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  1. Congratulations! Looks really nice! Also thank you for the tipps for others who build this kit like me. The leftover picture is a nice help to give me an idea where the shortages lie. how many blocks do you have left?
  2. Regarding your third question: If the sails aren't used regularly, i think they would have been set only if needed to reduce wear. If they were used often they were furled like in the picture. I couldn't find a better picture sadly. Nevertheless I hope this helps.
  3. I'm building the Beagle too. I finished the foremast and all the yards. I will be attaching the yards shortly. I have one question about that: Is it necessary to glue the yards in place? I would rather just tie them around the mast and let them be free to swing, because I will probably brace the yards at an angle...
  4. About the belaying pins: I don't know if this is also done in modeling, but I sailed on some tallships and sometimes there were two lines belayed on one pin. The first line was usually not used that much. And you just belay the 2nd line over the first. But maybe it looks too crowded in a model. I would probably do this only if there is really no other option.
  5. I am currently building the Occre kit of HMS Beagle and noticed an error in the instructions. The channels for the main mast are attached the wrong way in all the plans, most of the pictures and in the videos. The deadeye chains get in the way of the gunport. The right way looks much nicer: I hope this helps prevent some mistakes! I hope I post this in the right section. If not, feel free to move this topic where it belongs.
  6. I used the same method as Pete, worked fine for me 😃 I was afraid, that when i sand the nails, the surounding wood would be sanded away since it is much softer than the metal. But I don't know if this is true... BTW: Your planking looks good! Keep going! 😃
  7. Hi, I choose the Beagle as my first wooden ship model. I am now nearly finished with the hull and will shortly begin with the rigging. With the help of the build logs and tipps in this forum and with the videos on youtube from Occre, I managed to bild so far without any bigger problems. Also I have a PDF version of the book 'Anatomy of the Ship HMS Beagle' which helps with detalis. I'm happy to answer any questions! Also I'm very pleased with the outcome of my model so far. Maybe I will upload some Pictures sometime, if I find the time...
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