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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for the welcome. I have read your thread and your work is fantastic. If my attempt turns out to be a fraction of the quality that your's is, I will be happy. Bill
  2. Hello Ryland, Thanks for the encouragement and information. Right now I am in the process of gathering as much information about the Benjamin Latham the I can find. I enjoy very much the process of collecting information. As I know very little about ships or sailing, I will need to spend a lot of time learning the terminology that is unique to sailing and ships in general. Although when I was younger, I spent a few years racing sail boats. Bill
  3. Hello everyone. I have just ordered the Model Shipways Benjamin Latham. This will be my first wooden ship build, I have been modeling most all of my life and for the past 20 years I have been building scale R/C aircraft. The airplanes have ranged in size from 27" to 90" wing spans. The airplanes have been from short kits to full scratch built from plans. I have spent quite a bit of time researching information about wooden ship building (the do's and don'ts). Also there several very good builds on this site. The Model Shipways information says that prior building experience is helpful, we'll see what they mean by "helpful". Non-the-less, I have always liked to challenge my skills. For the present time, I am going to be gathering as much information as I can. I am really looking forward to getting started. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. If you have any thoughts that you would like to share ( even if you think I have lost my mind or bitten off more then I can chew) please feel free to comment. Thanks, Bill
  4. Thanks Steven. I see if I can order a copy of the book. I have been getting more done on the Missouri. I have gotten the guns all cleaned up and I have the major structures in place. Bill
  5. Not much to talk about right now. I have been spending a lot of time removing lots of flashing on the parts. Lots. I went to several of the local hobby shops near me and I was unable to find the paints I was looking for. With things the way they are now, it looks like many have taken up the model building hobby. Hopefully I have several more hobby shops in my area and I am sure I will find some paint. Interestingly, I have been looking for what I would like to build for my first wooden ship and have found that a lot of the companies that sells ships have quite a few of them on back order. My first attempt at building a wooden ship might take a little longer. Bill
  6. Hello everyone. A little progress. I'm working to correct the bow area. The ship doesn't have the opening for the mooring chains to go through, so I am adding them. Also there are two guns molded into the bow area. The pictures that I am using show that there no guns in that area. There may have been guns there at some time, but to be consistent through the build I am going with the pictures I have access to. The forward rail plate in the model is way too thick and miss-shaped. I am correcting that. I am new to ships and I do not know a lot of ship terminology, so if I use the incorrect words to describe a part of a ship, please let me know what the correct terminology is. Thanks, Bill
  7. Hello Yves, I agree with you. When I finish this build, I plan on looking for a ship around 1:350 scale. I am also wanting to build a wooden ship, so I am looking to see what would be a good wooden ship to start with. Bill
  8. Hello everyone. This will by my first attempt at a build thread. Also, this is my first attempt at a ship model in over forty years. I thought I would start with a easy build, so I picked up Revell 1:535 USS Missouri. There is not a lot of detail on this model and I can't find that there is a photoetch set for this model. I started by working to get the hull and the deck to fit correctly. The froward area of the hull was bowed in, so I added extra tabs to the underside of the deck to make it fit. After gluing it up and lots of sanding, the hull/deck fit is starting to look better. The anchor chains were molded in, so I removed them to the chain plates and will replace them with metal chain. Please let me know if I have started this thread correctly and please feel free to add any comments to my build. Oh yeah. I don't know a lot of ship terminology, so if I use the incorrect terms please let me know. Bill
  9. Hello everyone. Thanks for the great welcome. I have been moving along with the Missouri build. This is my first ship build in over forty years, but I am having fun with the process. I would be happy to start a build thread if you guys think there would be any interest. Bill
  10. Hello everyone, I am happy and excited to be part of this great group. I have been in the modeling hobby for most of my life. I started back in the early 60's building airplane models and have only stopped modeling for a few years. I build a little bit of everything. I build mostly airplane and cars, but when I was younger I built quite a few ships. I remember building the PT-109 several times because I liked it so much. Over the last 20 years I have concentrated on building large scale scratch R/C airplanes. I'm looking forward to jumping into the deep end, but I will take my time. Once I hone my skills, I would love to build one of the very nice wooden ships. My wife always asks what I want for my birthday or Christmas, now I have ideas. I just got a small ship, Revell U.S.S. Missouri 1:535, to start with. I think I should have read the reviews before I got the kit. I'll just use this to get started and see how much detail I can build into it. Bill

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