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  1. Hi all I'd like to buy a small saw to help cutting wood. Proxxon seems to be all that's available in the uk so I'd looked at This but the reviews seem a little mixed so then thought I'd go about getting the bigger version instead. Can anyone offer any advice or warnings against this purchase? Are there any better alternatives in the uk? Budget is not really a problem, although space is a slight issue so I can't get anything too large. I don't think I'm going to be interested in scratch building as I don't think I can be bothered with all the plans etc but never say never.
  2. I used this stuff on my second layer of planks for my ocre build https://www.amazon.co.uk/UHU-purpose-adhesive-clear-glue and a bit of ca on the bends where I wanted an instant hold. It's a bit stringy and can get a little messy, but some nail varnish remover cleaned up any that got on the planks. Alternatively you could just use pva/wood glue and a load of elastic bands and push pins? Contact cement is great but it will shred the thin strips trying to remove them if you get them in the wrong place
  3. That's a lovely build! You'll definitely want to make a case for it; protects it from knocks and keeps the dust and grime away
  4. I've finished the first lot of cabins. Made two mistakes. One, I forgot about the edge of the wall running parallel to the hold well should have been planked. Fortunately it will be covered by the hold well, so I've gotten away with it this time. Secondly, the wall on the cabin with the open door is too flat and should follow the curvature of the ship. I could take it out and try again, but seeing as so little is going to be visible, it seems a little pointless. I could do with advice as to what would be in the cabin with the open door. Would it have been a bed or a hammock and would there have been any other furniture in there?
  5. Hi Stephen I've used thin black cotton thread coated in some watered down pva on my decking. It's a bit fiddly and pencil probably does the same job but just thought I'd give you another option. Bounty deck
  6. So, another update. After finishing the hold deck, it was time to make the fore mast hole and mizzen mast hole. The instructions say to round them a bit (which I did), but I thought they looked a little plain like that. So I just put some grooves on the edge and stained it walnut. The spacing isn't quite perfect but it's a decent first effort. With the cabin additions, I wanted to use plywood as a base but I couldn't get hold of the size I wanted. In the end I used 1.5mm lime which is very flexible but easy to work with and cut/shape. Below is what I've managed so far. As I want one of the cabin doors to be open, I made them separate to the walls. For the closed doors I used 3 strips of 5mm, then cut down to 12.5mm and put a frame on them using 0.5mm wood. For the open door I used 3 strips of 0.5mm wood and then framed them either side. I used 2mm black rings for the handles rather than the standard 3.5mm brass ones included in the kit. Will be installing these this evening but everything fits on a dry run.
  7. I tried to get hold of the Hobby Zone slip but it seems impossible to get hold of in the UK. Might try and get it again for a future build but my shelf and angle brackets seem to be doing the trick so far.
  8. Just looking at the picture now, it looks like it could break if it's forced. Are you able to steam it back into place? Put some glue behind it, put an iron on it and hold it for a bit.
  9. Ha, I thought that too. It could just be he's a really small man
  10. Stick some glue behind it, put a pin through it (may need a little hole first to stop it splitting) and put a clamp on the bit sticking out (pale wood - no idea what it's actually called) to wedge against the wale. That's my newbie suggestion anyway.
  11. Hopefully you can get it put together a little faster than this gentleman https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-53579079
  12. SweepHall


  13. Well... I played cricket from junior level for around 20 years and only stopped playing over the last year or two when I got a little bit addicted to golf instead. Whilst playing cricket I used to have a habit (a bad habit if you listened to my captain) of sweeping* everything I could. Now, my surname is Hall and someone once passed a comment about my sweep and called me SweepsAll. That eventually turned into SweepHall and the name stuck from there on. *for those of you who don't know what sweeping is, it's a shot in cricket called a sweep shot.
  14. So an update of work over the weekend. Finished the staining/varnishing of everything to do with the frame of the ship. Checked the levels whilst installing all the frames and everything appears to be level and at the correct distances (some of the frames had to be persuaded to stay level). So now onto the hold decks. I'd seen on another page about using cotton thread as the caulking between the planks so I thought I'd give it a go. I stained and varnished underneath the decks before doing any work on the top of them. Very little of the hold deck will be visible from underneath but the lower deck and the main deck will be. It wasn't overly difficult putting the cotton in, but I found it got easier if it was coated in some watered down PVA first. I think I did a better job on the ones I did later as I got into the swing of it by then but I'm pleased with the result overall. And I finished the decks using a bit of light oak varnish and using a pencil to simulate the nail heads. I did have a go at drilling holes and using a bit of wood filler but I couldn't get it to work on the small holes and I think the pencil looks good enough. Installed onto the ship. Some very minor filing on the groves so they sat on the frames nicely but everything is still level and in the correct place. And I also added a veneer on the edges of the deck to hide the plywood edge. Am not going to bother veneering the other side as 1 - it's not open and 2 - you won't be able to see it because of the cabins. And now onto the planning and measuring up for the custom cabins on the hold deck.

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