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  1. Hello, Looking into getting a scroll saw as I've been fabricating many more pieces than expected for my first build. I'm on a budget but figure I could use it for other non-ship projects in the future. I saw these two different saws at Micromark in my price range, and was curious if anyone has used either of them and what their experiences were? https://www.micromark.com/16-Inch-Scroll-Saw-with-Flexible-Shaft-Attachment https://www.micromark.com/MicroLuxsup-reg-sup-Variable-Speed-Multi-Saw The non-MicroLux one seems like it could be used for a w
  2. Almost done with inside bulwark planking. Unfortunately the bow is a bit crooked, just realizing this. After finishing inner transom planking, going to do waterways/deck step (and possibly stanchions?) Then I plan to get started with fitting the keel (I know I will have some work to do on the bow).
  3. Continuing to work on the transom and stern area. Very satisfying to finally have some semblance of a "complete" hull! Still some sanding to be done - there are a few small gaps on the outside I might try and use some filler on. I saw some builders add in an extra plank of walnut on the seam between the deck planking and lower transom, but I don't think I'm going to - im nervous that would just create 2 more slightly uneven seams! As you can see, I also started on the inner bulwark planking. Not mentioned in the instructions but I think it will be a much better lo
  4. Started today on the transom. I didn't like how the upper transom used the 1.5mm thick strips and the lower part (where the keel will attach to? not sure of the name!) used the .6mm strips, so I chose to the 1.5mm strips the whole way down. I think it will work well- I made sure I sanded the hull down enough so that the added width didn't disturb the location of the stern post. Still some work to be done here. Frustrating problem - When putting the deck planking on, I tested different pens/markers for caulking, and some clearly didn't work. I think one of the test pla
  5. Change of location. The bulwarks are a bit tough to fit- mine are too splayed out in the midsection. Starboard side glued, port side still fitting. I intend to iron them out (maybe?) as they are still somewhat flexible.
  6. Tried the rubber bands and smaller pins and got a much nicer fit on the starboard bulwark. It still seems to be splayed out a little too much in the mid section...but it might work just fine. Going to let it clamp for the night and see what it's like in the morning. I accidentally caught the edge of a deck plank while trying to dryfit the bulwark but it's very small and will be covered by the waterway.
  7. @OT1138 Sorry I'm still getting some of my terminology right I saw some builders use the walnut strips for the waterways (dc-ocker had a nice example in their log). I see now what you mean by the waterways being cut from the die-cut pieces. The picture on the box shows walnut waterways and caprail, but I think I'm going to use the die cut pieces for both of these pieces. Thanks for helping me clarify, the instructions are a fair bit confusing. Your build looks great! Today, I cut and started to bend the bulwarks - I used a 3mm thick piece of basswood, as suggested in some other lo
  8. @OT1138 thanks! The kit sure is old but fun nonetheless About the stringers, rail - So in the ply cut sheet with the false deck, theres stringers and what seems to be the caprail pre-cut. The width is roughly 5 mm. However, in the instructions, the cap rail and stringers should be constructed with walnut strips (1.5×5mm and 1.5×3mm, respectively). I've seen most other builders use the walnut strips, which I like much better. Are the pre-cut pieces for a different part that I'm missing, or just as a back-up? Still nervous about the bending of the walnut!!
  9. Busy day! Finished off the deck planking - didn't do trenails on the stern deck (thought it would be a bit too busy). I'm very happy with how it turned out, it was very relaxing. Next up - shape the hull a bit more, sand down the stern, and start making some bulwarks out of this basswood.. (I read some people had difficulty with the ply pieces)
  10. Deck planking going smoothly. I had a question - The kit says to use walnut strips provided for the cap rail and deck stringers. The kit also has cut-outs in plywood for these pieces as well that are pre-curved into shape. The walnut strips are certainly the "right" color in my opinion, but they look very difficult to bend into shape (they are bent along the "shorter" dimension of the strip) For the hull planking, I just soaked my planks for about 30 minutes, clamped them into place, waited to dry, then glued the plank into place. However I'm not sure if this is g
  11. Started on the deck today, easy compared to the hull planking I'm doing trenails on my planks but I'm not sure if I will fill them in with anything or not.... I built a jig so I could cut 75 mm planks, and I'm using a 5-pattern. For the caulking, I'm using a sharpie (oil-based "paint pen" version). Will post again when it's finished, and my hull is a bit smoother...
  12. Finished off the first layer of hull planking. The last planks weere tough! I put a small amount of filler on, and I'm going to sand down the hull tomorrow. Im pretty happy with how the hull turned out, there were no gaps and it is (mostly) symmetrical. I'm excited for a different task 😁 @Cabbie thanks for the tips, I had better luck with the other planks!
  13. More planking. I think bulkhead 6 might be sitting a little bit low, as you can see by the big twist in the 2nd plank from the keel, between bulkheads 6 and 7
  14. Continuing planking. I'm mostly tapering by eye on the bow and plan to deal with the stern with stealers....The instructions aren't very good on this area. There is certainly some clinkering happening with the planks, but I think it is minor enough that I should be able to sand it down. Still practicing getting a perfect connection between planks on the bow!
  15. Getting started with my top and garboard planks. I had seen sone guides that said that the first plank on top often wasn't tapered...regretting that decision a bit but I think it will work out fine. I had some difficulty with the garboard planks (ended up using a bit of filler to ease the transition between bulkheads and false keel), but I am pleased with the end result. Wasn't sure about the transition between the plank and the false keel.... Keith + Jonny, thanks for the replies, I'm having a ton of fun already. I'm going slow with the planking but also recognize that there's an
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