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  1. Dafi I have discovered that I am getting the Heller 1:100 HMS Victory as a Christmas gift! This model has been on my bucket list for some time. Since my discovery I have been reading all the MSW post of builders of this model. Anxious to get started. I will definitely refer to your build for reference and ideas. Would you mind to tell me the dimensions of your completed Victory (length, height, and width)? Even though I know it will take quite a long time to complete it I am already designing the case I am going to make for it, and where I plan to display it while under construction, and aft
  2. Do any of my fellow modelers on this fantastic site that have built, or are currently building, the Heller 1/100 HMS Victory know the dimensions of the completed model? I could sure use help knowing the total length, height, and width. I assume the greatest width would be the bottom yard on the main mast. I can take the measurements in inches or metric. Which ever you may know. Long boring story as to why I need this information. I have researched the model on line and am surprised of the variations I am getting. Moved by moderator to proper sub-forum.
  3. Thanks Yves. I will start a build log. Is the picture you included a build you are working on?
  4. Hit submit before I added a photo of his Victory. As you can see he does not want to waste a lot of time painting. He just wants to build it.
  5. Thanks Louie. My little guy who is 6 is really getting into watching and helping me. Recently he needed to draw a sailing ship for Thanksgiving in his kindergarten class. I guess to represent the Mayflower. His had sails, masts, anchor, and even ratlines! 😊 I got him the Revell 1/225 HMS Victory that we build together when he comes over. I let him do most of it with just my guidance and assistance with little tiny parts.
  6. For the final touch before putting my Man O War in the display case is to add a number of sailors for my grandsons to look for and count.
  7. Thank guys. Robert I have a few in my stash now, and more to come. I recently picked up a Trumpeter Mayflower. The harrowing voyage of the Mayflower has always interested me. Now that I am back to model building I did some research and found Trumpeter makes the largest model of it. Had never heard of Trumpeter models. It is due to be delivered this week. So I will see what I think. Based on your recommendation I now have the Airfix Wasa which I have not opened yet. And then the big boy comes for Christmas. Heller HMS Victory. So I am no sure where I want to go next.
  8. She is finished! Definitely a work of love. Enjoyed very much building the Revell English Man O War. Kind of disappointed I am finished. Learned so much more on this build I will carry forward to my next, and future builds. Thanks to all who shared advice and suggestions, especially my friend Robert Taylor.
  9. I received as a gift the Trumpeter 1/60 Mayflower. Until receiving this gift I have had no knowledge or experience with this manufacturer. Has anyone had experience with building their sailing ships, and if so, what did you think? I have not opened it as I am finishing up my Man O War. Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Same with me Robert. This was my first galleon and I found I really enjoy the vessel that they are. Once I build my case it will be displayed right beside my USS Constitution and Cutty Sark in their case. The Man O War was not as complicated as either of the other two and my skill level is definitely improving. Of the three I would probably say the Man O War was my favorite build. Also thanks for your excellent advice along the way. Should finish it this week. Will post the final pictures.
  11. Main mast rigged with sails today. Moving right along. Will actually hate for this build to be finished.
  12. With the sails now completed and blocks attached I have begun hanging the sails and rigging. Completed the foremast today. Really enjoying this build. Actually more than I expected.
  13. Thanks my friend. The grandsons love looking for all the little men and counting until they find all of them so I will include some. Kit came with 40! Got my foremast rigged with sails today. This is starting to be my favorite ship build so far.
  14. Robert I like to detail paint the little figures Revell includes with their models. That will be the same with the Man O War. I have tried looking online for period British naval uniforms I am guessing 1600’s time frame. Any suggestions?
  15. Next step with the sails is to pop the them off the plastic molds. Then cut out each of the plastic sails. After cutting them out I again place the cloth sail over the corresponding plastic sail to form an exact template to trim the new cloth sail to size. Once finished I have a complete set of hand made cloth sails that match the formed plastic sails in size and billowing. Next will be to add the necessary rigging components and a bit of paint.
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