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  1. Hello there. I was challenged once by a fellow modeller who stated that period ship models were only good for static show as their masts and rigging make them too big to transport easily. I set to and made a 1/48 HMAV Bounty (sourced from the monthly magazine offerings and adapted) as a pirate ship which has three removable masts as well as the bow sprit. The masts were set into tubes below deck in which there was a strong small spring. The shrouds were added, and rattled, then dosed with weak PVA solution. The lower deadeyes were attached to a brass rod with chain plate realism, the bra
  2. Thank you for the welcomes, appreciated. Robby, I've used several kit producers, Billings, OcCre, Panart, Artensena, Amati, Sergal etc and some that no longer exist that produced specialist smaller models like Cobles and Galway Hookers. I build what I like and also build commissions too. My last was HMS Terror [OcCre] which was a very good kit but some problem areas like the chain plates which I re-made entirely. The client also wanted sails rigged, so I made him a new set from lawn cloth [it can be printed on using an inkjet printer] and it's also very thin so more in keepi
  3. Hi Twintrow, I expect all the answers say the same, trial and error. I've been making model ropes for many years on what would be deemed an old fashioned mechanical walk, 3 metres long driven by motor. Over the years I've amassed many varieties, colours and thicknesses of "rope" which all depend upon two main things - starting material (number of strands) and tension. Just record all rope runs with number of yarns per strand, number of strands and weight tension used. For each new mix record the measured diameter. MOST important record the source of the material used.
  4. Hi nzreg, OK I'm at the other end of the world, but I make my own ropes and use cotton threads supplied via here https://www.empressmills.co.uk/sewing-threads/general-purpose-sewing-threads which seems to suit well. Other materials are Barbour linen threads via eBay, they can be thicker but I use them for all my tying and securing seizing. It comes in different grades, sorry but I still, after 15 years, do not understand their sizing numbers. I just ask for the blackest, thinest and get 800m spools! Aye, Kim
  5. Hello and greetings. I was just about to post here when I came upon a post of a very sorry looking old Galleon. So I posted there first, sorry. I'm living in the Isle of Man, which for those that don't know, is in the middle of the Irish Sea which forms the centre of the British Isles. I am originally from Sussex, but have been here so long I and others assume I'm a local. I have been building model boats ever since I stopped playing Club rugby some years back. I've been building for some 25+ years and a quick count back totals some 60 boats of all sorts, and mediums. I m
  6. ChuckJ, Hi, My first post Thats an attempt at the Ark Royal, hopefully a picture of the plans attached below. I've restored three of these so far, but none that looked like that. I'll post pictures of them in another post, as I'm new I'm still finding out how to do things on this forum. Ah, that easy it was. I've added my version complete with sails. The owners of this Ark Royal thought it was the Marie Rose. If you want more info, ask away. Aye, Kim
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