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  1. Well, I was going to post an update, but since I have received no comments at all since I started the log, it's obvious there's not much interest on this build, so I will call it a day. No fun talking to myself.
  2. Quick update: I worked on the grates and installed them: I also worked on the stove pipe. I didn't want to make one that looked like the real thing because frankly, I think it's ugly. I also added detail to the doors near the spiral stairs. Made the small window with card and used the same Mylar I used on the gallery for the glass. I did all the fife rails: And I did the boat cradle: That's it for now. Getting close to the masts and rigging. Just in time since I ordered a ropewalk
  3. Hello again, Just a quick update. I added the mast feet and the rings around them. I placed all the bits and started preparing the canon installation. I added some of the ropes, as well as some of the tackle against the bulwarks. I also decided to order some of those photo etched hooks for the canons. Turns out the kit doesn't even include instructions to properly installing them and only want you to glue the canons on the deck. I made all the hooks and rings by hand. Can't do anything anymore with the canons until I get those hooks. Thanks for visiting!
  4. Hi everyone, I posted a few pictures and started a poll a few weeks ago regarding getting back into building. I have several kits in different stages and was just bouncing around without getting anything finished. I decided to go with the Royal Caroline because it had significant work done and because I love that ship. I have been encouraged to start a build log by a couple of people so here it is. I was hesitant to make a log because when I started taking pictures, it was already in progress as you will see with the first pictures. I will add more pics as I progress. The best p
  5. Love your work, your approach to doing HMS Hood is amazing and quite unique. Need to get some tips from you on glueing. 🤛🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Hi peeps, Got a lot done. I'm actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. First picture is where I was on the 18 of this month, and what it is today, 10 days later: I got some of the work done here, like the doors and railing: Also got the main derrick done. That was fun! (sarcasm): I started placing all the ADO's and ALO's on the main control tower. When I'm done with that, I will be ready to place all the decks on the hull, but before that, I have to do all the hull work! Props, and circuit, and portholes!
  7. Thank you Kevin. Really appreciate that. It would be nice to see it where others can see it. I donated one to a library years ago, and it still there. I also displayed one in a tobacco shop, available for sale. It was there for yeeeers! Owner finally died and I never saw the ship again. Luckily it was one of my first kits and not worth a lot. Tonight I completed the second derrick and I glued the main mast in place. I am just going to let it sit for the night so I don't get it out of alignment.
  8. Tonight I completed one of the derricks. Very detailed. I am going to paint the cables like the other cables on the funnels.
  9. Hey Carl, You might be right, but I don't know how much polishing these PE part can take. In the case of the funnel covers, they have raised bumps that are pretty rough, and lots of tiny holes where other parts go. Too late for anything now. I just hope they hold.
  10. That's very nice of you OC. Don't know if it would qualify for a museum, but it looks good in my room. Can't wait to see it all finished up.
  11. Hi Mark, Since I'm not painting the PE, I didn't want to discolor it. But what you suggest is what should be done if you were to paint the PE.
  12. Hey Jock2000, I looked at the Rodney and you are very lucky you don't have to go through this: I rigged them tonight and I can't tell you what a nightmare it is. If you look at the picture above, you have to be EXTREMELY precise as to where you start to roll that PE. Unfortunately, the PE is ridiculously rigid. Forget rolling it. I showed my wife what I tried. First I tried your conventional rolling and that didn't touch the PE. I then took a long socket, just a bit smaller than the funnel. I placed the PE on top of a rubber garage mat, and then I put the socket on top of th
  13. First time I've been happy that less was better! 3 was bad enough. Have fun!
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