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  1. I had not thought of that! Thanks my friend. I will use that route in the future for reference.
  2. In fact Ian I started into Daniel’s build looking for anything he may have done to his. Like a number of build logs, his is pretty long. After rapid scrolling through a number of pages looking for pics of his bulkhead I gave up. I have no idea how such a thing could be manufactured, or how big it would be, but I have often thought a printed version of these build logs with a topic index would be a crazy valuable reference source.
  3. Thanks Ian. The door sills are a little raised already but can tell Daniel cut the doors out a little shorter by the hinge position. May tinker with them a little as well as the ports.
  4. Working a little today on the bulkhead. Decided to open the two doors as I have seen on others build logs. Decided to add some Evergreen to the back of the doors and inside edges of the door framed to give depth like the cannon hatches.
  5. “You’d best give very plain descriptions, I wouldn’tknow a jeer from a shear at this point.”😀 Keven this is so true for me as well. After getting the above post from our dear friend Ian I had to pull out my Longridge book and Google for definitions! Jeers, upper jeer blocks, timber hitched, main yard, garnets, clew line, and dangling clusters! I think I had to take medication one time for dangling clusters! 🤔 But I have to admit I am learning a lot of nautical stuff I never knew before. Big thank you Ian. Kevin I can’t think of any specific thing I wish for you to get pictures of. Just looking forward to seeing what ever pictures you take. Would love to fly over and join you in your tour. Ironically I was booked to fly to London Monday enroute to Scotland where my wife and I were going to spend a week at St Andrew’s. Unfortunately Covid concerns put a stop to that adventure 😟
  6. Ian I of course refer to your build as well as Daniel’s and Kevin’s and Foxy’s plus several others. Looking at your’s tonight I saw the picture of how you brought the lines up through the grate. I see that you cut out a small section. Once Kevin gets a chance to check out the real thing, maybe Monday, I may make a few modifications to my grate. I also noticed the eyebolts at the base. Is this the truss pendants you are talking about?
  7. Exactly what I did Ian. I drilled the holes in part(s) 89. Ran extra long threads through the holes as you instructed above and up through the grate. I have now installed (glued in) my Quarter Deck and dry fitted the mast to make sure the holes line up. On my other builds there has been a slight angle to the aft for the mast instead of perfectly vertical. The Victory appears to be the same. Hope that is correct! 🤞🙏 Also the bulkhead goes over the top of the deck at the bow. Is that correct? Bulkhead dry fitted and not yet painted. You may also notice I finished rigging the cannons on the Upper deck. Instead of trying to make perfect coils for the end of the ropes I simply coiled them up as if on a belaying pin.
  8. Looking at Plate 46 helps a lot. Longridge’s book is so valuable in this build! I am guessing I just estimate the length needed for these lines.
  9. Thanks agin my friend. This is my goal for today and the weekend. Then finally get the Quarter deck in place.
  10. Ok great Ian. Thanks. Now I understand. So I simply tie threads to part 89 that will be long enough to accomplish the future rigging and for now coil them up like I did the sheet lines earlier. Bring them up through the opening in the Quarter Deck and just tape them out of the way. 👍 should there be belaying pins on part 89 for these “ropes” or do you just tie them to the cross member?
  11. Ok Ian I am making one more trip around this “part 89” step. I am very close to putting the Quarter deck in. Almost everything done on Upper deck. Back earlier in comment #410 you suggested tying future rigging lines to part 89 before putting the Quarter deck in and referred me to Longridge’s book. I have looked over the Heller instructions and the page(s) of Longridge’s book but can not determine what exactly I need to do. Your “detailed” advice would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t mind 😊. Thanks in advance.
  12. Kevin I am going to be honest and say I just realized that now that you pointed it out 🤯. Well that is where they are going to stay on this deck. Again changes for cannons on Quarter deck.
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