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  1. Hello everyone, I'm starting on my next plastic model. This will be my second plastic model. My first plastic model was the Revell USS Missouri. I started with these two models mainly because if I mess them up I haven't lost too much. I opened up the box and was somewhat pleased. Being the model castings were made in the 1950's, the model looks ok. The flashing doesn't look bad either. There is a date molded into the hull "1959". The hull is 17" long and is in two pieces. Holding the two halves together, it doesn't look like it will take very much work to get them to fit good.
  2. Hey everyone. I have gotten a little work started. I have the garboard strake and the second planks in place on the starboard and ports sides. The only problem I saw was that I did not get the rabbet depth consistent along along the keel. That will need a little extra sanding to get the edge of the strake smooth across the edge of the keel. Also for this build, I am going to use Titebond Quick & Thick glue. It appears to be thicker and stays in place. It also seems to set up quicker. Bill
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for following along. Things are finally starting to click. I will have some new posts soon. Thanks, Bill
  4. Hey everyone, Ok. I think I’m getting this figured out. I just had to go to the store and buy some cheese to go with my whine. 😊 As soon as I have some progress, I will post the results. Thanks, Bill
  5. Hey everyone, OK. I never thought of myself as the sharpest tack in the box, but I am not getting this. I have read everything I can find and I have watched every video I can find, but it is not clicking yet. It will click eventually. It's just taking a while. I do have a question that I hope someone can help me with. One of the reference items I bought is the booklet "How To Build First-Rate Ship Models From Kits". For planking, the Benjamin Latham is used as a reference in the booklet. On page 27 it discusses the layout of plank marks. As can be seen in the picture
  6. Hey everyone, I have the new planksheer in place. As I mentioned before, I think I got the transom figured out. Next up I will start planking. If you don't see anymore posts, the planking isn't going well. 😄 Bill
  7. Hi everyone, After I put the transom in place, I just did not like the angle that it sat. I did a great deal of studying of the plans and looked carefully at the other build threads. It appears to me that the angle I set the transom to too high. This time I used different reference lines and came up with a smaller angle that I feel may be correct. The first picture is the original placement of the transom and the second is the adjusted placement. Don't know if the second is correct< but it looks better. Bill
  8. Hi everyone, I decided to remove the timberheads. After fairing the bulkheads, the timberheads were not uniform and I felt they would never look uniform. I will replace them with 1/4 square boxwood. I am also going to replace the laser cut plank sheer with 1/4 x 1/16 boxwood. Bill
  9. Hi everyone, A little progress. I have been making some slow progress. Before I move froward, I have to spend a lot reading the instructions and looking at the plans. The plans and instructions are great. It's just all new terminology for me. I'm sure I will get better as I move forward. I have the transom in place, I think. Also, I have the horn timber cheeks in place and I have finished fairing the bulkheads. Bill
  10. Hey everyone, I spent a good amount of time today fairing the filler blocks and sanding the bulkheads so the planks will lay correct. Not quite half way done. Bill
  11. Hi jwvolz, I felt that with size of the planks and this being my first attempt at building it was a good idea. Also, the filler helped to ensure the bulkheads were aligned squarely. Bill
  12. Hey everyone, I have all the bulkheads in place and glued. I have also added the filler between the bulkheads to support the planking. The filler material has not been glued in place yet. The filler will be removed so I can shape the bulkheads for the hull planking and then replaced and glued. Bill
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