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  1. Oh now that's a good point Spyglass! I knew there was a good reason to post my inane ramblings on here! Thanks. Cheers, Gerry
  2. When doing the first layer of planking I miscalculated how many planks had to fit into the space particularly at the stern where I had to use stealers to make up the gaps. As a newbie it was my lack of understanding of the process. Actually getting some practical planking experience it's a little clearer now in my feeble mind. So in anticipation of doing the second planking I feel I need a proper sense of the space I'm dealing with and how many planks need to go into it. To that end I've measured the distance from the master plank down to the keel and marked a midpoint at vari
  3. A little more planking on the stern. It's fun making the little mini cut outs in the planks for the windows with my nice Japanese chisel. Cheers, Gerry
  4. First of the boxwood done. Such nice wood to work with. I can see why it's popular. Cheers, Gerry
  5. Hi Richard. It might be an idea to check out how to attach images to your posts. Most people won't be keen to download files that you attach. All the best, Gerry
  6. Thanks Derek. As well as the limitations of time my circumstances place on me I've learned over the years that if I try to rush ahead on tasks that require meticulousness I just make mistakes. So slow and steady it is and plenty of time to pause and take stock.
  7. Thanks guys! You'll be ahead of me in no time Spyglass. Did I mention that I do things really slooooowwwwly?
  8. First planking finished! I feel like there should be an award or something for getting to this point 😁. Anyway great learning experience. Much sanding to follow then it's er... second planking! Cheers, Gerry
  9. Great to see you off and running again Spyglass! Nice as well to see you launch a new build log on to the blue waters of the...er...forum! Cheers, Gerry
  10. However you get it done it's fine as long as it gets done eh Spyglass? Sounds like you do just fine. One of the good things about the chisel thing demo'd above is that it's slow and with a sharp chisel not much pressure is required. The older I get the slower and steadier I like to take jobs. It gives me more time to spot a balls up coming along! Cheers, Gerry
  11. No that's absolutely fine Glenn. Thanks. Yep I know that I miscalculated the number of strips but the good thing is that I did it in first planking and can learn from that. Cheers, Gerry
  12. Haha brilliant! It works fine for any angle but you are winging it a bit when you're away from 45°. A hammer?!! A sharp chisel will only need downward pressure from your arm but I guess a Stanley knife or equivalent could be used in a pinch! Cheers, Gerry
  13. I can't take the credit. It's standard practice for putting binding on instruments and getting clean joins between the various pieces. Try it Spyglass - you'll never go back!
  14. I thought I'd post this wee tip here as I used the technique when I was doing the drop plank on Flirt. You probably all know this already and I don't mean to teach yer granny to suck eggs but it might be of use to someone reading this who's never seen it. OK... So instead of using mitre boxes, fine tooth saws or any other gizmos here's a quick way to get a perfect 45° cut every time. You need a large-ish chisel (1 inch plus) and it needs go have the back polished to a shine. If you have the chisel but not the shine a flat surface and ever finer wet and dry papers to
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