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  1. Thanks for the response. I think I just overthought my question. I just glued them on there and they are very stable so far. Wood glue is a magical thing.
  2. Current state. Definitely not perfect but I feel like I'm learning quite a bit about patience. I am a bit stuck though. How do I go about permanently attaching the shroud plates? It says to nail them but I'm not certain how to go about doing that. I'll search the site today but if anyone knows a build log or a video that shows a beginner how to do that, I would greatly appreciate being pointed to it. Thanks.
  3. Finished second planking. Sanded it down a bit. Planning on using the weathering stuff on the ship below the rail and most of the fiddly bits. Third photo is testing out the weathering stuff. Left is one type of wood filler and glue below that, middle is other wood filler and glue below, and on the right is just wood. I'm feeling okay about how it soaks into both the fillers but not certain about it. Not sure if I should just weather as is... or fill is the small gaps and then weather.
  4. These veneers are getting the best of me. I messed up the tafferel so bad I had to paint over it to hide some of it. Broke a piece off the rough inner planking from being too pushy and not patient. Always a learning process. Just fun to work at it too!
  5. Looking back, I would have lightly sanded every plank before gluing them. The last plank needed quite a bit of sanding to fit in there.
  6. Thank you for pointing this out. I've soaked some planks using cold water for too long (the 6th and 7th according to instructions) that have split by inner layer. Just glued and clamped them back together so no real issue so far but.... I have to be careful to try to bend without water b/c the shaped planks fit closely to each other. The shaped planks on this build are really useful.
  7. Put first two planks on. These bend much easier than the bulwark. Thanks for the rec, Wahka_est! I'll check it out for the second plank. I used Aleene's turbo tacky glue for my last build and it worked ok but I'm a big fan of titebond.
  8. Moving along.... first time using power drill on a model kit. Did not go great (to say the least). I am going to build up around it. Got another veneer to put over it so hopefully will be fine. Note to self -- drill smaller holes first before going to 6mm.
  9. For those builders who use the pin pusher thing instead of a hammer - the nails provided with the kit have a huge head and don't fit the pusher. I might have to order some pins with smaller head b/c I love that pin pusher. Although it looks like I could get away with just using stretchy clamps for the planking.
  10. Soaked and clamped the bulwarks. Was a bit touch-and-go for a while b/c I wasn't sure how long to soak and tried to clamp too early. It's amazing how wood can go from "bending" to "breaking" so quickly! I think I might have to try using steam the next time. Thankfully nothing broke too badly.... just a few fibers.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie builder who just started this addictive activity of model building during the pandemic. I've built the model shipways dory and longboat. I'm about to finish the Vanguard Fifie. I wanted to build something with more challenging rigging and I love the look of a schooner. So here I go....
  12. I find cutting shears or snippers very useful for rough cutting the planking as well as a bunch of other cutting. I bought a miter box and mini-saw b/c the model I was building needed more than one plank to go the length of the ship and I needed to angle them in the middle so they would be flush over the bulkhead. Now that I have it, I find it very useful for cutting dowels too. Not sure if you would absolutely need it for a smaller model though. I think "broach" in this context means a tool that I would call a reamer - for gently enlarging drilled holes. But I don't know for sure.
  13. I had a similar issue. Had to buy Amati line b/c just couldn't get the model shipways line to work.
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