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  1. Hey Robert I got a question for you. I am starting my Man O War and I am curious of your process. In your pictures it looks as if you did a little of the hull painting before you glued the two halves together with the deck. Then after you put it together you continued and finished the remainder of the hull painting. Is that correct? I have all my pieces primed and will start the delicate painting. I am going to weather the deck first so it is ready to insert in the hull halves when it is time.
  2. OK Robert here goes. About to open Man O’ War. Will have this post bookmarked at my building table. Lot of great ideas.
  3. Took up the craft of model ship building again after many many years being away from it. Took on the challenge of this historic ship and loved every minute of the months it took to complete.
  4. This is my second time to build this beautiful model. The first time was about 55 years ago. This time as an old retired guy I was able to spend much more time working on it and employee many ideas and techniques learned from this site.
  5. Hey we have pretty long longevity here in Kentucky!! I think it is the bourbon 😜🥃 I might have meant 1958.
  6. Shipman I know I was born before. I was 6 years in 1858. Great idea Ryland to post to the gallery. Have not done that before. Oh and I now have someone at the helm! Could have been a disaster 😀
  7. Good point on no one at helm Need to correct that! Thanks for the compliment.
  8. It is Finished! I have come to the end of this labor of love. My Revell 1/96 Cutty Sark is done. Many enjoyable hours spent engrossed in her build. My first attempt at making my own sails. Even though my stitches are out of scale I really like the look of them and will employee the same technique on my next build. Also liked furling the bottom sails. I want to thank everyone in this incredible site for your comments, suggestions, and answers to questions. I especially want to thank Shipman, Bob Fraser, Popeye, Rwiederrich, and mtaylor. Your help at times when I was stumped or needed advice wa
  9. Now that I have made my own sails for the Cutty Sark and like the looks I am thinking about going back to the USS Constitution I completed earlier this year and adding furled sails. I left the sails off when I built it because I did not like the plastic formed sails that came with the kit. I have reviewed several methods for making furled sails and am considering giving it a try. I am looking for an opinion. Would it look OK to just have furled sails on the mast yards and not do furled jib sails, staysails, spencer, spanker sail? The process I have researched looks doable for the straight yar
  10. Thanks one more time John. I wondered about the proper way to rig the davits. In an earlier discussion about just that someone said the x pattern was proper and lines were not attached to lifeboats until needed. Will see which way I like better. I set the vangs to hold the spencer gaff centered on the deck. Seems to work fine. I am curious as to the source of your knowledge and ship experience. You seem as if you must have a thorough background or just a real strong interest in these type ships. I find them fascinating. And with your help I am learning more and more about the actual engineerin
  11. Thanks again John. Your nautical knowledge has been an incredibly helpful. So when I rig it he divots in the criss cross (X) pattern does it matter if I go in front of the vangs or behind? Inboard or outboard of the vangs? Thanks again for your help with the spanker sail. I included a photo of how I rigged it with the spanker partially furled.
  12. The Spencer Gaff rigging. As you can see in the instructions, it is to be tied off at blocks on pins 102 and 103 on opposite sides of ship. Those pins are right between the lifeboat divots.
  13. I previously said that was my last question so I guess I need to call this a curiosity maybe. On rigging the main course sail (bottom sail on main mast) and the main spencer sail, the instructions have me tie off to pins and the winch drum on both sides of the ship. Which I did as instructed. Those pins and winch drums are between the life boat davits. I have not rigged the davits yet. Waiting until I finish the running rigging. Curious if is going to look odd for the sail rigging lines to run through the davit rigging lines? And in actuality, not interfered with lowering the life boats?
  14. Perfect John. Thanks. Now I see exactly what you explained.
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