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  1. Thanks Cpt Hook. JK, thanks for the welcome also. I am looking forward to getting started. Hopefully my kit won’t be long for delivery. Just getting some tools together at the moment.
  2. I will be soon following in your footsteps with the Sherbourne. Brand new to modelling and I expect to get a lot wrong but I also expect to learn a lot. You look to be getting to grips with the build. Kev
  3. Patrick / Jörgen - thank you for the welcome. Jörgen, really liking your Sherbourne build. I will try not to bombard you with questions.
  4. This thread is an inspiration as I wait for delivery of my first model which is also a Sherbourne.
  5. This is really helpful for me. I have a Sherbourne on order. Your model is looking really nice.
  6. Many thanks for the welcome everyone. No problem at all. Happy to be KevW.
  7. Hi all I am Kevin and live in North Yorkshire, UK. A 58 year old lucky enough to have taken early retirement a few months ago. I have a real interest in history from the Napoleonic times. I have been thinking about a model ship for a few years now and having just finished an epic 2 volume book on the life of Nelson by John Sugden, I have decided to get started. Having looked at some awesome models on this forum I have just ordered the Caldercraft HMC Sherbourne which fits nicely into the time period of history that holds my interest. I hope I can do the vessel some justice but I
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