, etc; for my experience, all ropes are working togheter, if you streches a particular rope, maybe other one will remain flaccid; the masts are flexible so the forces are transmitted by the ropes from one mast to the other. For me, the best way is to locate the opposite ropes and forces, and strengh in opposite mode w
  8. hi Jose, greetings from Barcelona! as you can see you're not the only spaniard here! let's try a simple kit if it's your first model! Hola José, saludos desde Barcelona! como puedes ver no eres el único español por aqui! animate y empieza con un kit sencillo si es tu primer modelo! 😄
  9. Ohh you have a good hardware to job, i'm jealous!! 😲🤣🤣 i like the metal finish yo've reached, very rich. I applied vernish and later black chalk paint, when brush it some parts are clean (not bright due to the vernish) an other part in black, for me it's enough I'm working at this moment in the new life boats and i must to retake all deck hardware, but i've no time... good work, regards!
  10. hi all, good night! i just finished a life boat and the two cannons to be added to the Terror, some photos below. About the life boat, i'm very happy with the final result, it's not very complicated and the comparison with the boats included in the kit it's a joke! 🤣, but i understand the manufacturer if they add good stuff, the kit will have a very high cost,.. about the cannons, despite the size seems correct, above the deck they're like big monsters,... i'll use it? i'm not sure at this moment i will wait to finish all deck fourniture and i'll see the impact of the cannons
  11. hi all, good afternoon! i picked today the post box with the new stuff, i show you the items. The cannons are fine i like it, as you can see the carruage (this is the word?) are 2cm long and the barrel 3cm long as expected. The boats are metal but so far better than the provided in the kit, but a lot of work to made it and very small pieces, i'm not sure maybe the boats will fly through the window of my studio hahaha. You can see also the price for the boats (5.95eur p/u) and the cannons (1.65eur p/u with no minimum quantity) best regards and take care!!
  12. Hi all, good night! a lot of days without time to connect the site, i'm veeeery busy at my job at this moment! well, at least i've painted and varnished the hull (attached some photos), i'm not very glad with the bow but i'll not change it. You can see the effect of chalk paint in black and white parts, the paints are very different: the black paint only needs one layer, and white paint three layers and carefull with the sandpaper... the paint dries very quickly and it seems like a very fine dust, it's needed to clean it with wet towels before varnish. Sure it's not the best paint
  13. hi Keith, i agree it, it's difficult to clear our doubts... the Terror was not a war vessel it's clear; but i'm thinking in the captain mind, make a new way in unexplored territories only armed with short guns,... i bet for the cannons hahaha. i like a lot one comment you writed, not all kits must to be made in the same way, i think the same, the differences and personalization are the salt&pepper of this works, regards,
  14. well, i'm thinking my choice from Amati will be the 3cm cannon with wooden carriage, i can buy it locally in Barcelona. It has a very old fashioned armcoat at the top but i'll try to delete it with the Dremel... so i'll buy four of them, are very cheap 🤑 ah another idea to buy, new lifeboats: small, https://store.amatimodel.com/en/small-parts-and-accessories-for-model-making/product-wooden-metal-lifeboats-mm90-b430209.html large, https://store.amatimodel.com/en/small-parts-and-accessories-for-model-making/product-wooden-metal-lifeboats-mm105-b430210.html regar
  15. thanks a lot Daniel!! i was in a mistake with the size of the guns hehehe. So if the scale is 1/75, a 6 pound cannon will made 2.42cm (too small?) or 6 pound long, 3.49cm more or less... but the cannons in the market have standard sizes: 2cm, 3cm, 4cm 🤨 i think Amati has a lot of cannon options. At this moment my doubt is the way to fix the cannon to the hull, i want to fix it like the picture (second option below), but i'm not sure how to fix it to the hull, i only find the picture in this side and sure the ropes must to be attached to the hull in at least three points (i can
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