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  1. Good luck with your new kit! I'm looking forward to your build log as Alert will be my next build as well. Uwe
  2. Looking great! I'm curious to see your guns rigged. I rigged my cannons according to the instructions with breech ropes only and I think the thread I used is a bit too thin. Maybe I will still change that. Uwe
  3. @rshousha: I guess it was nobody's intention to make disparaging or discouraging remarks about Jotika / Caldercraft. Except for the Lady Nelson my entire "fleet" is or has been so far from Caldercraft, and I'm still fond of their kits because they are of high quality and are shipped with all fittings and a comprehensive set of drawings (for clarity, my next two projects will be from Vanguard, though). Fact of the matter is, however, Jotika / Caldercraft have come to a standstill since at least 2010 or 2011, which was when I came back to shipmodelling. Since then there has been no i
  4. The model is, however, not the "Surprise" we know from the movie "Master and Commader". I took the pictures in San Diego, April 2006. Uwe
  5. I had at least the opportunity to look at the prototype. It was displayed at the International Model Exhibition in Dortmund, Germany. I took the picture in March or April 2009 which is 12 years (!!!) ago. At the time I was very excited about the "forthcoming release". A nice model she might be, if ever produced... Due to reasons of local data protection / privacy I blanked the face of the gentleman in the background. Uwe
  6. Hi, The masts, sweeps and both boats are now in their positions and I have started rigging; bowsprit first and the shrouds for the lower fore mast. The jib boom and cap are ready to come on to the bowsprit but I will wait with their installation as long as possible because boom, cap and dolphin striker are prone to snapping off (as I very well remember from previous experiences...😉). The gap above the bowsprit will of course be closed as I move on. I have not found out yet why there are differences in the quality of the photos, probably limits of my smart phone's zoom function.
  7. Great build log and a superb model! I will certainly be using your log as reference once I have started to build my Alert. Uwe
  8. Here is a quick update on the build of my Jalouse: Deadeyes are attached; to me this is the most unpopular part of the build(s). I hate to bend and work on these 0,5mm photo etched brass thingies! But somehow I made it, finally, and forgot about the tedious time. The pre-cut slots in the channels needed considerable widening before the deadeye straps went in (probably that's why I hate it...). Now I'm working on the masts etc., i.e. the main mast is completed and the lower fore mast is close to completion. On the photos both are preliminary in dry-fit. Below is a close-up picture of
  9. Hi Vane, It's my idea too: to do something creatively and enjoy the result once it is completed. As all (or probably most) on this forum share the same passion -historic ships- the beauty of them adds to the fun of building them. I like your idea of switching ships seasonwise but there still remains the question where to store those which are not on display?? Diana to me is a real borderline, sizewise, not to mention the challenging build as has been discussed here. But as I said above -if I look at your Diana as she is now I am tempted... Take care Uwe
  10. Hi, Yes, I've thought to build Diana as an admiralty model. However, the "problem" is that we will be moving to a smaller appartment in a few years. I have -for the time being- 3 completed ship models, one under construction, 2 more from Vanguard still unboxed (all in 1:64) PLUS Diana on which I started about 10 years ago but put on hold for time reasons. Oh, I forgot to mention the three model steam engines that stand here collecting dust... So I will have to make a decision on my preferences. Looking at Vane's Diana in her early stages though, has made me think again. But rati
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