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  1. Hi peeps, Got a lot done. I'm actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First picture is where I was on the 18 of this month, and what it is today, 10 days later: I got some of the work done here, like the doors and railing: Also got the main derrick done. That was fun! (sarcasm): I started placing all the ADO's and ALO's on the main control tower. When I'm done with that, I will be ready to place all the decks on the hull, but before that, I have to do all the hull work! Props, and circuit, and portholes!
  2. Thank you Kevin. Really appreciate that. It would be nice to see it where others can see it. I donated one to a library years ago, and it still there. I also displayed one in a tobacco shop, available for sale. It was there for yeeeers! Owner finally died and I never saw the ship again. Luckily it was one of my first kits and not worth a lot. Tonight I completed the second derrick and I glued the main mast in place. I am just going to let it sit for the night so I don't get it out of alignment.
  3. Tonight I completed one of the derricks. Very detailed. I am going to paint the cables like the other cables on the funnels.
  4. Hey Carl, You might be right, but I don't know how much polishing these PE part can take. In the case of the funnel covers, they have raised bumps that are pretty rough, and lots of tiny holes where other parts go. Too late for anything now. I just hope they hold.
  5. That's very nice of you OC. Don't know if it would qualify for a museum, but it looks good in my room. Can't wait to see it all finished up.
  6. Hi Mark, Since I'm not painting the PE, I didn't want to discolor it. But what you suggest is what should be done if you were to paint the PE.
  7. Hey Jock2000, I looked at the Rodney and you are very lucky you don't have to go through this: I rigged them tonight and I can't tell you what a nightmare it is. If you look at the picture above, you have to be EXTREMELY precise as to where you start to roll that PE. Unfortunately, the PE is ridiculously rigid. Forget rolling it. I showed my wife what I tried. First I tried your conventional rolling and that didn't touch the PE. I then took a long socket, just a bit smaller than the funnel. I placed the PE on top of a rubber garage mat, and then I put the socket on top of the PE and I STOOD on it. All 200 pounds of me had no effect whatsoever on the PE. And I mean nothing. Remained as flat as new. I had to slowly glue it, around the plastic funnel, which didn't allow for the PE to tightly mate with the plastic so this changed the position of some very tiny holes where the cables attach to. Which also changed the position of where the vent pipes go. I didn't know how much this would affect the assembly later on and it did. Tiny holes that should have been right next to a vent pipe, ended up behind the vent pipe. Stuff like that. Really annoying. And now I have to keep my fingers crossed that the glue doesn't come loose and the PE goes bouncing back like a spring. MAJOR disaster! Don't know why the chose such tough brass. But we're having fun....right?
  8. First time I've been happy that less was better! 3 was bad enough. Have fun!
  9. Hey everybody, Just a quick update. I've been slowly placing all the assemblies onto the main deck. Had lots of tiny plastic parts that had to be painted and placed. Also place all the main deck guns, and stuff like the searchlights. Now it's getting very hazardous to work on without snagging something by accident.
  10. Hello, She's taking shape. Tonight I did some major populating of the main deck. Made LOTS of lockers, started installing sub-assemblies, adding details and touching up paint. So much to do. Hard to decide what goes on first, what goes last: By the way, in case you haven't noticed the obvious, my work area is a total mess! It gets like that within a few minutes of working. I will COMPLETELY clear it up, and put tools and materials on a table next to me to leave the work area clean, and before I know it, all the tools and glues and everything else, is up on the work area! Sorry for the messy pictures.
  11. Thanks OC. No wonder they have so many locking devices.
  12. Thank you Harley. I imagine there are some that see it as a one of a kind disaster! But I bet if it had really been painted like that, the Bismarck would have turned tail!
  13. Thanks guys, for all the encouragement. Last night I forgot to upload a picture of something to illustrate just how fantastic this PE technology is. If you look at the paravanes up above, there are 2 tanks on each "wingtip". I didn't know how they were going to attach, and then I saw it! If you look carefully, you can see that there's an actual slot where you can slide the wing into to support the tank! Look at the size of that! And it slides right in. Not tight. Not loose. Pretty amazing. Also, tonight is the first time that I put all the big pieces together on the hull. If I may say so, it looks amazing. Not gloating. It just really looks impressive in black and gold. Can't wait to see it all decked out with all the goodies and rigging. Hope you guys like it. Also, I spend a few hours making these locker cabinet things. Each one has 18 locks you have to bend with tweezers!

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