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  1. Well, it's been 19 days since I refused the damaged package and I have yet to heard from the seller. ebay emailed me to say that if they don't hear back from the seller by the 21st they'll have to close my case and I'll loose my $250. (I'm sure glad the government gave me that $1200 a couple weeks ago. So, I'm not really out anything really.)
  2. Hi all, Well, I'm broken hearted. My African Queen arrived today but the box looked as if a truck ran over it... TWICE! I could see the innards and they looked damaged too. The postman wanted my signature for the box and I asked him if I had too sign. He said, if it was his package, he'd refuse it cuz of all the damage. So I did... Now, we'll see how it goes. I hope I'm not out $250.
  3. Just checked the status of my African Queen model and it's sitting in New York!!! It's almost here! YeeHaa!!!
  4. Say, have you guys thought of cutting up tea bags to use for your sails? I've seen empty tea bags by the dozens over on ebay. They're cheap and thin and easy to shape with diluted white glue.
  5. A big THANK YOU, sir. 🙂 Due a week ago but I'm afraid it's still hung up in Europe.
  6. I see that my local Hobby Lobby store carries this paint for $1.59 a 2oz bottle. Is this the stuff you're using instead of Floquil? Well, this and Vallejo?
  7. I used Floquil paints and drank from the garden hose too. I'm now 72 1/2 and see that I have a good 5 more years to go to get to your ages. LOLOL I can at least plan for the next 5 years anyway. 🙂
  8. I have many many years at wooden model building/construction in HO gauge model railroading and I've tried most everything. I've never built a wooden boat before but I used Floquil Stains and Paints to do all my wood weathering jobs. Most all my work looked very much like the model above. Not to be bragging but at age 72 I have a lot of modeling experience over the years and Floquil was my answer. As mentioned above there is a lot of dry brushing, applying and than wiping off to get that type of appearance. It's very time consuming but as you can see it turns out 'perfectly'. Unfortun
  9. Thanks fellas. I'll start a construction thread when my 'toy' arrives. 🙂
  10. Oh, one other thing, Sherline is made here. Made in the USA. The others are made in China which tend to be a bit off from the quality we do here in the states
  11. I used a Sherline lathe and mill for many years. You won't be dissapointed with Sherline.
  12. "HI" That said, I hope these forums are what they seem to be, very helpful and informative for us greenhorns. I've been lurking here a few days now and like what I've seen so far. I've never built a wooden boat before and The African Queen movie made me fall in love with the steam launch that Bogart and Hepburn sailed down the river in. Now retired, I have tons of time on my hands and have watched that movie a good half dozen times or more already. I searched the net for a model of that boat and found a couple versions of it so bought the Billing Boats version. Due here last Fri
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