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  1. Thanks Bob for the encouragement. I am enjoying this very much and have been bitten by the bug. I am already making plans for when I finish the Latham. Bill
  2. Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of posts, but I haven't had much progress other than fixing mistakes. I've been making some progress. I have gotten the stanchions in place. When I started installing the stanchions, I discovered that I had installed the planksheer incorrectly. So I had to cut the planksheer out, which left it unusable. I made a plank sheer and fitting it in. I'm making quite a few mistakes, but I am learning and am enjoying the build. I have also been doing some sanding on the hull. Bill
  3. Hey everyone, I have finished planking. For a first attempt, I am very happy. Just have some filling and sanding to do. Bill
  4. Hello everyone, I have gotten the port side planked. Now I have to finish the starboard half. I am sure I didn't follow the correct process for planking, but the planks went down with no issues. I will have a minimum amount of filler and sanding. I am happy with the results for my first planking effort and I am sure I will get better as I gain more experience. the biggest hurdle I found was how to hold the planks in place until the glue dries. I found that a combination of clamps and nails work the best for me. Bill
  5. Hey everyone, After review of the instructions and looking at the work I had finished, I noticed there were several areas that are in need of being corrected. Among the items that need to be corrected is to remove the planksheer and replace it. I am also questioning how I started the planking. Looking at what should have been done and what I did makes little sense. My motto has always been " Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up." Bill
  6. Hello everyone, Well, my new home is finally finished. It took about a month longer than expected. For the most part, I have gotten my new shop set up. It's time to get back to work on the Benjamin Latham again. I am doing a little review of the instructions and what I have done so far. I've made the big start. Bill
  7. Hi Bob, Well, I sold my house and am in the process of building a new one. Also, I am renting right now and everything is packed away. I should have thought this through. I am slowly going stir-crazy. The new house will be finished around the end of April. I am using this time to learn as much as I can about ship building on MSW. Lots of great builders. Bill
  8. When building plastic model ships, what tools do you use to remove molded detail. I have been using a hobby knife, but I seem to leave a lot of scratches around the detail area. Somewhere I saw a chisel type tool that had rounded corners, but I can't seem to find it again. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  9. Hello everyone, I'm starting on my next plastic model. This will be my second plastic model. My first plastic model was the Revell USS Missouri. I started with these two models mainly because if I mess them up I haven't lost too much. I opened up the box and was somewhat pleased. Being the model castings were made in the 1950's, the model looks ok. The flashing doesn't look bad either. There is a date molded into the hull "1959". The hull is 17" long and is in two pieces. Holding the two halves together, it doesn't look like it will take very much work to get them to fit good. Bill
  10. Hey everyone. I have gotten a little work started. I have the garboard strake and the second planks in place on the starboard and ports sides. The only problem I saw was that I did not get the rabbet depth consistent along along the keel. That will need a little extra sanding to get the edge of the strake smooth across the edge of the keel. Also for this build, I am going to use Titebond Quick & Thick glue. It appears to be thicker and stays in place. It also seems to set up quicker. Bill
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for following along. Things are finally starting to click. I will have some new posts soon. Thanks, Bill
  12. Hey everyone, Ok. I think I’m getting this figured out. I just had to go to the store and buy some cheese to go with my whine. 😊 As soon as I have some progress, I will post the results. Thanks, Bill
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