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  1. Heinrich I also just noticed in the photo with the main color blue that they have the Wasa with a white lower section. I like that as well. Hummm. Decisions decisions.
  2. Thanks Heinrich. Do I understand you correctly that the first two pictures are of the model at the museum next to the actual ship? It has red as the primary color. What is third picture of the Wasa with blue as the primary color? I really like both and have yet to decide. One tough decision as well is going to be the detail in the ornamentation. The first two pictures from the museum show the it to be detailed in several different colors. The third picture (with blue) have all the ornamentation a single metallic color (silver, gold, etc). At 1/144 scale the ornamentation is very tiny and is
  3. Airbrushed the hull halves and deck sections with Vallejo acrylic surface primer. Plan is to paint the deck sections a weathered and worn appearance. Once I am satisfied with the deck I will assemble it into the two hull haves and then putty and sand the seams. By then I hope to have a firm plan on how I want to paint the hull and all the ornamentation.
  4. Opened my next build! The Airfix 1/144 Wasa. I find the history of this ship to be fascinating. This will be the smallest scale I have tried. Looking to really hone my skills and techniques on very small features, especially painting the stern. Pictures I have seen show it to be beautiful and I hope mine will reach that level when complete. I checked the MSW index and only see one build of this Airfix kit and that is by kpnuts. Fantastic job! I really like the ocean effects and the displaying of the ship lesning over before it eventually sank. Numerous other builds of other kit manufacturer
  5. kpnuts I am getting ready to start the build of this Airfix model. I looked through the MSW index and it looks as if you are the only listed builder of the 1/144 Airfix. Numerous builders of other brands. Per chance you see this a couple years after you completed your build, is there any advice you care to share? I am really looking forward to the small scale painting on the stern. Looking at all your photos and many more I am finding on line to try to get a clear color scheme. I find your ocean simulation very realistic. How did you do it?
  6. Ian in my build up to starting the Victory (not to soon yet) you mentioned “enough other problems to overcome”. There are many build logs on MSW for the Victory. I have read through several and plan to many more of them. Would you care to share problems you had to overcome?
  7. Thanks Ian. Building these ships is what has kept me sane during Covid. I am retired so if I did not have a hobby to keep me busy my wife would probably run me off by now. My Mayflower will go on another wall in the same room. I have two smaller scale ships to build as well that will go with the Mayflower in time. The Airfix Wasa and Golden Hind. I will take your advice on the deadeyes for the Victory. I just now looked at them and see what you are talking about. Did you purchase new deadeyes for your Victory build? Is your’s the Heller 1/100? If so, what size (mm) deadeyes did you get? With
  8. The Trumpeter Mayflower is FINISHED! Thanks to everyone who provided input and advice, especially Krill4 and Bosco. I learned so much during this build that I will use in future builds. Making my own shrouds and ratlines was the biggest new endeavor. Some things I learned were the result of what I thought were short comings of the model that required improvising, some were personal experiments, and a number were recommendations from MSW members. I have no doubt there are a number of items about my build that are not authentic, but I am pleased with it. Authenticity of the rigging is probably
  9. I agree with you on this subject as well. In fact a while back I started a discussion here on MSW about this subject. Add sails or not. There was a wide range of opinions. When I built my USS Constitution I left the sails off because I really liked being able to see the extensive amount of rigging. On my Cutty Sark I furrowed the bottom sails so I could see through. Definitely an aesthetic preference.
  10. Started making the sails for my Mayflower. Using the same process I have on my other builds. Since I don’t really like the plastic molded sails that come with the kit I like to make my own. I use an antique white cloth and hand stitch the lines matching the width on the plastic sails. Then using the plastic sails as a mold and a 50/50 mixture of white glue and water, I paint the sails wet and form them over the molds. Once they fully dry I will trim them to shape and antique them with some airbrush work.
  11. Began working on the ratlines on the lower he upper shrouds on the main mast. Coming right along. Bosco you asked earlier in this life how the Mayflower compared in size to the Man O War. I included a picture of my work area where you can see the Mayflower on my table and the Man O War in it’s case side by side. As you can see, they are about the same size. The Man O War does have taller mast.
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