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  1. - A blue and I’m trying a glue called Beacon 3 in 1
  2. The work so far I’m just waiting on some bits from JSC , then got to sort out the mast and derricks. Also gun ports and rear guns to put on.
  3. Not sure what you mean if it’s where you see the scissors in pic it’s optional.
  4. Update on my progress so far. This is my first card model and it’s a learning curve for me,some things on the ship are not quite right but will improve next time.
  5. Do you also use some sort of clip or peg to hold two pieces together while drying.
  6. I was scribing the Lon with a run out biro pen , used the back of knife but that seemed to score it to much.
  7. Bit more done today, getting the bends in the card is a bit fiddly my be not dead on the line some of the time, see how it goes on.
  8. As anyone worked with Hamburg models, I’ve seen one of the German surface raider Stier in 1/200 scale.
  9. Started on the bow section with the hidden gun mounts below, got some gun barrels coming and some laser cut parts. finding it easier to do as I get into it but got some really fiddly parts to do yet.
  10. I have a scanner printer not used it in a while but will try using it for spares.
  11. Started the model today. Think it’s going to be a learning curve to get it right or just looking ok, never done a card model before hope to getting experience to start a big one later on. Any tips or help would be helpful.
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