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  1. Was thinking about using belay pins /pin rails but scale would be small and I'm having trouble consistently turning that small. I think I'll go back to lash on the rail. Anyone have pics of the proper way to lash running rigging to rails?
  2. Final sail is ready. Now to finish the deck furnishings (finally decided to make my own blocks for the carronade and main boom horse/traveler). Then it's time to set the deadeyes and shrouds.
  3. More work on the deck. Decided to add a classic windless since I am using anchor chain.
  4. Top sail on. Added split rings around edges for the down haul to collapse the top sail which the model excluded. In to the forsails. Thus model has a single staysail. I'm thinking I'll do a proper jib on the forestay and then a staysail behind it. Current day schooners seem to always have a boom on the staysail but I would have to do a bit more mode for that so I'll probably just eliminate the boom on the added stay sail and lash the line from the tack clew to a rail.
  5. Thanks matt. Sail material is a little heavy but I'm liking it so far. Main sail rigging in process now
  6. If only it wasn't so slow and detailed to make the cleats! Moving on the the bowsprit. And stays
  7. Decide to go with cleats on the mast instead of the eyelets on the deck. Also got a distance line on the mast hoops. Should make the hole setup look better.
  8. First sail. Used a combo of techniques. Panel seams are created by slowly removing a single threse from the fabric for each seam. Edge seems are folded like true seams and fabric glue to hold. Cut and glued strips for reef bands. Sowed bolt rope on edge with fabric glue to hold. Wrapped traditional cringles. The used micro drills and toothpicks to ream the eyelets for brails. Only 4 more sails to go!
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