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  1. Thanks Michael. That is interesting about the top gallant masts. The instructions and picture on the box show it having them. It also has me putting deadeyes in the top “crows nest” to support the shrouds. ????
  2. Woo Hoo, after a long while since I posted last I have reached the highest point of the ship. Top of mainmast. Following the tying of what seemed like 8 million knots I have completed the shrouds and ratlines on the lower section of all three masts, the upper part of the mizzenmast, and the middle section of the mainmast and foremast. Still have the shrouds and ratlines on the top section of both the mainmast and foremast as well as the small one on the end of the bowsprit. Have not had one of these before the Wasa. I did learn very early in the process that at this scale (1/144) the masts are
  3. By the way Backer, the other day I had a long conversation with my daughter and son-in-law remembering their 5 years living in Belgium and our many visits with them! Beautiful country I would love to visit again.
  4. Thanks Backer. I have copied them and going to either print or view digitally. Should be very helpful.
  5. Now on to studying the rigging instructions. I still have upper mast sections to add and upper shrouds and ratlines, but looking ahead to the standing rigging I find the instructions to be limited. On previous builds, especially the Revell USS Constitution, there were entire sections of the instructions devoted to rigging. Almost to the point where each and every rope was diagramed as to where it tied or connected to a block. Airfix’s simply supplied a single picture and chart for determining thread diameter. Based on experience, I can determine which lines in the picture are standing rigging
  6. Well I know it lacks authenticity but this is my application of the life boat. Had some left over oars from previous build. Painted them up. Put in 4 eye bolts. Tied the oars in the boat and then lashed it to the deck. Call it artistic discretion! 😊
  7. Interesting. The Airfix instructions have you attaching the esping above the hatch between the foremast and mainmast. Similar to other ships I have built. Looking at it I thought “I got to set it on something”. So I made and attached to little davits to two of the cross members of the hatch. Then set the esping in the davits. It does look big in comparison to what you might imagine the size of the crew members to be. But in building the model what would you do with it. May have to look at photos from other builders on MSW to see what others have done. Or just live with it as I have it. Again o
  8. Thanks Imagna. Yes I think all is good. A little thyroid cancer scare, but initial results look good. It was a 5 hour set in the car with a little reading and mostly working on my Wasa. I think next I going to paint the lifeboat and fabricate the davits for it (not included in kit). Then move on to some of the lower stay rigging before adding the next mast sections.
  9. Ok. My wife had to have surgery today. As a result of Covid I could not be in hospital so had to wait most of the day in my car in the parking lot. I knew in advance this was going to be the case and that i needed something to occupy me during the wait. Is it wrong that I took my Wasa with me, push my car seat back, and worked on my Wasa while she was in surgery? 😊 Got my cannon port hatches installed while I waited and surprisingly did not drop any down between the seats.
  10. Michael you were absolutely correct. I did have them reversed. I was able to gently pry them off using an exacto knife to cut the “chains” under the channel from the hull side. Then with a little pressure up an down they came lose. I even saved the little assembly pins on the back of the pieces that go into the holes on the hull. Definitely more in line now. Thanks. Sometime it just takes a second set of eyes. I also ultimately decided to go with drilling a small hole in the cannon port covers, running a line through the hole, and tied a knot on the inside (lion head side). I also drilled corr
  11. Michael I am starting to think you are right. Your last picture and my last picture look the same as far as the position. Need to decide if I want to risk damage trying to remove the two pieces or maybe heating the deadeyes and repositioning.
  12. Hummm Michael? I am not sure now. You got me wondering. Here are a couple more pics. The mast is for sure where it goes. Do your’s seem to have this same angle? Definitely want to get this right before I start all the shrouds and ratlines!
  13. Another thing you will need to fabricate Michael is a cradle of sorts for the one lifeboat. The instructions show it positioned on top the main hatch but it there is no included part to set it in.
  14. I originally thought that Michael but then it was worse because they pointed toward the lantern. The way they line up with the mast, the deadeyes should be pointed from about 11:30 to about 10:00 o’clock. If that makes since.
  15. So 866 (but really who is counting🤪) clove hitch knots later I have the lower shrouds and ratlines on the foremast and mainmast! Now to the last mast. On other builds this was called the mizzenmast, not sure about the Wasa. I am using the molded deadeye pieces that came with the kit since the scale is to small to purchase deadeyes for all the upper mast sections and I want it all to be uniform. I have noticed that the deadeyes do not appear to be at the correct angle to line up with masthead so I will need to gently bend them with out breaking to get in more of a natural angle with the shrouds
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