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  1. Hi all, About 48 years ago there was an advert in a good old weekly magazine for Russian boxwood of cuts, in a cubic foot bag, I ordered 2, fantastic wood that I am still using to this day, although fast disappearing now. It planes ,cuts and carves wonderfully, and iam sure I only paid what now would be a few pounds.
  2. Hi, Are you positive this is an original prisoner of war model, looks very much on the heavy side to me ,but here to be corrected. Phil
  3. Excellent, I am in the midst of building the Sprightly at the moment.
  4. As Druxey says ,read Longridge,one of the bibles of ship building.
  5. Hi. Not a very good idea to put wood into any sort of water or moisture, we all tend to get the driest condition to store wood prior to use in any applications , especially model work. The method I was taught and always use is an domestic iron, wrench it from the wife or buy your own, not a steam one obviously, and depending on type of timber, adjust the heat and iron away, pearwood responds beautifully to this.
  6. Hi all, Interesting reading here, as to staining any wood I would only ever use a spirit stain, in 45 years of cabinet making I have found the few times I have used a water stain, whatever the quality, it fades. And yes to one quote, why would you want to colour boxwood, it's such a beautiful timber, I am lucky to have a fair good stock of it, a lot of Russian box that I bought nearly 50 years ago and quiet a section of english box, which is a much lighter colour,both superb to work . Regards Phil
  7. Hi, yes iroko is the second most careceogenic timber in the world, I gave up using it in my cabinet making rope years ago as when you machine it you get almost flu like symptoms. You some times yet the resin streaks in meranti and other timbers but this looks a bit brown for those timbers. Regards Phil
  8. It looks very similar to iroko which can have the white streaks in it, if you take a plane shaving of and its lighter in colour ,then could well be Iroko, as it darkens on the surface in light, regards Phil
  9. Hi, superb model ,lovely detail, I am at the framing stage of the Sprightly ,English cutters are such wonderfull vessels, very well executed.
  10. Hi, David Wray ,who I worked with for many years and taught me so much always said eerr on the thinner side, a remark I have always remembered.
  11. Hi, basswood is American poplar Linden is lime , I use both in cabinet making, poplar is slightly harder than lime wood, lime is nicer to use in modelmaking as you can with sharp tools cut in most grain directions, I am using both woods in the framing of a model an english cutter at the moment, cheers Phil
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