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  1. Thanks for the praise Backer. I should probably also note that these blocks currently are not glued into the hull, I'll be doing that before I do my final sanding/shaping to fully match the hull's intended shape. The box my parents made and gave to me is quite useful too, as it keeps my Xacto knife, it's blades, and my box cutter from sitting on my desk in plain view where my 2 1/2 year old's little fingers would find. I hear you on this one loud and clear. Just under 12 years ago, a blueish-gray tabby showed up on my porch, hungry and with front paws declawed. She was alrea
  2. Pictures from my phone... Along with some tool holders I've made to keep myself organized (they need cleanup and painting), and an awesome box my parents made me (out of cedar I think).
  3. Evening everyone, it's been a hot minute since my previous update. Between the holidays, and the cold arriving, the time I have available for heavy usage of tools was (and still is) very limited. We were fostering a litter of kittens that a local stray had in our garage, so I couldn't use my belt sander very easily during the evening, which left a handful of hours each weekend that I've been able to bulk-sand down blocks for filling the hull. At this point, I have most of those done and have transitioned to my Dremel (along with a flex attachment) to carve out the remaining detail into the
  4. Thanks, I really liked how they turned out... especially after seeing it on the bulkheads. Surprisingly, shaping these blocks for hull filler is more of a test of patience for me than the treenails were.
  5. I have the decks in place and have started work on carving out some bulkhead fillers, obviously I decided to not wait on fairing the bulkheads first. I figured if I was having to zero in on some fillers, the bulkheads will happen naturally. The cannons were gotten from Syren, I built one to figure out some spacing for the extra gunports and ended up getting a little carried away.
  6. Near the end it was a little, but I made myself a bit of a system to keep from sanding/snipping too many toothpicks. I drastically over-estimated the amount of toothpicks I was going to use, but it just means I have plenty on hand for my next ships... 3x 3200 counts from Sam's Club, ended up using about 600. I did just order some cannons and their cradles from Syren, I want to try and get the number/locations of the gun ports more accurate than the artistic liberties that AL seemed to take. I think I'll be faring the bulkheads next before I actually attach the decks.
  7. Nearly done applying these toothpicks as tree nails. I ended up enlisting my D&D sewing thimble to push them in and save my fingers a bit... started to develop a callus on my thumb from it during the week.
  8. It's looking good so far. I'm starting to get a callus on my thumb from my own tree nailing
  9. Not a huge amount of progress this past week due to the above mentioned office renovation. Phase one of it completed nicely, and I'll be able to start phase 2 (new desks) in a few weeks. Last night I started my tree nails, managed to get this amount done in about 2 1/2 hours but by the end I was getting really familiar with the process.
  10. It's definitely a strange coincidence. Your thread actually gave me some pause several times before I decided to put my build log up, especially when you started planking the hull before the deck... obviously I did start my log though! Great work so far, looking forward to seeing both ships come to life.
  11. As promised, here's what I've managed to get drilled out in prep for toothpicks. I still have the top 4 sets of the main deck to complete, but they are marked out.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually was talking with the wife throughout this week, and got a bit of a surprise... starting this weekend we'll be working on a slight remodel to our shared home office that'll allow us to get some added overhead storage via shelves, and she's given me the go-ahead to build a desk just for scale modeling. To help make things match (and since I'll be able to get the wood for it), I'll actually be building us matching computer desks (though the design will be somewhat simple), and my computer desk will connect to a 6 foot long modeling table. Due
  13. Already have one going. Decided on the Mayflower from Artesania Latina. I had picked it up from a hobby shop in Memphis back in July. If you have the time, feel free to take a gander at it.
  14. Of course, of course. I guess I should have put a /s in there somewhere, but thinking back on it I'm sure y'all see a lot of newer modelers going out to buy a bunch of tools and such that they don't actually need (or know how to use), and then fall out of the hobby. At most, I'll be purchasing some wood to make myself a basic tool holder, one of those shelves with a bunch of holes in it that the tools sit in, so they're not all over my desk. I might also get some stuff to fabricate a better building board, since right now mine is just a flat/smooth 2' by 1' ceramic tile that I go
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