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  1. Hello and welcome from North East Walesđź‘‹
  2. I used the supplied paper on my OcCre build and despite being a little reluctant to use it at first, was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. Just glued it on with pva, let it dry and then gave it a coat of varnish over the top.
  3. An update on my Bounty build: I've made balustrades (is that what they're called?) for the stairs. Fairly simple but they do the job. Started the planking on the next deck. What worked so well on the first decks (contact glue and cotton) was terrible on this deck. The glue wouldn't stick, the cotton kept fraying and I got the pattern on the decks completely wrong. I ended up having to re-do a lot of the thread and used copious amounts of CA. Some of the planks are a little lumpy but the end result is ok but it was nightmare to do.
  4. Nearly getting to the end if this deck now. Have finished installing the lanterns and tidied up the wires so very little will be visible once the model is finished. I had to make some walls under the deck to hide the wires. Not true to the real Bounty but then very little if this part of the kit is! and then I started on something that is actually part of the kit: the stairs. 39 20mm steps to cut out and shape. My new saw made light work of it although I'm now thinking of getting a mill as it would have ma
  5. It's probably just that I see other build logs with the frames going up and then, BAM, they're straight onto the planking. Need to keep it in perspective that there's a lot of detail going into this Bounty. Installed two of the lanterns this evening. It's slow going making sure they don't break and increasing the length of the wire. Fortunately it seems I've remembered how to solder from back in school. The great thing about this light is that you can't see any of the glaring mistakes you see in normal light!
  6. Lanterns completed for now (need to increase the length of the wire, move the capacitor (I think that's what it is) and get the soldering iron out. This deck is nearly finished and then I can move onto the next one. Haven't completely decided how I'm going to hide the wires from the upper decks and am open to suggestions. They're small enough so should be barely noticeable if you run them down the side of the frames. This is really slow going... seems like no progress is being made!
  7. Lanterns! Some 3mm tubing, tiny LED's, a bit of cotton and black paint and some trial and error Now to make another 15
  8. Over a week has gone since I last updated this. Been busy at work and needed to get back out on the golf course. Anyway, I've finished the cabins on the hold deck and the hold well. Also had a little play with the lathe to see what it could do. Made a couple of chock pillars to test it out before I settled on the one in the pictures. Made a couple if mistakes with the hold well but managed to rectify them easily enough. Not entirely happy with the way the second lot of cabins turned out compared to the first, but they'll do. Have ordered some 1.5mm ply for the cabi
  9. Is it an OcCre build? I was able to bend the 0.6mm strips by hand with the use of no tools
  10. Yeah, found chronos the cheapest but with 5% off at hobbies, it works out about ÂŁ10 cheaper getting it from them. Unfortunately they don't have any in stock at the moment.
  11. Thanks all for your help. I think I'm going to go with the Proxxon FET saw as it's not overly large and will work if I decide to do scratch building. Now to make some space for the mill and scroll saw...
  12. Hi all I'd like to buy a small saw to help cutting wood. Proxxon seems to be all that's available in the uk so I'd looked at This but the reviews seem a little mixed so then thought I'd go about getting the bigger version instead. Can anyone offer any advice or warnings against this purchase? Are there any better alternatives in the uk? Budget is not really a problem, although space is a slight issue so I can't get anything too large. I don't think I'm going to be interested in scratch building as I don't think I can be bothered with all the plans etc but never say never.
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