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  1. Hello Winlich,Your Mayflower is looking very good .Nice neat work.I double planked and couldn`t get them to lay as nice as yours.It looks like we both are fans of the Mayflower.Our build logs and our avitars.Enjoying seeing your Mayflower build of the Constructo kit.Will you be making any doors or windows for the bulkheads?Wish you well and I would be glad to hear from you. drake1588
  2. love to study your work Sawdust Dave ,beautiful and very neat work.I especially like your recent stay collar with five hole deadeye.thank you for your leadership in modelbuilding and all you are doing for the April modelers get together/fundraiser.drake1588
  3. hello my friend ,Sawdust Dave.dropped in and enjoying your Mayflowers.One of my favorite ships and a special treat for me having seen your first Mayflower early on.I can only say what everyone else has already said,beautiful workmanship! Also let me add how inspiring your intrepid ambition to create is to us at MSW.From making your own triangular deadeyes to planking with bamboo ! Thanks for the enjoyment of your build log drake1588/Rick
  4. hello to my friends Anja and SawdustDave, who I sent replys to by IM and Sjors. Thank you for the question Sjors. Actually I used the technique shared with me earlier in this post by mobbsie. I used the pencil lead for the caulking between planks but used a brown pencil for the treenails.The basswood tears when drilled and filling the holes was a bit messy both in application and then being careful when sanding ,especially when using 1/32"x1/8" planking.Of coarse I`m just a beginner so one day I maybe drilling out the treenails.Working with basswood has it`s advantages though(easier to bend ,nice to stain).
  5. hi jct,your working tops look great as does the Half Moon.As a beginner I don`t think I would attempt to bend those pieces,you have done a great job.In an old Billings kit I have on the shelf they show printed circles on hard wood that you cut out and assemble into working tops.My thought was to use a compass.The circles you have made are better being more even in all dimensions.thanks for your build log,drake1588/Rick
  6. Here are some more recent photos.I have earlier ones also but took the pictures to large and they wouldn`t come up,(over 2MB).I did opt to make a few changes on the Mayflower based on my personal preference and also research.The research being on the Mayflower 2 both from books and the actual replica.As some have stated we don`t have very much information on the Mayflower `s design so there is some room for adjustments.The first example is the most forward bow bulkhead(photo 5).The Mayflower 2 at different times had either doors or the ladders.In (photos 2&4)I have constructed the bulkhead with two doors and two windows(personal preference based on Mayflower 2).Photo six the stern view I used the paper window provided,with clear plastic provided.I am not a big fan of tape and decided not to use the thin white tape provided with the kit.This tape is real nice and a skilled builder could do well with it.My concern is in time the adhesive will break down.In the final photo of the bulwark windows again I used paper window pattern,plastic and then framed the window.When the second planking is done it will be flush with and encase the windows. good to be back with everyone,drake1588/Rick
  7. hello MSW friends,Life has gotten in the way of model building but I have a few updates and am back at it.I have popped back om MSW for info and to see the fine work of my many friends here at MSW.
  8. hello greatgalleons , I add to the compliments by saying real nice work,neat, with fine detail! Would you share some building tips with this log? How do you achieve the fine detail and separation in your second layer of planking? Also as a scratch build how go you make/duplicate the Half Moons fittings and stern decorations? drake1588
  9. hello Dave,thank you for the kind comments earlier in your post about our visit. It was fun and I really enjoyed you sharing some modeling tips and techniques as well as seeing up close your masterpieces.I just love your version of the Mayflower and would also like to build a second Mayflower a bit larger down the road. I think your Mayflower looks great Dave,really nice workmanship. Realistic and natural . Rick
  10. hello SawdustDave,Your Mayflower looks great! Very neat work and your hull looks like natural wood color . I was wondering if you tree nail and your thoughts on what technique to use.Also your Mayflower looks like it models after the first Mayflower designed by DR. R,C. Anderson as compared to the Mayflower designed by William A Baker, from which the Model Shipways Mayflower is designed by our Mr Chuck Passaro.Both versions are great to me and your paint work super! I believe the geometric pattern and colors may very well have been used in the Mayflowers earlier days as they were on warships of Tudor times. Some think no it was to dressed up for a merchant ship or that over time the colors and pattern faded(No Pun) and were simplified for Stuart times.Its all good And real nice work. drake1588
  11. hello Sawdust Dave, building the Model Shipways Mayflower myself I would like to know also.There are several others building this Mayflower . The first post above on this topic by yvesvidal says the scale is about 1:76, the model says 5/32"=1foot. I`m sure someone from MSW can let us know for sure. drake1588
  12. Hello Bob The Builder,nice to see your build log on the Mayflower and for sharing your workshop. I also am building the Model Shipways Mayflower here at MSW. I have used the leggo`s to fit/guide the bulkheads but did not clamp them.I especially like your jig for bending the planks. The jig looks adjustable,did you make it or purchase it? Please continue to share with us . drake1588
  13. any thoughts about coating our rigging thread with paraffin wax or beeswax lip balm? drake1588
  14. hello again jct. Your advice is good and clear,thanks.I noticed that on your Half Moon your planks go directly on the frames forming your bulwarks. On my Mayflower the planks are glued to a thin sheet of basswood first,with windows and then glued on as a full length bulwark. That`s why mine are stiff at the bow and I was thinking of using some nails when I clamp and glue them. I am a worrier and am concerned the nails could come out the way sheet rock nails do sometimes.I try to relieve as much tension as possible(on the model not on me ha ha). My build log is here on MSW under drake1588 Mayflower in build logs.She is double planked with the second planking at 1/8" x 1/32" Needs to be updated but take a look. Your wood strips look good! I find that my scroll saw cutting up and down chips.I thought we need to use a table saw with a fine tooth circular saw? what do you or others on MSW think? drake1588/Rick
  15. hello jct ,my first time checking out your Half moon,I like your ship.The start of your second planking and your color scheme are very nice work! There are several Half Moons on MSW and I am enjoying them all.I was wondering if you checked out(half moon new Netherlands museum ) on the internet.The replica of the Half Moon is a beautiful sight to see. I asked Max who is also building the Half moon (keep the nails in or pull them out)how about sanding,are they a problem? Whats your thoughts jct, I ask because I am working on my first build (Mayflower) and am curious. My instructions don`t mention using nails on the planking. good sharing with you drake1588/Rick.

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