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  1. Tons of progress! I'll post more photos at some point but here's where the build currently stands. Almost finished, but still have the top sail, anchors and loose ropes to clean up. Oh yes, a flag!

    I've managed to billow out the sails but they don't stick out convincingly so I'm considering mounting the boat in an epoxy "sea" at an angle, like some others have done. A 15 degree angle or so gives them a dramatic look.






  2. Lots of progress though I've been slowed down because the kit is missing a gaff and two cleats. Also, my only set of sharp drill bits (purchased from Amazon) were super brittle and all the bits broke pretty quickly. 


    I really dislike the stock brass mountings for the boom and gaffs, so I purchased some 2mm beads to make proper trucks. I also hand carved a couple of boom cleats from basswood and hope they'll be an acceptable match for the ones in the kit. 


    While I'm busy waiting, I ordered some replacement rope and blocks from Chuck. Should give the model a nice look.











  3. The cabins were a lot of work, mainly due to having to make the hatches and doors twice to get things to fit right. The kit provided parts were nowhere near the right size and the rails for the sliding hatch were not pre-cut, so this took a lot of work as well. The air/smoke/ventilation pipes were made from old lead and required brittle flashing to be sanded off. Finally, I found some 7mm brass portholes on eBay, so added two on each side. 


    I found it interesting that the plan indicates that doors were only about 3' tall. 






  4. I soaked the bulwarks for a couple of hours, then held them in place overnight using rubber bands. They kept jumping out of place, so I ended up using a short piece of scrap wood on the bow to hold them in place (otherwise they would slip downwards).


    After drying, they held their shape readily and were not far from where they eventually needed to go. 

  5. So this part ended up being kind of a mess. I still didn't like how dark it was, so I brought it down almost to bare wood. I left a bit of the toner in place to give the wood some depth. But that was far too light.


    The rails were already glued in place so I attempted to brush more toner on and it came out blotchy. So I relented, stripped it down again and masked her off before giving a light spray of Perfect Brown. Finally, a color I liked!






    I then ended up having to fabricate new parts for the stern as none of the premade ones fit. These were sprayed with 90% Perfect Brown and 10% Red Mahogany. They came out pretty good, I say!


    A little thing that tripped me up were some builds that put the benches half way up the bulwarks. The 1982 instructions clearly show that they should lay flat, supported by the counter and the main deck. I presume these were provided for seating and if you think about it, placing them halfway up the bulwarks would be far from comfortable!



  6. I think I'm confused about the term "stringers". If you look at Fig 5 in the plans, part 19 is the waterways (I think that's what they are usually called but I could be wrong). There is a die cut part for this on the plywood. The walnut strips might submit being bent this far laterally but I would be surprised if they lay flat without a lot of persuasion.


    I was referring earlier to the rails and caprail, which sit on top of the bulwarks.

  7. So my cap rail didn't fit at all and the longer rails were curved out of shape as well. I was still thinking about fabricating new ones so I transferred the curve using painter's tape.










    Hmm... once flattened out, the provided rail didn't seem so bad after all.




    A little trip to the bending station was in order.






    And voila!




    The cap rail was too short so I fabricated a new one from some scrap plywood provided with the kit. Now about those colors. I am not a fan of the plain plywood. The final color can be seen with the waterways. They are just so-so. Not a finish I would particularly prize in such a prominent spot.


    I decided to emulate a mahogany color using Mohawk Perfect Brown and Red Mahogany.





    Unfortunately, this came out too dark. So I took some of the color off with steel wool, giving it a more brown appearance.






    I'm still not happy with this so I'm noodling on options.

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