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  1. What sails did a ship like Vasa have set in severe weather?
  2. Hi I have both Billings and DiAgostinis Vasa and the difference is hugh, I think its not right to compare them. DiAgostini-kit price is twice that of Billings, ofcourse the most is better in DiAgostini. I am a beginner myself so I cant tell if all is ok in DiAgostini kit. I think its the same kit you could buy from Artesania Latina https://artesanialatina.net/en/ships-elite/62091-wooden-model-ship-kit-swedish-warship-vasa-1-65-8437021128031.html One thing I like with the 1/65-kit is the basic construction of the ship. Much more stable than Billing
  3. It is of course positive that there are so many nice buildinglogs here to be inspired by. But as a beginner, you probably have to accept that the first boats will be far from perfect. Maybe you should lower the requirements for your first boats and build them with a little less detail and above all simplify the rigging. I think it would be good if there were suggestions in the instructions for things that can be simplified or even excluded. I myself am a beginner, have so far put together some hulls but have not finished building any bo
  4. OK, can I get only building logs? I got a of forum posts.
  5. Where is the index for building logs?
  6. Here is a picture of one wall I have built. I use 2 mm thick balsa wood and cut in a little Proxxon saw. I glue the strips to cardboard and I shall make doors in plastic strips from Evergreen. The houses will be quite large so I will have to find out a way to transport them with the walls separated. Maybe I´ll use Lego pieces or magnets to hold them together at meetings.
  7. This is a picture of the modules from the first modular meeting I used them. The warehouses shall stand between the tracks and the water area will be at the bottom along with the whole module, 640 cm. I´m now working on the warehouses and a ship model of a cargo ship, Vega. I have a modelkit of Vega but in scale 1:35, I will have to make one from scratch in correct scale.
  8. Enköping is a small city in Sweden ca 80 km from Stockholm. The harbor is also small and that makes it perfect for building a model railroad module of it. I build in scale 1:45, called 0-scale in model railroading and the module shall have a bit of the waterarea with several model ships. I found this photo, https://digitaltmuseum.se/011014537633/enkoping-hamnen-gamla-hamnmagasinen-maj-1957/media?slide=0, and it inspired me to the build. Three of the oldest port warehouses still exists, this is one of them.
  9. Yes, I must fair more. There is much about Billing boats that not is good but one thing I like is that they have most of their drawings and plans one their website to download. If someone want to follow the build more in detail you could look at the drawing. One thing is that the foredeck goes a bit over the deck in the middle and will be difficult to work with when you have clued the foredeck.
  10. Yes, I have a plank bender, I will try it. Another question, plank the deck or the hull first? This ships hull shall be painted white, maybe its better to do the deck first?
  11. Hello I use Google translate so excuse if the translation gets weird. Here I was going to write about the construction of Billing boats Denmark. I have tried to build several boats before but either I get stuck in some problem or I lose interest. This time around, I have the goal of just building on whatever happens. I do not have the ambition that it will be something fantastic but just ok. One thing I have trouble with is bending the 2 mm thick plywood that sits at the top of the sides of the boat. I have already managed to break such a part when I tried to bend it over s
  12. Is there any guide for scratchbuilding in card? Or maybe a building thread about scratchbuilding in card?
  13. I add that I have tools to cut plywood etc. I don't have to buy readymade list etc. I think that the wood material would cost 100 usd?
  14. Hi If I build a huge kit, example Danmark from Billing boats, and after five years I want to rebuild it because I then think I could build it better. How much of the material could I reuse if I tear it down? And how much would the new material cost, approx?
  15. Hi, I´m Urban and this is what my little(?) boatyard looks like: Corel, Sloop, the first build, the planking needs to be redone from the beginning. Sergal, Sciabecco, planked once and started a second lap, scrap? Mantua, Viking boat, worth building? Dumas, motorboat, very simple construction, worth building? Nordic atlast, Mariefred, made new keel and new ribs in 4 mm plywood. Nordic atlast, Vega, glued keel and ribs. Build it even in scale 1:45. Billing boats, Norden, planked. Billing boats, Phantom not started. Billing boats, Vasa, not started. Billing
  16. Hi The link to small craft points to plastic and resin models, I cant find a link to small craft.
  17. I think that Corels Le Mirage not have a role model. But is it ok as a typical french ship of the 17th century?
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