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  1. Hello and welcome to my build log for Calder craft H.M.S Snake this is my second build but my first log. I found that i learned a lot on my first build and i hope to learn more as i go with this build going to try new things and improve on things i did first time. This is going to be a slow build hope to have it done in about 2 years but have seen build logs that have been going a lot longer so i am very flexible on time scale and realistic as to my abilities and skill level that i have at the moment First build H.M.S terror has taken me around 10 months and i want to go into more detail on Snake couple of pics to start only got to stage of false keel and bulk heads glued started to fair the bulk heads and working on a rabbit line at the moment
  2. Hi just got a question about hms snake it’s going to be my next build just asking if it’s possible to plank the deck before fitting if I take inner bull work planking in to account as I want to do paper seams on the deck planks and trying to clean the planks up afterwards when the false deck is in stalled might be a bit of a struggle thanks for any advice you may be able to offer matthew
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