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  1. I`m currently rigging Jalouse and thought I`d post a few pictures: Fore mast yards are fully rigged except for braces and tacks. Main top sail yard: Fore top with fore lift and clue line Fore stay and preventer stay
  2. All the best for your mom and good luck with the races! The hull and rigging of Alert look very nice! And -by the way- your Duchess (and in her showcase) is another beauty. I will certainly take a look at the build log very soon. Uwe
  3. For the sake of good order, here is my picture of the combiship Scharnhorst (the one I described in my post). It is still wrapped from the move, though. Uwe
  4. I'm very curious and am looking forward to see Sphinx fully rigged! Hope that sweat-box of yours isn't too hot 🙂. Uwe
  5. I second what Vane and Chris stated, and to work with white metal is no fun at all. I recently gave up to rig studding yards because I could not manage to glue the 0,5 mm tip of a brass rod to a white metal ring. Maybe wrong cyano or maybe too clumsy fingers, but my current build will have no studding sails. I think Chris' approach to new materials and techniques is a great step forward and a benefit for the hobby Uwe
  6. James, while you work with both hands on the model, who is taking the pictures anyway? She or he deserves a big Thank You, too! Uwe
  7. I wish you best of luck in your new role as a self-employed person and I'm convinced that your concept for ship modelling will continue to be very successful! Vanguard Models is a benefit for the community already! Best regards Uwe
  8. I've read your Snake build log for the first time only today . Great planking and coppering, and a very neat craftsmanship! Wish my Cruiser looked at least remotely like your Snake. I wish you success with the ropes, and I will be following this great log Uwe
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